Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

The Remaking of Mumbai Field Visit

26 January - 7 February 2010, Mumbai

Nehru Center

View of Marine Drive
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With the financial and logistical support from the CTBUH and organizational member The Remaking of Mumbai Federation (RoMF), twelve advanced architectural students from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and Professor / CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood left the cold winter of Chicago at the end of January, prepared with ideas on which to focus during their two week visit to the project site, in the C-ward of Mumbai. Two flights later, and after a layover in Germany, the group arrived in Mumbai, where they were greeted by members of RoMF and heavy humidity.  The intensity and extreme conditions of Mumbai could already be felt at the airport.  The great city made Chicago feel like an empty suburb.

This year's studio was a continuation of last year's design studio, thanks to continued support from the Remaking of Mumbai Federation.  The project was organized, along with the CTBUH, through their desire to improve the urban standards of Mumbai and develop tall building prototypes that could serve as unique examples of how to address and solve the many problems facing Mumbai.  The students were able to spend two weeks studying the project site and how it fits within the C-ward, and Mumbai as a whole. They collaborated with students from the Sir JJ College of Architecture at the University of Mumbai, who are working on a similar project.  Through their experiences, the students were able to familiarize themselves with Indian culture and vernacular architecture.

This visit coincided with the CTBUH 2010 World Conference in Mumbai "Remaking Sustainable Cities in the Vertical Age."  The conference was held at the Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center, February 3rd-5th, 2010.  The students were given full access to the conference, where they were able to further their knowledge, and discuss their ideas with members of the international architectural community.  After the conference, the students had one more day to finish their studies, they then returned to the frigid Chicago winter to take their newly gained experience and bring their ideas to fruition.

To learn more about the design studio, last year's design responses can be found here.

Picture Gallery
Click an image below to enlarge. Photos courtesy of participating students and Antony Wood.


Mumbai Skyline 
Kanchanjunga Apts
  Antilia Tower   Nehru Center   Jivesh Terraces   Buckley Court
Looking north
  Looking north   Marine Drive
  The C-ward
Buckley Court   Imperial Towers   Taj Mahal Palace Tower   Skyscraper   Skyscraper
The C-ward   Crawford Market
  The C-ward   Homelessness
Haj House
  Imperial Towers   Taj Mahal Palace Tower   Skyscraper   Skyscraper
Food vendor
  Cafe Leopold
  Local food
  Chowpatty Beach
  Food vendor


Haj House   Victoria Terminal   Oval Maiden   Fishing hamlet   Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat
Site traffic
  Cottage industries
  B.I.T. Chawls
  B.I.T. Chawls   Homelessness
Resting   Boat   Hindu Sculpture   Cargo   Garbage
B.I.T. Chawls   Local residents
  Recreation   School children
Resting   Boat   Hindu Sculpture   Cargo   Garbage
Site traffic
  Typical sight
  B.I.T. Chawls   Recreation
  Parsi temple

Mumbai Traffic

Marine Drive   Art Deco Buildings   Chowpatty Beach
  Chowpatty Beach   Chowpatty Beach
Typical street
  Train station
  Motor rickshaw
  Crowded trains
  Student taxi ride

Mumbai Children

Mumbai Children   Mumbai Children   Mumbai Children   Mumbai Children   Mumbai Children
School field trip
  Children   Children   Children

Sir JJ College of Architecture

Rajiv Mishra
  Antony Wood
  Students reviewing
  Student discussions
  Student discussions

Dharavi Slums

Haj House   Antilia Tower   Nehru Center   Jivesh Terraces   Buckley Court
Typical alley
  Cottage industries
  Permanent slum residence
Buckley Court   Imperial Towers   Taj Mahal Palace Tower   Skyscraper   Skyscraper
  Cottage industries   Cottage industries   View from street
  Garbage depot

Elephanta Caves

Island ferry
  Typical cave
  Religious carvings

 Antilia Tower

Looking Northeast   Skylines2   Skylines3
  View out over Marine Drive at sunset   Student Group
Antilia Tower in context
  Antilia Tower
  Detail   View from street


Entrance   Sculpture   Sanskrit   Meditation   Students Meditating
  Courtyard interior
  View from courtyard
  Courtyard exterior