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SkyVille @ Dawson, Singapore
Featured March 2018
SkyVille @ Dawson was recognized as an "Urban Habitat Award" Finalist in the 2016 Best Tall Building Awards. It was also recognized as a Finalist in the "Best Tall Building Asia & Australasia" category.
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“A standout high-rise development with almost 1,000 homes was made possible with an emphasis on innovative design for vertical community living and social interaction.”
Hashimah Hashim, Juror, KLCC Property Holdings

Completion Date:
December 2015
Building Height:
148 m (485 ft)
Total Land Area:
110,000 sq m (1,184,030 sq ft)
Primary Function:
Owner / Developer:
Housing & Development Board

WOHA Architects (design)
Structural Engineers:
LBW Consultants (engineer of record)
MEP Engineer:
Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner (SE Asia) Pte. Ltd. (engineer of record)
Main Contractors:
Hor Kew Private Limited
Other CTBUH Member Consultants:
Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner (SE Asia) Pte. Ltd. (LEED); Davis Langdon KPK (quantity surveyor)

This massive, multi-core tower could easily have worked in opposition to the needs of its residents through sheer scale alone, but the design of SkyVille @ Dawson takes all measures to foster successful communities and gathering spaces along its full height. The result is a truly unique structure that utilizes its size to provide an unprecedented level of amenities to a series of thoughtfully delineated vertical neighborhoods.
SkyVille @ Dawson is a Singapore public housing project that provides 960 family homes. The project demonstrates that high-density public housing arrangements can include a high level of amenities that foster communal living in a sustainable atmosphere. Strong communal environments are a core aspiration for Singapore’s Housing & Development Board, and this project achieves this goal by taking advantage of the city’s gentle climate to create indoor-outdoor spaces designed for communal interaction within and between high-rise tower cores.

The central features of the building are the public, external shared spaces interwoven through the cluster of towers from the ground to the roof level. By design, every resident passes through or looks upon these spaces throughout the day as they travel from elevators to their apartments, in a vertical twist on the “eyes on the street” theory of urbanism. This layout produces informal interactions often missing in high-rise environments, such as residents chatting and the ability to see children playing in the garden.
Roof terrace with protective pergolas 
Open gathering space at sky-garden level
These spaces additionally help articulate the Sky Village concept, which is the central organizational scheme for the tower. Every residential unit is part of an 80-home Sky Village organized around a sheltered community garden terrace. All three tower cores feature four vertically stacked Sky Villages for a total of 12 individual communities. On the exterior, these communities are visually expressed through distinct façade paint colors that vary by Sky Village.

Additional community areas include a plaza located along a public linear park flanked by a supermarket, coffee shop, retail spaces, and a childcare facility. Double-volume veranda spaces at ground level provide seating areas overlooking the park, while a multistory parking garage features an extensive green roof with garden spaces. The northern edge of the tower is bordered by a 150-meter-long (492-foot-long) bioswale that creates a boundary between the structure and the lawn area, which features pavilions for special events, fitness areas, courts, and lawns.
Aerial view of parking structure featuring greenery and shared amenity space Typical section
Greenery also makes its way to the top of the tower, where a public rooftop park is open 24 hours a day. Called the “Penthouse for the People” in a nod to what might typically take that space, the recreational area incorporates a 400-meter (1,312-foot) jogging track along stretches of viewing galleries and pergolas with seats conducive for outdoor gatherings. Each rooftop pavilion is capped with a series of PV panels that power communal facilities.

Along with the myriad green spaces, the history of the site is celebrated through on-site artwork. A local artist has documented the heritage and changing character of the neighborhood through murals that have been cast into the precast concrete walls.

Through a deliberate planning rationale that seeks to incorporate natural and communal spaces wherever possible, SkyVille @ Dawson successfully improves its surrounding environment by fostering spaces for families and individuals to flourish in a safe and inviting habitat. Sustainable design strategies and large flexible apartment layouts create the initial conditions for a family-friendly development, but the expansive public spaces at ground level and at height facilitate a genuine communal environment inviting to visitors and residents alike.

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SkyVille @ Dawson was a finalist for Urban Habitat Award in the 2016 Best Tall Building Awards.It was also recognized as a Finalist in the "Best Tall Building Asia & Australasia" category.
The CTBUH would like to thank Housing & Development Board for their assistance with this article.