Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
2006 Donation Archive

December 2006

Robert Solomon,
NFPA, donated 11 books:
HALL, R.H Jr. (2005). High Rise Building Fires
NFPA (2006). 2007 National Fire Codes. Volume 9
COCCIARDI, J.A. (2004). Emergency Response Team Handbook
COTE, R. & HARRINGTON, G.E. (eds). (2006). NFPA101: Life Safety Code Handbook
CURTIS, M.H. & SAWYER, S.F. (eds). (2006). NFPA1: Uniform Fire Code Handbook
MEACHAM, B.J. (eds). (2006). Extreme Event Mitigation in buildings
NFPA (2003). Fire Protection Handbook
RICHARDSON, L.F. & MOORE, W.D. (eds) (2002). National Fire Alarm Code Handbook
SCAWTHORN, C., EIDINGER, J.M. & SCHIFF, A.J (eds). (2005). Fire Following Earthquake
SFPE & NFPA (2002). The SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering
SOLOMON, R. (ed.) (2002). Fire and Life safety Inspection Manual

Roger Wildt, RW Consulting Group, donated 1 book:
JISF (2005). High-performance Steel products for Building Construction

Antony Wood, CTBUH, donated 1 journal:
ARCHITECT’S JOURNAL (2006). Tall Buildings. Architect’s Journal Special edition

James Rossberg, SEI / ASCE, donated 2 books:
ELLINGWOOD, B.R. & KANDA, J. (2005). Structural Safety and its Quality Assurance
ASCE (2003). Outdoor Human Comfort and its Assessment

Helen Castle, Wiley, donated 1 journal:
HART, G. (2006). The Structural design of tall and special buildings. Volume 15. Number 3

Peter Pran, NBBJ, donated 2 books:
BUCK, D.N. (2006). Asia Now: Architecture in Asia
QIU, L. (2006). Peter Pran

Kim Barlund, KONE, donated 1 book:
KONE (2006). Buildings: Kone book of solutions

A. Marie Luise Klein, IMB, donated 1 book:
IMB (1995). Hochhauser – entwerfen planen konstruieren

Alastair Collins, David Langdon, donated 1 book:
STRELITZ, Z. (ed) (2005). Tall Buildings: A strategic design guide

Karel Vollers, DelftUniversity, donated 1 book:
VOLLERS, K. (2001). Twist & Build: creating non-orthogonal architecture

Stephan Reinke, donated 2 books:
WOODS BAGOT (2006). Public #1: Spatial Tactics
WOODS BAGOT (2006). Pollination

Ken Yeang, Llewelyn Davies Yeang, donated his latest book:
YEANG, K. (2006). Ecodesign: a manual for ecological design

Tim Johnson, NBBJ, donated 1 book:
NBBJ & MAU, B. (2006). Change Design

Jane Ellis, Illinois Institute of Technology, donated 1 book:
KHAN, Y.S. (2004) The Vision of Fazlur R. Khan

Waugh Thistleton Architects, Ltd., donated the book:
WAUGH, A. HEINZ, K. WELLS, M. (eds.) (2009) Stadthaus: A Process Revealed

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