Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
2014 Spring Semester Studio
2014, King Saud University, Dr. Abdel Rahman Elbakheit

The theme of this spring semester studio was to explore the iconography of tall buildings within the city landscape. Student chose from different technical systems to what suited them the best in approaching their thinking/components and designing an efficient, sustainable or mere green building provision. Overall, the student needed to seek a device that can cultivate an Iconic Image in the city sky.

The site of the project is within Riyadh City- Downtown on the main commercial sector between King Fahad and Olyia Street.

Special emphasis on environmental issues influenced orientation, natural lighting, sun shading, passive cooling and heating. Vegetation and water surfaces were studied and how it would influence the mixed use nature of the program of the tower.

Flood Plain Tower BioClimatic Tower
Meshal Alomar
The BioClimatic Tower is a mixed-use tower consisting of office, hotel and leisure. The building is designed bio-climatically to suit the hot-dry climate of Riyadh city. The layout of the site is based on concentric circles about the middle of the site (center of gravity) where the tower is located.

Flood Plain Tower   Fountain in the Desert
Abdulrahman Almahini
The Fountain Tower is an idea inspired by the pleasing, exhilarating and cooling sensation a jetting fountain would do in a hot dry summer environment. It is a mixed-use tower consisting of office, hotel, commercial and recreational.

Flood Plain Tower   Mixed Use Tower
Abdullah Almoughiyrah
This Mixed Use building has been designed to maximize the environmental benefits of the site in Riyadh city by using the maximum potential through proper orientation to the North and South, longer footprints to East and West

Flood Plain Tower   Telescoping Tower
Bassam Albesher

The Tapering Tower is a mixed use and mixed structure tower. The tower has a tapering concrete core and shell wrapped in telescoping steel fa├žade system. The main drive of the outer form is to minimize structural wind loads as well as maximizing natural light potential with reduced glare and heat.

Flood Plain Tower   Twin Tower
Mohamed Algamdi

This project is a five star hotel in the form of twin towers within downtown Riyadh. The towers are served by large assembly halls for conferences, wedding, receptions, restaurants and cafes at the ground and podium levels. Vertical gardens are located on common areas with some gardens linked to the other tower through an escalator.

Flood Plain Tower   Twisted Tower
Meshal Alshoibi

This project was an attempt to combine the potential of outward views, natural lighting, solar shading and a simple geometric circular arch, but with a 90 degrees twist. The plan is  a circle with two opposite recessed areas forming a self-shaded curtain wall providing natural light deep into the plan of the tower.