Antony Wood
Conference Co-Chair | 会议联合主席

Executive Director | 执行总监

Antony Wood has been Executive Director of the CTBUH since 2006, responsible for the day-to-day running of the Council and steering in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, of which he is an ex-officio member. Prior to this, he was CTBUH Vice-Chairman for Europe and Head of Research. A UK-architect by training, he has worked in practice in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and London. Based at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Antony is also an Associate Professor in the College of Architecture at IIT, where he convenes various tall building design studios. His field of specialism is the design, and in particular the sustainable design, of tall buildings.
Antony Wood自2006年起担任世界高层都市建筑学会(CTBUH)执行总监,负责学会的日常运行并作为当然委员连同董事会进行指导工作。此前,他曾是CTBUH欧洲副主席和研究部主管。作为一名受过专业训练的英国建筑师,他的实践项目遍布香港、曼谷、吉隆坡、雅加达和伦敦等地。学会位于伊利诺伊理工大学(IIT),因而Antony也是IIT建筑学院的副教授并在此集合了各种各样的高层建筑设计工作室。他的主要研究领域是高层设计,并特别着重于高层的可持续设计。

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