Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Sustainable Vertical Urbanism: Towards 2050
Professors: Peng Du & Antony Wood
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“Sustainable Vertical Urbanism: Towards 2050” was a collaborative design studio undertaken by the IIT College of Architecture, with assistance from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) and AECOM. Taught by CTBUH Academic Coordinator Dr. Peng Du, IIT Visiting Assistant Professor, and CTBUH Executive Director Dr. Antony Wood, IIT Research Professor, the studio explored the sustainability and resiliency in urban environments within the context of accelerating urbanism and climate change, proposing new city locations and urban design. Students are currently working in six groups to create city and urban scale designs pertaining to six different climate zones and terrains including: (1) Arid / Desert; (2) Continental / Delta or Marsh; (3) Continental / Plain or Grasslands; (4) Mountainous / Highlands; (5) Ocean / Sea; and (6) Polar / Tundra.
As part of the two-semester Cloud Studio program at IIT, the first semester is focusing on addressing concerns on the global and urban scale regarding  the long term sustainability of a megacity. Throughout the semester, students had opportunities to interact with design professionals on multiple occasions, as well as traveling to Sydney for the CTBUH 2017 International Conference.

Semester two will focus on a development of their urban visions at the community/block scale. Students will develop a cluster of tall buildings considering culture, climate, and terrain, focusing on sustainable technologies and systems within their designs. AECOM will continue to support the studio with weekly studio critiques, participation in midterm and final reviews, and help with specific areas of expertise by design professionals.
Images of the six projects, designed by groups of Illinois Institute of Technology architecture students. Themes of the projects were: (1) Arid / Desert; (2) Continental / Delta or Marsh; (3) Continental / Plain or Grasslands; (4) Mountainous / Highlands; (5) Ocean / Sea; and (6) Polar / Tundra.
Student Participants:
Studio Participants: Ian Elias Achong, Bryan Bietsch, Junho Choi, Arlene Hayes, Kevin Kosciulek, Amr Ahmed Mohsen, YeonJung Nam, Tra Nguyen, Kurt Perenchio, Nemo Yang, Haoyu Zhang, and Greta Zola.
Studio Milestones:

Fall 2017

August 21: Studio Kick Off
October 13: Interim Studio Review
Oct 30-Nov 3: CTBUH International Conference 2017 in Sydney
December 1: Final Studio Review

Spring 2018

February 7: SCB Office Visit & Building Tour
March 7: Interim Studio Review

April 26: Final Studio Review