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August 30, Burnaby

The City Council of the Canadian city of Burnaby conducted a public hearing Tuesday on a master plan for a development that would include some of the tallest towers in British Columbia. The plan for the Brentwood Town Centre includes 10 residential towers between 20 to 70 stories and two office towers ranging from 30 to 40 stories. Read more.

August 30, Sharjah

In response to the number of serious fire-related incidents in his Emirate, Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, has issued a resolution establishing a permanent committee for public protection requirements in high-rise buildings. Read more.

August 30, Auckland

The first major new Auckland CBD apartment development in several years has been unveiled by a consortium of Chinese and New Zealander developers. Construction on the NZD250 million project, dubbed SugarTree, is scheduled to begin in 2013. Read more.

August 29, Boston

The Boston Landmarks Commission has unanimously approved the proposed Millennium Tower for downtown Boston. Plans for the tower, which previously incorporated an existing Burnham building into the façade, now specify a completely separate building from the existing 1912 structure. Read more.

August 29, Venice

Although some Venetians have complained about his proposed skyscraper, Pierre Cardin says he is determined to build the tower. The fashion mogul has opened an exhibit featuring the proposed 800-foot tall design at the Venice Biennale. Read more.

August 29, Tokyo

Mitsubishi Estate Co. plans to include a natural "onsen" hot spring hotel in its proposed mixed use tall building development, located in Tokyo's business district. Pumping water from more than 1,500 meters below ground, it will be the first natural hot spring dug in the area, according to the Asahi Shimbun. Read more.

August 29, Botswana

Botswana Minister of Lands and Housing Lebonaamang Mokalake says tall buildings are necessary for his country to combat urban sprawl. He made the announcement this week at the nation's Optimal Utilization of Land forum. Read more.

August 28

World Architecture News is spotlighting the CTBUH in a series of articles on the site’s Eco-in-the-City blog. The articles penned by CTBUH leaders are focusing on sustainability issues, specifically in Asia, as the Council prepares for the CTBUH 9th World Congress in Shanghai. Read more.

August 28, New York

The City Planning Commission of New York has granted approval to a 50-year-old initiative to develop a site of lower Manhattan. The Seward Park Urban Renewal Area (SPURA) plan will transform the underperforming site into a vibrant area of the city, planners say. Read more.

August 28, Da Nang

Archaeologists have found a Cham tower over 1,000 years old in Phong Le village in Vietnam. The height of the original tower is unknown, but the footprint of the structure measures 16 meters by 16 meters, according to local media. Read more.

August 28, Singapore

A high-rise in Singapore is offering buyers "en suite sky garages," a system that uses an elevator to deliver cars right into homeowners' premium living spaces. Instead of the car living in an underground garage, these apartments make cars a focal point, parking them behind a glass wall off the living room. Read more.

August 27, Dubai

Tameer has started handing over apartments in the Elite Residences, a 380-meter tower in Dubai Marina. Earlier this year Tameer topper out the nearby Princess Tower, which is 413-meters, the tallest residential tower in the world. Read more.

August 24, Toronto

The classic photo "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" shows 11 steel workers calmly eating lunch, while sitting on a long girder, framed by the city far below them. The story of this photograph and the construction of New York's iconic skyscrapers is the basis for Men at Lunch, one of the films selected for this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Read more.

August 24, Smithsonian

Smithsonian Magazine has published an article archiving some of Rem Koolhaas's un-built skyscraper designs. The unrealized designs range from schemes on hold to projects that never progressed past the conceptual stage. Read more.

August 24, Seattle

The Seattle office of developers Wood Partners announced it will soon begin construction on a 27-story, 298-unit high-rise apartment complex in Seattle's Belltown. The Third and Cedar tower will mix a variety of apartment floor plans and configurations including studios, urban and traditional one- and two-bedroom units. Read more.

August 24, New York

The Concrete Industry Foundation Inc. (CIF) will honor renowned structural engineer and CTBUH Fellow Irwin Cantor and builder Charles DeBenedittis, a recipient of the Council’s Lynn S. Beedle award, at the Foundation’s annual awards presentation luncheon on Thursday, October 4th. Read more.

