Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
King Saud University
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Saud University
KSU is a top world class university in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with prestigious international ranking including 200th in Times QS, 186th Webometrics, 261 Shanghai Ranking, and 19th in Asia. It is considered first throughout the Arabic and Islamic world. The University has 3-main Campuses containing over 22 colleges with over 85,000 Students and over 9,000 Faculty. KSU is considered a cradle for all new universities in the KSA.

The College of Architecture and Planning 
CAP is a leading college in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula. It can be traced back to 1967, where it was established as an American Replica Department of Architecture and Building Science within the Faculty of Engineering of KSU. Its graduates constitute the leading generation of architects and planners who lead senior decision making roles at different governmental bodies and private institutions. They participated in the establishment of many new Architecture colleges throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. The college acts as a hub of excellence and a school of thought in architecture and planning education through its programs in the Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. Although the college has embraced teaching tall buildings for over 15 years, through many Tall buildings studios, the membership with the CTBUH has been recently initiated in 2011, coinciding with the commencement of a new Tall Building Studio with collaboration from the University of Nottingham Tall Building Studio.

Dr. Abdel Rahman Elbakheit

Flood Plain Tower Design Research Studio
2014 Spring Semester Studio
2014, King Saud University, Dr. Abdel Rahman Elbakheit

The theme of this studio was to explore the iconography of tall buildings within the city landscape. Student chose from different technical systems to what suited them in their approach. Overall, the student needed to seek a device that can cultivate an Iconic Image in the city sky.

Flood Plain Tower Design Research Studio
2013 Fall Semester Studio
2013, King Saud University, Dr. Abdel Rahman Elbakheit

The studio experimented with environmental strategies in tall buildings context. Students were briefed to the high potential of certain technologies and their effectiveness and/or advantages in tall buildings as opposed to other building types.

Design Research Studio
Bioclimatic Tall Buildings
2011, King Saud University, Dr. Abdel Rahman Elbakheit
This studio emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach especially when it comes to designing with sustainably in mind. Tall buildings have great potential to achieve sustainability as well as to serve as monuments for communities and cities around the globe.