Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
2013 Fall Semester Studio
2013, King Saud University, Dr. Abdel Rahman Elbakheit

The Fall 2013 semester studio experimented with environmental strategies in tall buildings context. Students were briefed to the high potential of certain technologies and their effectiveness and/or advantages in tall buildings as opposed to other building types. They then have to mix and match between suitable technologies and employ them within a tall building design.

The site of the project was within Riyadh City-Downtown on the main commercial sector between King Fahad and Olyia Street.

Special emphasis on environmental issues influenced orientation, natural lighting, sun shading, passive cooling and heating. Vegetation and water surfaces were studied and how it would influence the mixed use nature of the program of the tower.

Flood Plain Tower Desert Oasis
Naif Alqahtani
Desert Oasis is a place for comfortable life in a sea of dry desert that may hinder living conditions. This design is a manifestation of simple yet effective design strategies to tackle harsh climate of the desert to create an Oasis microclimate with tall buildings.

Flood Plain Tower   Oasis Tower
Abdulrahman Almahini
This project is a mixed-use tower designed by following the footprints of bioclimatic design. There is a podium submerged into the ground at a four-storey height and houses an assembly hall for weddings, receptions and recreational areas. This tower also functions as an office, hotel with a sky lobby and observatory.