August 23, Mumbai

A city-based group is pushing for the demolition of a 75-story, unfinished building in central Mumbai. The group cites "blatant irregularities," accusing the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) of showing undue favors to the developer, according to local media. Read more.

August 23, Paris

The Eiffel Tower has been ranked by researchers as Europe's most expensive monument, worth an estimated USD546 billion. The 123 year old tower is almost five times more "valuable" than the next monument, the USD114 billion Colosseum, the Daily Mail reports. Read more.

August 23, Tucson

Developer One East LLC is planning to build an USD18 million mixed use high-rise project in Tucson, hoping to capitalize on a planned streetcar line and a significant reduction in tax expenses. One East Broadway will be an office, residential and retail complex, which the developers claim will be unique in the city.
Read more.

August 22, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg officials have reportedly granted approval to Gazprom’s long-delayed Lakhta Centre, a 500-meter (1,640-foot) building on the city's outskirts, according to AFP. Previous attempts to construct the building failed, in part, due to preservation groups' opposition. Read more.

August 22, Ramat Gan

Africa-Israel Investments Ltd. has received approval from the Ramat Gan Local Planning and Building Commission for a 42-story high-rise. If completed, the building could be one of the tallest buildings in the country. Read more.

August 22, Brisbane

Brisbane's newest commercial skyscraper, the fourth largest in the city, officially opened this month, and tenants are moving in. The occasion was marked with the turning on of special strands of 52,000 LED lights which envelope the 54-story high rise. Read more.

August 22, Nashville

An article in The Tennessean on Nashville's future high-rises features Tony Giarratana, a CTBUH City Representative, and his work with the SoBro and 505 CST towers. Mr. Giarratana explains the city's real estate market and its encouraging recovery. Read more.

August 22, Seattle

Construction commenced Tuesday on a 40-story apartment tower in downtown Seattle, across the street from the historic Paramount Theatre. Developer Holland Partner Group expects that the 386-unit, 444-foot tall project at 815 Pine St. will open in late 2014. Read more.

August 21, Linkoping

To combat growing population demands, Swedish designers have developed a Skyscraper Farm concept that would maximize food production with a minimal footprint. The Swedish city of Linkoping has already begun construction on one such facility. Read more.

August 21, London

London Loves Business has produced a list of profiles of the city's future skyscrapers, which promise to create a distinct tall building profile for the city. These buildings include the Boomerang, Columbus Tower and 360 London. Read more.

August 21, Toronto

New video illustrates the experience at EdgeWalk, the attraction at the 1,815-foot (553-meter) CN Tower that allows tourists to feel like they're about to fall off a skyscraper. For USD175, people strap into a harness on a catwalk located just above the observation deck and lean out 116 stories above the earth. Read more.

August 21, Coeur d'Alene

Real estate development firm Austin Lawrence Partners has proposed a 12-story retail and apartment complex in downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The proposal has drawn protests from neighbors, who are threatening to sue to stop the plan. Read more.

August 20, London

UNESCO has advised London to clamp down on high-rise developments over concerns about historic sites. In the latest salvo in a long-running debate, UNESCO has asked for a “review” of major projects. Read more.

August 20

The Daily Telegraph examines proposals to create “superskyscrapers” to house future populations, including ideas from the practical to the mind-boggling.  Future buildings may reach miles into the sky or tower over oceans, some futurists believe. Read more.

August 20, London

Lambeth councilors have approved a 28-story tower for a residential-led development in Vauxhall. The complex will include 46 apartments, in addition to office space and retail, BD Online reports. Read more.

August 16, Changsha

Austria-based firm Hans Hollein has finished the design for the Meixihu Lake International Culture and Arts Center in Changsha, China, designboom reports. The project, which will be built on the shore of the city’s Meixihu Lake, may become one of the world's largest cultural centers. Read more.

August 16, Manila

Filipinos who live in the Laguna Lake and Manila Bay areas have encouraged President Aquino to prohibit the construction of malls and high-rises along major waterways, river systems, coastal shores and flood prone areas, which they claim exacerbate the flooding effects of typhoons and monsoon rains. Read more.

