Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
2007 Donation Archive

October 2007

Chandra K. Jha, PSM International, donated 43 books and publications:
ACKROYD, M. (ed.) (1988). Stability of Tall-Building
ADAMS, B. & RAWLINGS, B. (eds.) (1987). History of Tall Buildings
AKINER, V. (ed.) (1986). Robots and Tall Buildings
ARCHIBALD, R. (ed.) (1974). Program/Project Management
AFCET (1974). Fourth Internet Congress
AFCET (1974). Fourth Internet Congress: Project Management
BEEDLE, L. (ed.) (1986). Advances in Tall Buildings
BEEDLE, L. (ed.) (1983). Developments in Tall Buildings 1983
BEEDLE, L. (ed.) (1986). High Rise Buildings: Recent Progress
BEEDLE, L. (ed.) (1988). Second Century of the Skyscraper
BEEDLE, L. (ed.) (2001). Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat: Cities in the Third Millennium
BEEDLE, L. & RICE, D. (eds.) (1995). Habitat and the High-Rise
BEEDLE, L. and RICE, D. (eds.) (1990). Tall Buildings: 2000 and Beyond
BLANK, T. (ed.) (1987). Design for the Handicapped
BURKE, E. & ZEEVARET, L. (eds.) (1987). Foundations
CTBUH (1977). 2001: Urban Space for Life and Work
CTBUH (1988). Tall Buildings in Seismic Regions, Collections of Papers
CUADRA-KOCHANSKY, M. (eds.) (1987). History of Tall Buildings in Latin America.
DAVENPORT, A. (ed.) (1987) Wind Loading and Wind Effects
FONDAHL, J. & BACARREZA, R. (1972). Construction Contract Markup
FROEMMING, A. & FENVES, S. (1968). Data Structure for a Construction Management
GAYLORD, C. & MAINSTONE, R. (eds.) (1980). Tall Building and Criteria Loading
GAYLORD, C. & WATABE, MAKOTO. (eds.) (1979). Structural Design of Tall Steel Buildings
HART, G. (ed.) (1994). The Structural Design of Tall Buildings
HERRENKOHL, R., HENN, W. & NORBERG-SCHULZ, C. (eds.) (1981). Planning and Environmental Criteria for Tall Buildings. Monograph on Planning and Design of Tall Buildings, Volume PC
HERTZ, D. & MELESE, J. (eds.) (1966) The Proceedings of the Fourth International
IABSE. (1977). Munich 1977 Symposium: Problems associated with Design & Construction in Developing Countries
IABSE. (1980). Final Report: 11th Congress Vienna 1980
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (1989). Proceedings from October 16-18, 1989
LAWSON, M. (ed.) (1987). Cast-in-Place Concrete
LIM, B. (ed.) (1985). Selected Papers, The Indoor Environment of Buildings
MACGREGOR, J. & LYSE, I. (eds.) (1978). Structural Design of Tall Concrete and Masonry Buildings
MOHARRAM, A., KADDAH, H., NASSAR, G. & BEEDLE, L. (eds.) (1975). Cairo Conference on Low Income Housing
MOORE, JR., W., EBERHART, H. & COWAN, H. (eds.) (1980). Tall Buildings Systems and Concepts. Monograph on Planning and Design of Tall Buildings, Volume SC
NAIR, R. (ed.) (1987). High-Rise Housing
O’BRIAN, J. (ed.) (1991). Project Management
SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL UNIONS IN BULGARIA. (1983) Industrialization of Multistory Buildings Construction: Today and Tomorrow Vol 1 & 2
SPEYER, I. (ed.) (1987). Prefabricated Tall Buildings
STARK, J. (ed.) (1987). Cold Formed Steel
ASCE & CTBUH (1988). Structural Design of Tall Buildings
TAI, J. & MOUSTAFA, S. (eds.) (1987). Precast-Prestressed Concrete Tall Buildings
YUSOFF, N., DRISCOLL, G. & BEEDLE, L. (eds.) (1986). Tall Buildings of the World

David Brown, Arup, donated 6 journals:
Arup Journal, back copies:  3/2005 + 1,2,3/2006 + 1,2/2007

September 2007

Mir Ali, University of Illinois, donated 2 of his latest books:
ALI, M. (2007) The Skyscraper and the City: Design, Technology and Innovation. Book 1
ALI, M. (2007) The Skyscraper and the City: Design, Technology and Innovation. Book 2.

Martin Wolf, Solomon Cordwell Buenz, donated his book:
WOLF, M. (2007). Envisioning Architecture: drawings by Martin Wolf.

Iyad Alsamsam, Portland Cement Association, donated 15 publications:
15 publications on Concrete related matter  

July 2007

Antony Wood, CTBUH, donated 17 books:
ABEL, C. (2004) Architecture, Technology & Process
HERNANDEZ, J.F. (1997) A.G. Rizzoli: Architect of Magnificent Visions
AOKI, H., et al (1997). Hyper Building Concept for the Next Millennium
BILLINGTON, D.P. (1986). Technique and Aesthetics in the design of Tall Buildings
CABE & English Heritage. (2003). Guidance on tall buildings
GOULD, K. L. (2005) Fox & Fowle Architects
LEBESQUE, S. (1999). Yona Freidman: Structures serving the unpredictable
MURRAY, P. (2004) Architecture & Commerce: New Office Design in London
NEUMANN, D. (1999), Film Architecture: From Metropolis to Blade Runner
PANK, W. & GIRADET, H. & COX, G. (2002). Tall buildings and sustainability
RICHARDS, I. (2001). T.R. Hamzah & Yeang: Ecology of the Sky
RICHARDSON, V. (2001) New Vernacular Architecture
ROBERTS, J. (2002), Safety in Tall Buildings, and other buildings with large occupancy
SMITH, P. (2005). Architecture in a Climate of Change: a guide to sustainable design
WIGGINTON, M. & HARRIS, J. (2002). Intelligent Skins
YEANG, K. (1996). The skyscraper bioclimatically considered; a design primer
YEANG, K. (2000). Service Cores

Geoff Craighead, Securitas, donated his book:
CRAIGHEAD, G. (2003) High Rise Security & Fire Life Safety

February 2007

Thomas Gantard, Japan, donated 1 book:
URA (2002). Duxton Plain Public Housing, Singapore

Howard Gelbtuch,
Greenwich Realty Advisors, donated his book:
GELBTUCH, H.C., et al (eds.) (1997) Real Estate Valuation in Global Market

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