Platinum + Social Networking Event | “铂金级赞助+社交活动”套餐
Kindly Sponsored by: | 赞助商已确定:

There will be three major social networking events held in conjunction with the 2014 conference; two networking receptions on the evenings of Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th September, and the formal conference dinner on the evening of Wednesday 17th September.
The three Platinum + social-networking event sponsors will enjoy maximum exposure both before and during the conference, with the second-highest priority of branding in all documentation and on-site signage (after Diamond Sponsors). In addition, each Platinum Sponsor will be acknowledged as the exclusive sponsor of one of the three social networking events (please note that, in the case of the conference dinner, individual table sponsors will also be acknowledged). The conference social-networking events are always a highlight of CTBUH conferences, including attendees of note and exciting forms of entertainment. This is thus a great opportunity to promote your company to experts, speakers and delegates in attendance. 会议将设3个“铂金级别+社交活动”赞助商,并在会前与会中以第二优先级别(在钻石级别以下)在所有会议文件和场地标识上得到大力度的宣传。此外,每位铂金级别赞助商将作为唯一赞助企业来赞助三个社交活动之一(请注意在会议晚宴中,单独包桌的赞助商也将会被致谢)。包括出席者致辞和精彩活动在内的会议晚宴一直以来都是CTBUH会议的一大亮点。因此它会是一个向出席的专家、演讲者、代表们宣传企业的绝佳机会。
Platinum Package Benefits include the following:
  • Recognition as a major sponsor of the Conference, with high priority branding among sponsors*
  • Exclusive branding of a conference social-networking event (one of the two social networking receptions, or the formal conference dinner)
  • 10 complimentary invitations to the social-networking event (Value: networking reception: CNY 8000 / $1300); OR, for the Conference dinner sponsor: one sponsored VIP table, accommodating 10 colleagues. Value: CNY 18,300 / $3000)
  • Opportunity for a Senior Director to give a brief address at the sponsored social networking event
  • Opportunity for a Senior Director to deliver a presentation or be a speaker within a panel discussion (note: a peer-reviewed paper is required to substantiate this)
  • Complimentary 3m x 3m exhibition booth in a prime position (Value: CNY 74,400 / $12,000)
  • 3 complimentary Conference-only registrations (incorporating speaker registrations, Value: CNY 23,700 / $3900)
  • 3 passes to the VIP/Speaker lounge (for complimentary registrants)
  • 3 additional Exhibitor Pass registrations – intended for those working at the exhibition stand – including access to exhibition area + all lunches + all coffee breaks (but not technical sessions) (Value: CNY 7400 / $1200)
  • Opportunity to establish a Shanghai-based tall building as a technical tour, or steer a regional tour in another Chinese city for selected delegates on Day 4 of the conference, which would include the sponsor’s buildings
  • Opportunity to include a relevant project in the “Innovative 50 Tall Buildings” skyline, which will be used in all Conference graphics and documentation, as well as used in a CTBUH Poster for international dissemination/promotion, both during and after the conference
  • 10 copies of the “Innovative 50 Tall Buildings” poster (Value: CNY 1250 / $200)
  • Advance logo recognition on Conference website homepage and sponsor section, with web link
  • Company logo on Conference stage backdrops and venue pop-ups
  • Logo on walk-in/out slide loop at Conference opening and closing sessions
  • Recognition in Conference on-site Pocket Guide, including logo
  • Full-page color print advertisement in Conference on-site Pocket Guide (priority position, after Diamond sponsors)
  • Promotion to media and press outlets as a major supporter of the Conference
  • Opportunity for small brochure inserts in delegate bags
  • Opportunity to place company material on combined sponsor table at the Conference
  • Sponsor designation on name badge ribbons
  • Complimentary CTBUH Organizational membership at “Patron” Level for 1 year (note: for new members only. Value: CNY 36,600 / $6,000)
  •  确认为会议主要赞助商,将在所有赞助中享有较高优先级的待遇*
  • 将会作为唯一的赞助商赞助会议其中一场社交活动(两个招待酒会选择其一,或者会议正式晚宴)
  • 可免费获得10个招待酒会邀请名额(价值:人民币8000元/1300美金);或者,为会议晚宴赞助商提供一个VIP专享桌,可有10位嘉宾入席 (价值:人民币18300元/3000美金)。
  • 企业负责人可获得在所赞助的社交活动上简短致辞的机会
  • 企业负责人可在会议期间做一次报告或成为一个小组讨论的发言人(注释:需提交一份经同行审查的论文)
  • 可免费获得位于重要位置的3米x 3米展台(价值:人民币74400元/ 12000美金)
  • 可免费获得3个 “仅参加会议”注册名额(可用于演讲者注册,价值:人民币23700元/ 3900美金)
  • 3张VIP/演讲者休息室通行证(仅为免费注册者提供)
  • 可获得额外3张 “参展商通行证”——仅为展台的工作人员提供在展区、会议期间所有午餐和茶歇间的通行(不能参加分会报告,价值:人民币7400元/ 1200美金)
  • 将有机会策划一次位于上海的高层建筑技术参观;或者负责将在会议第四天进行的中国其他城市观光,其中将包括对赞助商指定建筑的参观
  • 有机会将一个相关项目收录在“50座创新性高层建筑”海报中。这张海报会收录在会议所有图示和文件中,以及在会中和会后用于全球传播和推广的海报中出现。
  • 可免费获得10张“50座创新性高层建筑”海报(价值:人民币1250元/200美金)
  •  企业标志和其网站链接将出现在会议网站主页和赞助商版块中
  • 企业标志会出现在会议讲台的背景幕布上和会议场所的指示牌中
  • 企业标志会在会议开始和结束时出现在循环播放的幻灯片中
  • 在现场发放的会议袖珍手册中宣传企业,并且企业标志会包括在内
  • 全幅彩印广告将出现在现场发给与会者的会议袖珍手册中(优先位置,优先级别仅次于钻石级赞助)
  • 将会以会议主要赞助商的身份被媒体和出版单位宣传
  • 可在提供给所有出席者的纪念包中放置一份宣传资料
  • 可在会议期间在所有赞助商共享的台面上放一份企业资料
  • 赞助企业名称将出现在名牌挂链上
  • 可免费获得有效期一年的赞助会员级别的CTBUH企业会员资格(注释:仅限新会员,价值:1万美金)
Platinum + Social Networking Event Package: US$60,000**

*Note: Each sponsorship package includes an element of exclusive sponsorship of a unique aspect of the Conference, so in some specific events/aspects, not all sponsor logos will be included
**Note: Sponsorship fee is net of all taxes and fees. Any taxes and fees need to be paid by the sponsor.

Delegates take in the views to the Bund from The House of Roosevelt, the site of one of the two Shanghai 2012 Conference Networking Receptions.

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