August 16, Jersey City

Developer KRE Group plans to construct three towers in Jersey City’s Journal Square. The mixed use towers could reach up to 75 stories and contain as many as 1,800 units. The buildings will be located in close proximity to the public train station. Read more.

August 16

CTBUH chairman Timothy Johnson and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill structural engineering partner William Baker, a member of the CTBUH board of trustees, are spotlighted in this article exploring the limits of tall building construction. Read more.

August 15, London

Architecture Today brings together different perspectives on the design of the Shard, the latest addition to the London skyline. It’s a small sampling and not everyone loves the design and the impact of the building on old London. Read more.

August 14, San Diego

Preliminary plans have been submitted to the Port of San Diego Board of Commissioners for a project that would bring as many as three high-rise hotels downtown. The project is set for 5.5-acre Lane Field, once the site of a stadium for the former minor league Padres. Read more.

August 14, Jerusalem

The Interior Ministry of Jerusalem granted initial approval to a major construction plan for the entrance to the city, including 12 skyscrapers. The project includes a number of towers that will house government offices, private businesses, hotels and residential apartments. Read more.

August 14, Toronto

A proposed 24-story student residence near the University of Toronto campus may be joined by a second, 30-story tower in a plan that has drawn protests from residents. Last week an Ontario Municipal Board held a pre-hearing to consider the projects’ rezoning applications. Read more.

August 14, Dubai

Watch an extreme maintenance worker dangle off the top edge of the world’s tallest building, armed with only a caulk gun and a hard hat. Despite sensing a “slight wobble” in the 828-meter tower, the worker easily lowers himself to his work. Read more.

August 13, Chicago

United Airlines is consolidating its headquarters in one downtown Chicago address--the Willis Tower, the tallest building in North America. The Willis Tower – formerly the Sears Tower – is currently home to the airline’s recently-opened operations center. Read more.

August 13, Lindisfarne

A special type of glass that can prevent birds from flying into it has been employed in a lookout tower off the northeast coast of England. The special bird-stopping glass was inspired by the orb-weaver spider’s web and is easily visible to birds, but basically invisible to humans. Read more.

August 13, Liverpool

Just days before the GBP5.5 billion Liverpool Waters scheme was expected to move forward, the plan has been returned to the Liverpool council’s planning committee for further review. Critics have questioned the size of the project and its impact on the city’s World Heritage status. Read more.

August 10, Japan

The Atlantic Cities has resurrected a 1931 design by Japanese engineers for an inverted skyscraper, called a “depth-scraper” featured in Popular Mechanics. The 35-story anti-tower would be buried in the ground in order to combat the high number of intense earthquakes in the area. Read more.

August 10, New York

HWKN Architects of New York say they have created a skyscraper that is resilient in the face of climate change and ready to “occupy the wetter world of the future.” The Skygrove vertical office park was designed to respond to rising water levels in the same way that mangrove trees respond to periods of high tide. Read more.

August 10, Dallas

Artist James Turrell blames the construction of Museum Tower in Dallas for "destroying" his artwork, Tending (Blue). The piece, which previously featured a skyspace and a clear view into the sky, now includes an undesired view of the much disputed tower. Read more.

August 10, Viator

Viator has ranked the world's top 10 observation decks, which are located at the top of some of the world's most iconic buildings. Entries include the Burj Khalifa, Willis Tower, the Rockefeller Center and Shanghai World Financial Center. Read more.

August 9, New York

The top 30 floors of the historic Woolworth Building in New York will be converted into luxury apartments. Alchemy Properties paid USD68 million for the square footage and will invest about USD80 million more in order to convert existing office space into 40 residences in the landmark tower. Read more.

August 9, Melbourne

The Planning Minister of Melbourne has granted approval this week to The Falls Tower, a 71-story building which would be the fourth tallest building in the city. The announcement is the latest in a series of tall building approvals as the city looks to attract residents to the center of the city. Read more.

August 9, Shanghai

Forbes editor Russell Flannery describes DRbar, an alley pub in Shanghai, as a meeting point for some of the world's leading designers of tall buildings. The joint is owned by an American, former fighter pilot and architect Ben Wood. Read more.

