Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH Publications
The CTBUH disseminates its findings through a number of publications: books, monographs, proceedings and reports; and the publication of the CTBUH Journal, a professional journal containing refereed papers written by researchers, scholars and practicing professionals.

CTBUH Journal CTBUH Journal

The CTBUH Journal is an official peer-reviewed publication of the Council. Printed and circulated on a quarterly basis, the Journal aims to document and publicize groundbreaking work taking place in the many fields related to tall buildings and urban development.

CTBUH Books Awards Books

Award winners, finalists and nominees are featured in the annual CTBUH Awards Book, which highlights each project in writing, photographs and drawings. The Awards Book is published in conjunction with a major international publisher and after premiering at the Awards Ceremony & Dinner, is then sold in bookstores around the globe.

Technical Guides

Produced by the CTBUH’s working groups, these guides are indispensable for designers of tall buildings. Each guide provides practical, state-of-the-art technical detail. Covering a variety of topics, these guides offer a wealth of knowledge essential for both industry professionals and academic researchers.

Research Reports

CTBUH Research Reports provide insights into the critical investigations undertaken by the CTBUH Research Division. These reports are published in keeping with the Council’s goal to disseminate cutting-edge information on tall buildings to industry professionals around the world.

CTBUH Books Other Books

The Council has been publishing seminal books and monographs on tall buildings and urban habitat for the past 40 years. Recent publications include the Research Roadmap and the Tall Building Reference Guide.

IJHRB Research Journal

The International Journal of High-Rise Buildings provides an important forum for a broad range of technical papers on tall building research and its applications. Produced in conjunction with the Korean chapter of the CTBUH, the quarterly International Journal of High-Rise Buildings serves as a supplement to the CTBUH Journal.

Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Tall Buildings and Urban Habit (TBUH) is the Chinese-language edition of CTBUH Journal. As one of the research outputs of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, the Journal is the leading source of contemporary research and thinking for the global tall building industry.

Virtual Research Journal

CTBUH and Elsevier have combined their resources to deliver a selection of research publications drawn from their respective archives through a series entitled The CTBUH-Elsevier Virtual Journal on Tall Building Research. Each issue focuses on a specific topic and compiles the very best research papers available to help facilitate investigation on that particular theme.

CTBUH Congresses & Conferences Conference Publications

The CTBUH Conferences are known for their cutting-edge content on the advances in the design and technology of tall buildings. The Conference Proceedings is a compilation of all the technical papers delivered at Conference sessions by the many industry leaders who present on new ideas, innovations, and projects at CTBUH Conferences. The Conference Reports offer an excellent recap of the Conference, providing a summary of the event's presentations and activities.

CTBUH / Wiley Tal Journal Posters

Looking for a poster of the world's tallest buildings? Were you involved with a project included in a CTBUH study? The Council has produces a number of tall building posters which cover a variety of CTBUH initiatives.