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Research Team Holds Third Meeting
2 March 2018

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SIELMINGEN – The third meeting of the team involved in the research “A Study in the Design Possibilities Enabled by Rope-Less, Non-Vertical Elevators” was held at the ThyssenKrupp Office in Sielmingen, Germany, on March 2, 2018.

The aim of the meeting was to take stock of the situation and to define the upcoming activities and results, with a view to successfully complete the research by fall 2018.

A detailed presentation and description of the Contents of the expected publication was made by Dario Trabucco, the principal investigator, and Martina Belmonte, research assistant directly involved in this project. The contents have been described and presented, giving the opportunity to set a proactive discussion both on the results and on the best ways to present them.

After the historical explanation, aimed at underlining the genetic relationship between transportation systems and the high-rise – along their 160-years of evolution – the research will focus on unconventional transportation systems developed in the past and actually under development, offering a general overview on the topic. After that, thanks to the support given by the external experts and the studies undergone, the teams are working on the definition of some general design considerations, which will be aimed at to designers and architects, so that they can begin to fantasize, visualize and imagine the design possibilities enabled by the application of rope-less and non-vertical elevators, thus trying to underline all the possibilities but also all the critical points that must be taken in consideration. It must not be forgotten that the future application of such systems will completely revolutionize the way in which tall buildings will be designed, organized, and lived in. To make the discussion clearer, the teams focused their analysis on some moments of the tall buildings’ transportation design: the core and lobby layout, the dispatching strategies, and the horizontal connections.

A more technical section of the study will be dedicated to the results directly obtained from a case study analysis and through statistical surveys undergone in the early stages of the research. Finally, the last section of the publication will be dedicated to the presentation of future possible tall buildings designed thanks to the application of a rope-less and non-vertical scenario.

The third meeting, moreover, gave the opportunities to the teams to further discuss technical aspects of the design possibilities enabled by the application of the innovative transportation system. The discussion that arose was very positive and stimulating, touching on all the highlights expected. The conclusion of the meeting focused mainly on the joint definition of the schedule for the next activities to be completed.

Attendees of the meeting (left to right) Markus Jetter, Benjamin Brandes, Matthias Glück, Dario Trabucco, Ronald Dietze, Thomas Kuczera, Karl-Otto Schöllkopf, and Martina Belmonte.

Martina Belmonte CTBUH
Dario Trabucco CTBUH
Karl-Otto Schöllkopf Thyssenkrupp Elevator – Team MULTI
Markus Jetter Thyssenkrupp Elevator – Team MULTI
Stefan Gerstenmeyer Thyssenkrupp Elevator – Team MULTI
Ronald Dietze Thyssenkrupp Elevator – Team MULTI