August 9, Nashville

Impakt Real Estate in Nashville, Tennessee, has announced plans to build a high-rise shaped like an acoustic guitar. Plans for the 32-story building, which will be called Strings, call for offices in the instrument's body and condos in the neck. Read more.

August 9, Houston

After six years of protests and delays, plans are finally moving forward to build a 21-story tower in Houston, despite protests from neighbors. Construction on the Ashby tower is scheduled to commence in the final quarter of 2012. Read more.

August 9, Manchester

British architect Ian Simpson has released new details of his proposed 42-story tower at River Street in Manchester, Architects' Journal reports. The proposal includes 600 apartments, a private courtyard, café, bar and retail space as well as a Business and Community Hub. Read more.

August 8, New York

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has released a series of new renderings of the One World Trade Center. These are the first new images released to the public in five years, and include recent design changes, according to the New York Daily News. Read more.

August 8, Dubai

Dubai Land Department data on Burj Khalifa property purchases reveals that Indian citizens spent more than Dh814 million on apartments in the world’s tallest building in the last six months, while Iranian acquisitions totaled Dh470 million. The British were third on the list, purchasing properties worth Dh301 million. Read more.

August 8, Houston

Williams Tower, one of Houston’s landmark skyscrapers, is for sale. The 64-story tower, formerly called the Transco Tower, is owned by a subsidiary of the Hines Real Estate Investment Trust, which purchased the property in 2008 from Kuwaiti owners for USD271.5 million. Read more.

August 7, China

China Broad Group CEO Zhang Yue told the Reuters news service the odds are “100 percent” that his company will build a two-kilometer tower. The article provides insight to the man at the helm of the company that is also planning to build a prefabricated 838-meter tower, which would be the tallest in the world. Read more.

August 7, Singapore

Amsterdam-based firm UNStudio has unveiled V on Shenton (read: Five on Shenton), a pair of towers, 23 and 53 stories tall, which will be built in Singapore. The towers are part of the city's Waterfront City initiative, called Tanjong Pagar. Read more.

August 7, Delhi

In order to cope with rising population demands in the city, the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has proposed an initiative in which the city would provide only one water connection to a block of flats which has more than four floors, instead of connecting each dwelling unit in a multi-storied apartment block.  Read more.

August 7, Washington D.C.

The American Institute of Architects' Consensus Construction Forecast has projected a 4.4 percent increase in non-residential construction spending, which is 2.3 percent higher than its January estimate. The projection also predicts that spending will increase to 6.2 percent in 2013. Read more.

August 6, New York

The Skyscraper Museum in New York is hosting an exhibit called Urban Fabric: Building New York's Garment District. The exhibition explores the history of building tall factories in New York's Garment District and how the factory workers eventually gained basic safety protections. Read more.

August 6, London

British architect Dave Edwards has proposed an algae-covered, mixed-use, conceptual FMSA Tower which would produce its own energy and clean water. The outer "green wall" would contain algae that absorbs CO2 emissions and harvests bio-methane for conversion into heat and power. Read more.

August 6, Chicago

Critics angrily denounced an image Saturday in the satirical newspaper The Onion, which showed an airliner crashing into the Willis Tower. The plane was illustrated with the logo “Sears.” Read more.

August 3, Shanghai

Gensler has shared the latest construction photos of Shanghai Tower, which has reached significant new milestones. At 632 meters Shanghai Tower will be the tallest building in China when it is completed, most likely in 2014. Read more.

August 3, New York

The Atlantic Cities journalist Sarah Goodyear wrote a piece about her reactions to One World Trade Center as it rises in the formerly empty space outside her window. There is a very human tendency to build towers and they affect a city and its inhabitants she writes. Read more.

August 3, Tokyo

Japanese general contractor Shimizu Corporation says its new headquarters, which opened Wednesday, is the world’s least carbon dioxide-emitting building. The Shimizu headquarters, located in Tokyo, emits 38 kilograms per square meters of CO2 per year, 62 percent less on average than conventional buildings in the city, the company said in a statement. Read more.

August 2, New York

A  New York penthouse has hit the market priced at USD100 million, which would make it the most expensive apartment in the city. The octagon-shaped penthouse on top of the CitySpire building includes three floors covering 8,000 square feet (743 square meters). Read more.

