Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Reshaping Downtown: Transit-Oriented Mega-Development within the Miami Revitalization Plan
2015, Tongji University, Zhendong Wang, Zhenyu Xie, Hao Wang & Peng Du
Primary Output

Reshaping Downtown: Transit-Oriented Mega-Development with the Miami Revitilization Plan

Research Report, 2015
164 pages

This report is the summary of a collaborative design studio that focused on the Brickell City Centre, a master-planned mixed-use project in Miami that includes a number of high-rises. A detailed evaluation of the development can be found in the report, which is available for download here

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This was a collaborative design studio undertaken by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) at Tongji University, with assistance from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) and Arquitectonica. This collaborative design studio focused on Brickell City Centre, which is anticipated to bring a whole new level of urban living and sophistication to the area. The students evaluated the overall Brickell City Centre development, investigating alternatives and proposing programmatic and design solutions for the construction of a Phase II tower and its integration into the existing Phase I buildings.

Travelling studio kindly supported by:

The Network Reshaping Downtown studio kicked off at Arquitectonica Headquarters in November, 2015, when Tongji University professors and students took a week-long visit to Miami, which included a design workshops at Arquitectonica headquarters, site studies, and tall building tours. After returning to China, Tongji students continued working on their design proposals for the project, developing five different themes: “City on Boat,” “Volumetric City,” “Multi-Exchange Center,” “Sandy Beach Extension,” and “Back to School.”

Final reviews were held at the Arquitectonica Shanghai office on January 15, 2016. Following the final review, work from the studio will be further developed and submitted to the Annual CTBUH International Student Tall Building Design Competition. Finalists will be selected to present their schemes at the CTBUH 2016 International Conference and up to 30 semi-finalists will have their projects featured in a poster exhibition.

Renderings of the five towers, designed by groups of Tongji University architecture students. Themes of the projects were: (1) City on Boat; (2) Volumetric City; (3) Multi-Exchange Center; (4) Sandy Beach Extension; (5) Back to School.