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Tall Buildings in Numbers
Tall Timber: A Global Audit

June 2017

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In the past few years, the tall building industry has become increasingly interested in the use of timber as a major structural element in skyscrapers. This has resulted in in a now-worldwide wave of research, built projects, and ever-more daring speculative proposals using "mass timber" – engineered wood products that are just as robust as their concrete and steel counterparts. In 2008 there was one mass timber building over eight stories tall. Today, there are nearly 40 complete, under construction, or planned.

This map highlights several notable examples of tall timber buildings currently built, under construction, or proposed around the world. Click on the map to discover the name, photo, and other interesting information about each highlighted timber building.

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Tall Mass Timber Buildings Around the World Only timber buildings using "mass timber" technologies* that are seven stories or higher are included in this study. Linked rows indicate buildings that can be found on The Skyscraper Center, which generally lists only buildings that are 50m or greater, but some exceptions are made for notable timber buildings.
Building City Floors Construction System Status** Completion Date
Baobab Paris 35 Timber/Steel Proposed
Abebe Court Tower Lagos 26 Timber/Steel Proposed
HoHo Vienna 24 Timber/Concrete Under Construction 2017
HAUT Amsterdam 22 All Timber Proposed 2019
Barentshus Kirkenes 20 Timber/Steel Vision
Doorman Rotterdam 20 Timber/Concrete/Steel Completed
Terrace House Vancouver 19 Timber/Concrete Proposed
Mjøstårnet Brumunddal 18 All Timber Proposed 2018
Silva Bordeaux 18 Uknown Proposed 2020
TallWood House at Brock Commons Vancouver 18 Timber/Concrete Topped Out 2017
The Hyperion Bordeaux 18 Uknown Proposed 2019
Canopia Bordeaux 17 All Timber Proposed
55 Southbank Boulevard Melbourne 16 Timber/Concrete Proposed 2020
Kulturhus Skellefteå Skelleftea 16 Timber/Steel Proposed 2019
The Treet Bergen 14 All Timber Completed 2015
Origine Quebec 13 All Timber Under Construction 2017
Framework Portland 12 Timber/Steel Proposed 2018
25 King Brisbane 10 All Timber Proposed 2018
Forte Tower Melbourne 10 All Timber Completed 2013
Lagerhuset Eslov 10 All Timber Completed 2008
Trafalgar Place London 10 All Timber Completed 2015
Wenlock Cross / The Cube London 10 Timber/Concrete/Steel Completed 2015
Cenni di Cambiamento Milan 9 All Timber Completed 2013
Dalston Lane London 9 All Timber Under Construction 2017
Ilôt Bois et Biosourcé Strasbourg 9 Uknown Proposed
Moholt 50/50 Trondheim 9 All Timber Completed 2016
Ternes Villiers Paris 9 All Timber Proposed
Arbora Montreal 8 All Timber Completed 2016
Bridport House London 8 All Timber Completed 2014
Carbon 12 Building Portland 8 All Timber Proposed
Holz8 (H8) Bad Aibling 8 All Timber Completed 2011
Life Cycle Tower (LCT ) One Dornbirn 8 Timber/Concrete Completed 2012
Limnologen Växjö 8 Timber/Concrete Completed 2009
Pentagon II Oslo 8 Unknown Completed 2013
Puukuokka Jyvaskyla 8 All Timber Completed 2015
St. Diè-des-Vosges St. Diè des Vosges 8 All Timber Completed 2014
Stadthaus London 9 All Timber Completed 2009
Strand Parken Stockholm 8 All Timber Completed 2014
E3 Berlin Berlin 7 Timber/Steel Completed 2008
Kingsgate House London 7 All Timber Completed 2014
Maison de l'Inde Paris 7 Timber/Concrete Completed 2013
Panorama Giustinelli Trieste 7 Uknown Completed 2013
Sanctuary Yoker 7 All Timber Under Construction 2017
T3 Building Minneapolis 7 All Timber Completed 2016
Tamedia Zurich 7 All Timber Completed 2013
UEA (University East Anglia) Blackdale Student Residence Norwich 7 All Timber Completed 2016
Wagramerstrasse Vienna 7 Timber/Concrete Completed 2013
Wood Innovation Design Centre Prince George 7 All Timber Completed 2014

*For clarity, structural types are simplified here to indicate the primary structural system only, e.g., core, floor beams or horizontal trusses, and vertical columns. In reality, most "mass timber" buildings use some combination of timber, steel and concrete. "All Timber" generally means the core and the horizontal and vertical structure are all timber.

**A building is considered to be "Proposed" (i.e., a real proposal) when it fulfills all of the following criteria: 1) Has a specific site with ownership interests within the building development team; 2) Has a full professional design team progressing the design beyond the conceptual stage; 3) Has obtained, or is in the process of obtaining, formal planning consent/legal permission for construction; 4) Has a full intention to progress the building to construction and completion. Only buildings that have been announced publicly (and the source is credible) by the client and fulfill all the above criteria are included in the CTBUH "proposed" building listings.

Visions While not included in table above because it would be impossible to find and track all envisioned timber buildings, a selection of theoretical "Vision" projects can be seen below.

SOM Timber Tower Chicago

HSB 2023 - Vasterbroplan Stockholm

River Beech Tower Chicago

Oakwood Tower London

Tratoppen Stockholm

This building reimagines the 40-story concrete Plaza on Dewitt in wood.

This 34-floor project would use pillars and beams constructed of solid and cross-laminated timber.

This concept tower uses an innovative system of diagrids and prefabricated modules to gain height. See our journal article, River Beech Tower: A Tall Timber Experiment for more information.

At 80 stories and 300 meters, this building would be London’s second-tallest building if it were actually built today.

The wood panels cladding this envisioned building would be shaped as the number of each floor.