Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

AECOM Supports CTBUH-IIT Academic Tall Building Studio
August 2017

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CTBUH is pleased to announce that AECOM will be supporting the 2017-2018 CTBUH-IIT Design Research Studio via the “Gold + Design Research Sponsorship Package” at the CTBUH 2017 Australia Conference. The studio is a two-semester academic course, titled “Sustainable Vertical Urbanism: Towards 2050,” taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology by CTBUH China Office Director and Academic Coordinator Dr. Peng Du, and Executive Director Dr. Antony Wood. The first semester will focus on addressing sustainability and resiliency in urban environments from the context of accelerating urbanism and climate change, utilizing research and experimental designs in order to recommend where future cities should be located and how they should be planned. Students will continue working during the second semester to develop the urban vision in more detail (i.e., at a community/block scale), and specifically to develop the design of one tall building within the vision to an advanced level.
As part of the studio, students will have the opportunity to travel to  the CTBUH 2017 Australia Conference Connecting the City: People, Density & Infrastructure in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This field trip provides unprecedented opportunities to participate in lectures, workshops, and urban and tall building tours in a region that offers a global example of the competing pressures highlighted in this course – density vs. suburbanization; modernity vs. historical preservation; infrastructure vs. urban life; the high- vs. low-rise realms with many examples of good urban planning, infrastructure, and tall building design, along with many examples that are inadequate.
The 2017–2018 CTBUH-IIT Design Research Studio is generously supported by AECOM.
Reviewers and students pose with student models for a group photo after the final review of the 2016-2017 studio.
As the company supporting the studio, AECOM will partner with students throughout the year and during the field trip, allowing students to engage with highly respected professionals within the tall building industry.