Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Debating Tall
In "Debating Tall," two experts on tall buildings debate a critical issue.

Is Polycentrism the Way Forward?
Peter Murray , Chairman, New London Architecture Centre and Lynn Osmond , President and CEO, Chicago Architecture Center
CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue IV

“Is Polycentrism the Way Forward?”

Functional Recovery from Earthquakes?
Rene Lagos, CEO, Rene Lagos Engineers and Dr. Thomas Heaton Director, Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue III

“Can we design tall buildings for ‘functional recovery’?”

Landscrapers vs. Skyscrapers
Amy Webb, Professor, Stern School of Business - NYU & Founder, Future Today Institute and Julian Chen, Senior Architect, Henning Larsen Architects
CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue II

Are ‘landscrapers’ a more plausible form of office building than skyscrapers for low- to mid-density cities?

Tall Buildings as Severe-Weather Shelters?
Ilana Judah, Director of Sustainability, FXCollaborative and Luke Leung, Director, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue I

Are tall buildings appropriate severe-weather shelters?

A Skyline Commission for London?
Barbara Weiss, Director of Barbara Weiss Architects/Co-Founder of the Skyline Campaign and Karen Cook, Founding Partner, PLP Architecture
CTBUH Journal 2017, Issue III

Should a Skyline Commission be established as part of the new Plan for London?

Replace the Thompson Center?
Helmut Jahn, Founder, JAHN and Mir Ali, Professor Emeritus of Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
CTBUH Journal 2017, Issue II

Should the James R. Thompson Center be demolished and replaced?

Melbourne’s New Skyscraper Guidelines: Too Restrictive?
Larry Parsons, Director, Development Approvals & Urban Design, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning, Victorian State Government and Danni Addison, Victorian Chief Executive, Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA)
CTBUH Journal 2017, Issue I

Are the new skyscraper guidelines for Melbourne too restrictive?

Regional Governments for Megacities?
James Parakh, Urban Design Manager, City of Toronto Planning Department and Thomas Wright, Director, President, Regional Plan Association (RPA), New York
CTBUH Journal 2016, Issue IV

Should megacities have metropolitan or regional governments, to replace individual municipalities?

Modular as Homogenizing Force?
Shonn Mills, Director, Ramboll Singapore and Dr. Philip Oldfield, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales
CTBUH Journal 2016, Issue I

If modular volumetric construction became common practice, would that increase the potential of skyscrapers to homogenize cities?