Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Academic / Student Work
The Council is connected with numerous higher-education institutes around the world. A selection of the tall building-related work completed at these institutions is available here, including architectural design studios, student dissertations and PhD's. See also the work of the CTBUH Research, Academic and Postgraduate Working Group.

"Sustainable Vertical Urbanism" Program:
Design Research Studio
"Sustainable Vertical Urbanism: Towards 2050" Studio
Illinois Institute of Technology
Professors: Antony Wood & Peng Du

This studio aims to explore the sustainability and resiliency of urban environments in the context of accelerating urbanism and climate change, proposing locations and designs for new cities/infrastructure/buildings in different climates and terrains. This two semester long studio addresses concerns on the global and urban scale in the first semester, then on the community and building scale in the second. Typically, an international trip for students is funded by a leading company in the industry.
Research Seminar
"Talking TALL"
Illinois Institute of Technology
Professors: Antony Wood & Peng Du

“Talking TALL” is research-based seminar course fully examining the physical, environmental and social sustainability implications of tall buildings in order to offer students knowledge and resources to investigate tall buildings and urban environments. Each semester-long class has a different theme at either the urban or building scale. Guest lecturers, building tours, and firm office tours provide insight into specialized fields.

Featured Design Research Studios:
2015 Design Research Studio
Reshaping Downtown – Transit-Oriented Mega-Development
Tongji University
Professors: Zhendong Wang, Zhenyu Xie, Hao Wang & Peng Du

The studio looked at the overall Brickell City Centre Development and investigated programmatic and design solutions for the Phase II Tower and its integration into the existing Phase I buildings.
2014 Design Research Studio
Network-3D – Tall Buildings as Extensions
Tongji University
Professors: Zhenyu Xie, Zhendong Wang, David Malott & Peng Du

This studio explored what the three-dimensionality of cities means for tall buildings and their ability to locate extremely dense development atop major urban infrastructure while also providing quality public space.
2014 Design Research Studio
Chicago Architecture Center - A Third Place
Illinois Institute of Technology
Thomas Hoepf

The project presents a number of design challenges concerning mixed‐use program, constricted site, density, and sustainability, as well as the problem of creating an identity for a new institution within the context of Chicago’s iconic skyline.
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Collaborating Institutions - overview of all output from each institute
Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA)
Illinois Institute of Technology

IUAV University of Venice
King Saud University
Tongji University
University of Calgary
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
University of Nottingham
Vertical Architecture Studio (VAST)

Other Institutions
Design Research Professor Profiles