Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Construction of Moscow-City is Ongoing

Moscow - December 1st, 2009

An excursion for journalists around MIBC Moscow-City was organized by the Moscow company JSC. Participants were able to visit the Capital City Complex, being constructed by the Capital Group Company and Central Core Complex. Nearly 20% of the total volume planned to be built within this Business district is already in operation. The project total is about 840,000 sq.m., including 440,000 sq.m. of offices. Other projects within MIBC Moscow-City are also under construction, with most of the complexes expected to be completed in 2010. By the end of 2010 over 2 mil. sq.m. is expected to be in operation. The most outstanding projects are Imperia Tower Complex on plot 4, Capital City on plot 9, Tower Vostok of Federation Tower on plot 13 and Mercury City Tower  on plot 14, as well as Central Core of MIBC Project.

MIBC Moscow-City Project includes the construction of 16 complexes (26 buildings). The following complexes are already in operation:
    •  Tower 2000, Office complex (1 building);
    •  Naberezhnaya Tower, by Enka (3 buildings)
    •  Block B of the Federation Tower, by Mirax Group (1 building);
    •  Northern Tower of ZAO, Business complex, by Severnaya Bashnya  (1 building);
    • One of the towers within Capital City Complex (18 floors) by Capital Group (1 building);
    • Bagration Pedestrian-Mall Bridge.

Nearly 25 000 people work, live, and visit the complex every day. Most of the tenants come from financial corporations, banks, large IT companies (IBM), consulting agencies, primary industry companies, and telecommunication companies.

MIBC Moscow-City will represent different forms of ownership. After commissioning, MIBC Moscow-City will become the largest and most unique business, cultural and architectural center of Moscow, and Russia as well. It will demonstrate the concentration of large financial and information traffic and will compose the largest transportation hub in Moscow.