August 2, Mexico City

Seguros Monterrey New York Life announced the official opening of its Torre New York Life building located in the central zone of Mexico City. The 492-foot (150 meter) glass tower is one of the tallest buildings in Mexico City and was designed by Canadian architect Jean Michel Colonnier. Read more.

August 2, Las Vegas

Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp. has begun construction on a third tower in the Grand Chateau complex in Las Vegas. The 37-story tower will add 223 units to the development located off the Strip, across from Planet Hollywood, Marriott announced in a statement today. Read more.

August 1, New York

New York Daily News has released images of the high-priced penthouse units of Eight Spruce Street. The apartments feature views of a number of iconic buildings in New York and can claim the title of the highest apartments in the Western hemisphere. Read more.

August 1, Sao Paulo

Brazilian architects Projecto Coletivo have created a conceptual skyscraper which could be constructed along the river in the city of Sao Paulo using debris, dezeen reported. The skyscraper would contain a recycling center at the base and provide housing for the city’s homeless in its upper levels. Read more.

July 31, Chicago

More than 60 architects, academics and historic preservationists sent a letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel urging him to grant landmark status to the Prentice Women’s Hospital designed by Bertrand Goldberg. Northwestern University, which owns the Streeterville building, intends to tear it down to construct a new research facility. Read more.

July 31, Detroit

The foreclosure sale of the Mies Van der Rohe-designed Lafayette Towers has been cancelled, following the federal government's inability to find suitable buyers. The city of Detroit exercised its right of first refusal and is now pursuing other options for the historic complex, local media reports. Read more.

July 31, Rome

According to Rome's authorities, the Colosseum is in serious danger. Its south side is 16 inches lower than the north. The leaning Colosseum might require the kind of structural intervention that strengthened the Tower of Pisa. Read more.

July 31, Dubai

Construction work on the twisting Infinity Tower in Dubai is almost complete, according to one of the project’s consultants. The 306-meter residential tower had been stalled for many months, along with many other projects in the UAE. Read more.

July 30, New York

While high density urban centers are certainly the future of cities, researchers argue that human interaction is the true secret to success. "It's not enough to build tall if people aren't thrown together to interact," The Wall Street Journal writes. Read more.

July 30, Boston

Oregon-based developer Gerding Edlen last week began construction on the $150 million Boston Wharf Tower, a 21-story apartment building that is reportedly the tallest in the Fort Point neighborhood. The Boston Redevelopment Authority approved plans for the project in 2010. Read more.

July 30, Mexico City

Molcajete. Urban Think Tank recently released the design of its Barrio Capital Skyscraper, as a prototype of an urban development strategy. The 330-meter (1,083-foot) public skyscraper project responds to the city’s most imperative problems, both socially and spatially. Read more.

July 30, Abu Dhabi

In honor of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, Visa produced a commercial appearing to show Olympian David Boudia diving off the Burj Khalifa. The commercial states that the American diver will make "over 25,000 dives a year, which is like diving off the tallest building in the world over 180 times." Read more.

July 27, Niagara Falls

A $500 million dollar luxury resort planned for Niagara Falls received unanimous approval from the city council this week. The project includes 60- and 61-story towers, which would be the tallest two buildings in Niagara Falls and the tallest hotel towers in Canada. Read more.

July 27, Tokyo

Tokyo Tower stands a bit shorter than its previous 333-meter (1,093-foot) height today after the removal of its antenna, which was damaged in last year’s earthquake. The tip was trimmed about 18 meters (59 feet) Monday. Read more.

July 27, London

After years of false starts, developers say they are ready to start work on a GBP8 billion plan to redevelop Battersea Power Station in London. A group of Malaysian developers, which purchased the site earlier this month, will use a master plan developed by Rafael Vinoly. Read more.

July 26, Rio de Janiero

A consortium including the Trump Organization is proposing an extensive office tower project in Rio de Janeiro in order to capitalize on the city's Olympic revitalization. The development would feature six 50-story waterfront skyscrapers in the city's central port district. Read more.

