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July 17, 2013

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MILAN - Dario Trabucco of the CTBUH Research Team, involved in the Life Cycle Assessment of Tall Building Structural Systems research project funded by ArcelorMittal, visited Despe Spa on July 17. Despe, based in Torre De’ Roveri on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, is a large demolition company. Despe specializes in, and attempts endeavors that others refuse to embark upon, developing inventive techniques to accomplish the most challenging work efficiently.
Despe gained notoriety on YouTube for the viral videos it posted featuring β€œTopDownWay,” the patented method used to demolish Tour UAP in Lyon, France. There are plans to use TopDownWay in the near future to demolish other notable buildings in Europe.
Despe's large facility in Torre De' Roveri, Italy
TopDownWay is a modular steel platform that caps the top of the building, enclosing the demolition activity going on in the top floor. This prevents dust and noise from escaping the building and allows operations to be conducted safely, potentially on a 24-hour basis. When the top floor of the building is entirely demolished, the platform is jacked down one floor and the work continues, taking the building down in a method almost unnoticeable from the exterior.
The CTBUH meets with Despe. Pictured: Ing. Paolo Scorza, Stefano Panseri, Dr. Dario Trabucco, and Fulvio Gotti Despe's demolition equipment
Despe will help the CTBUH research team understand the complicated and still-unstudied aspects of the demolition of tall building structures, providing data on the energy consumption used in the demolition phase. This data will be used to understand the impacts demolition has on the total-lifecycle energy consumption of a tall building, considered against the energy consumption of the construction and operational phases.