Zheng Shiling | 郑时龄
Conference Co-Chair | 会议联合主席

Director of the Academic Commission | 学术委员会主任
Tongji University | 同济大学

Professor Zheng Shiling is one of the leading Chinese architects and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He graduated from the Department of Architecture and obtained his PhD in History and Theory of Architecture from Tongji University, Shanghai in 1965 and 1993 respectively. He served  as the Vice President of Tongji University from 1995 to 2000.

Professor Zheng has been a member of the International Committee of Architecture Critique since 1994. In February 1996 he was elected as President of the Architectural Society of Shanghai, and Vice President of Architectural Society of China. He was elected to be a Membere de l'Académie d'Architecture de France in 1998.  Since 2000, Professor Zheng has held several positions including, Director of Centre for Architecture and Urban Planning Studies, Tongji University; In February 2002, he was elected as Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. In 2007, he has been granted Laurea honoris causa, Università di Roma, La Sapienza.

Today, he is the Director of the Academic Commission of Tongji University; Director, the Committee for Urban Development Strategy, Shanghai Planning Commission; Director of Expert Committee for the Preservation of Historical Areas and Heritage Architecture of Shanghai.

His main design works include Nanpu Bridge (1991), Zhu Qizhan Art Museum (1995), The Urban Design for Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Shanghai (1999), the National Finance and Taxation Museum (2004), Shanghai Public Service Centre(2013) and other more than 50 projects.

Professor Zheng has published more than 90 papers and theses in national and international academic periodicals, journals and in international conferences. His main works are ' The Evolution of Shanghai Architecture in Modern Times' (1999), " Word CitiesShanghai' (2002, co-author with Alan Balfour), 'On Architectural Criticism' (2001, 2014), ' World EXPO and Architecture'(2009) and others.






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