Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Tallest Buildings Completed in 2006

Tallest 10 Buildings Completed in 2006

Diagram of 12 tallest buildings completed in 2006 (according to height to architectural top).
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Rose Nina Tower 1   

Chicago, February, 2007The international Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat has officially announced that Nina Tower 1 in Hong Kong, at 319 meters (1,046 ft) high, leads the list of the ten tallest buildings completed in 2006. The Sports City Tower/Aspire Tower (Doha, United Arab Emirates) at 300 meters (984 ft), and Eureka Tower (Melbourne, Australia), at 296 meters (970 ft), were second and third, respectively. A complete listing is attached.

To be eligible for consideration, buildings must have been completed in 2006, be fully clad and either be “open for business” or at least partially occupied, Council Chairman David Scott noted.

As with the Council’s official ranking of 100 Tallest Buildings in the World, the criteria include any structure with discrete floors that is designed for residential, business, or manufacturing purposes. Height is measured from sidewalk level of the main entrance to the structural top of the building including spire, but not including communications antennae or flag pole.

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Nina Tower 1, Hong Kong


Tallest Twelve Buildings Completed in 2006

This study contains a diagram of the tallest ten buildings completed in 2006 and project information such as building height, story number, architect, location, etc.

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