July 26, Great Britain

The BBC has researched some of the United Kingdom’s most ambitious and enormous architectural projects that never came to fruition. They range from cathedrals to pyramid mausoleums, all of which failed despite the best efforts of their enthusiastic designers. Read more.

July 26, Serbia

A group of Serbian architects has designed a set of floating "seascrapers" in a unique approach to sustainable buildings. The underwater seascrapers would function as self-sustaining facilities which remove trash from the ocean and convert it into energy. Read more.

July 26, Las Vegas

Caesars Entertainment Corporation has announced the start of construction on the world's tallest observation wheel on the Vegas Strip. The Ferris Wheel-style attraction, dubbed the High Roller, will be 550 feet tall, nine feet taller than the Singapore Flyer, the current record holder. Read more.

July 25, New York

Construction on Three World Trade Center has stalled at the eighth floor due to developer Larry Silverstein's struggles to secure tenants for the building, the Wall Street Journal reports. The developer’s deal with his government backers allows him to halt construction until he finds tenants for at least 400,000 square feet. Read more.

July 25, Honolulu

Los Angeles-based developer Pacrep has released plans to build what would reportedly be Waikiki's first new high-rise hotel since 2008. The company published a draft environmental assessment Monday with the first details of the 34-story 2121 Kuhio Tower. Read more.

July 25, Vancouver

The Vancouver council has approved a plan by Aquilini Investment Group, the owners of the Canucks, to build three mixed-use towers next to Rogers Arena. The development would reportedly be the city's largest rental housing project in 40 years. Read more.

July 24, New York

Construction began this week on the Broadway Housing Communities' (BHC) Sugar Hill housing complex in Harlem, New York. London-based architects Adjaye Associates designed the complex to include 124 apartments and a Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling, designboom reports. Read more.

July 24, Montreal

Canadian developer Canderel has announced plans to build a new condominium tower called Tour des Canadiens. The company reports that upon completion, the 48-story tower would be the tallest residential building in Montreal. Read more.

July 24, New York

The Architect's Newspaper focuses on the problems associated with western architects working in China in a new feature titled, "The China Construct." The article explores the recent global economic issues and the implications and realities of working in the design field in China. Read more.

July 23, Washington D.C.

Congress has started debating a measure that would raise height restrictions on buildings in the District of Columbia. However, lifting these arbitrary restrictions may not accomplish much in the way of tall building construction, the New York Times reports. Read more.

July 23, Chicago

Chicago Tribune's Blair Kamin analyzes SoNo East and West, a recently completed pair of residential towers, suggesting that they mark an overdue move toward buildings designed to optimize performance instead of augmenting an architect's reputation.  Read more.

July 23, Ipoh

The Malaysian city of Ipoh has announced plans to lift its blanket restriction on tall buildings. This announcement was accompanied by the launching of the 23-story Haven apartment towers, which will be the city's tallest building when it is completed. Read more.

July 23, Venice

Venice is divided over plans by fashion magnate Pierre Cardin to build a 244-meter (800-foot) skyscraper in the city, according to new media reports. The tower designed by Mr. Cardin and his architect nephew, Rodrigo Basilicati, will distract from Venice’s historic skyline. Read more.

July 20, Las Vegas

A Nevada state judge yesterday granted MGM Resorts International permission to implode the flawed hotel tower that was partially built but never opened. Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez's pretrial ruling is a prelude to the trial next year in a massive construction defect case. Read more.

July 20, Colombo

Plans to build a Hyatt Regency in Colombo were resurrected yesterday with a new developer and a revitalizing investment of LKR20 billion (USD152 million). The 43-story hotel, which stalled in 2008, is expected to be completed by December 2013. Read more.

July 20, Paris

Neutelings Riedijk Architects has shared their shortlisted submission to the City of Paris international architecture competition with ArchDaily. Their entry, titled Le Cinq, is a 180-meter (591-foot) tall tower consists of five stacked six-story volumes, which would make it the second tallest building in Paris. Read more.

July 20, Sydney

A city planning group in Sydney has approved a Kannfinch-designed mixed-use development, 115 Bathurst Street, for a site in Sydney’s CBD. The development includes a "super-slim," 240-meter (787-foot) tower which would be the third tallest building in the city. Read more.