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April 27, New York

Time-lapse video from ABC News illustrates development of One World Trade Center, which began six years ago on the northwest corner of the World Trade Center site. The building will sit where the original eight-story 6 World Trade Center building stood before the 9/11 attacks. One World Trade Center will top out at 1,776 feet next month. Read more

April 27, Tokyo

The high-rise Shibuya Hikarie shopping and entertainment complex next to Shibuya Station opens Thursday, kicking off projects to revitalize the area known as a teen fashion mecca. The 34-floor glass tower with three basement floors boasts nearly 200 shops, 26 eateries, design and art galleries, office floors and a musical theater. Read more

April 26, Paris

Paris is to get a pair of new leaning skyscrapers – one 175 meters high, the other 115 meters – on the Rive Gauche. The new "leaning towers of Paris" are designed by star architect Jean Nouvel and will be the first in the new high-rise quartier Bruneseau at the border of the city and Ivry-sur-Seine in the 13th arrondissement. Read more

April 26, San Francisco

After four years of development a Richard Meier-designed tower still hasn’t gone through the public forum phase in San Francisco. San Francisco Chronicle critic John King looks at the process and design. “While the concept is intriguing, there's no telling whether the actual building would seduce or simply stick out,” he writes. Read more

April 25, London

The Shard, which will be the tallest tower in Europe when it is completed, is changing the London skyline. Now that it has topped off, the tower is a glass sliver shooting out of the streets of The City. Now we have aerial video of the tower, which is, if nothing else, very cool. Read more

April 25, Chicago

Chicago Tribune critic Blair Kamin writes there is reason to believe Roosevelt University’s new tower will amount to something more than an eye-grabbing envelope. ”The new tower serves as a “vertical campus, stacking everything from a student union to lecture halls to dorm suites within a single, all-encompassing structure,” he writes. Read more

April 25, Abu Dhabi

Al Maryah Island, which was known as Sowwah Island until last week when the government changed the name, is designed as the new financial district for Abu Dhabi. But the government-backed developer sees it as an "integrated community" that will eventually house 70,000 people. Read more

April 25, New York

With a four-story retail complex ready to open along Brooklyn’s Fulton Street Mall, City Point’s second phase, designed by Cook+Fox with Lee Weintraub Landscape Architecture, is ready to move forward. Phase two consists of two residential towers – standing 19 and 30 stories – sitting atop a 500,000-square foot retail podium. Read more

April 25, Seoul

Perkins Eastman, in collaboration with the Korean architectural firm Hanwon Forum Design Group, was commissioned by Kumkang Housing Company to create a landmark mixed-use office complex in Anyang City in an industrial neighborhood 16 kilometers south of Seoul’s city center. Read more

April 25, Charlotte, USA

The Vue’s new owner has started foreclosure proceedings on the luxury residential high-rise in uptown, according to court documents filed in late April. New York-based Northwood Investors paid about US$100 million to take control of the complex in early April, according to Real Estate Alert, a trade publication. Read more

April 25, Dubai

Dubai's sluggish commercial real estate market is getting international attention of sorts as Emaar Properties, the emirate's largest developer, prepares to launch an online auction for its two-year-old, 3.3 million-square foot Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower at 163 stories. Read more

April 25, Melbourne

In 1876, the Yorkshire Brewery Tower in Collingwood was a jewel in the city's crown. For a decade it was the city's tallest building, a symbol of the ''marvelous'' boom-town era. Today Melbourne's skyline is increasingly punctuated with slender skyscrapers vying for new heights. Read more

April 24, Fresno, USA

The owner of what is probably Fresno's most prominent skyscraper now owns the city's first skyscraper as well. Beverly Hills-based developer Sevak Khatchadourian announced that he and his brother bought the 10-story Helm building in the center of Fulton Mall. Read more

April 23, Chicago

A joint venture of locally based GlenStar Properties LLC and USAA Real Estate Co. has purchased the Chicago Board of Trade buildings downtown, totaling 1.3 million square feet, from CME Group for US$151.5 million. The seller had hoped to get up to US$210 million for the building at 141 W. Jackson, which has a north and south tower. Read more

April 23, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

Tamouh has completed the handover of 3,000 residential units at its Marina Square development on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. Marina Square is currently home to around 500 families. All facilities will be open by 2013, while basic amenities such as a supermarket and bank are due to open in the next few months. Read more

April 23, New York

Nearly a half century after much of Park Avenue's high-end corridor of office buildings were built, developer L&L Holding is advancing plans for a new tower. The developer is aiming to create an iconic, eye-catching building in the place of a 1950s boxy tower at 425 Park Ave. Read more

April 23, Turkey

Areas that feature historical structures are the main focus of many of Turkey’s current urban transformation projects. Often, these projects are criticized on the grounds that they deface the historic atmosphere of the city. City officials argue that the urban transformation projects are sensitive to the historical environment. Read more

April 23, Cambridge, USA

The ad that describes Sullivan Courthouse says the building is “an exciting and rare opportunity for private investment.” It’s a state-owned high-rise building for sale in East Cambridge, boasting “unimpeded views” of the Charles River, an easy walk to Kendall Square, and “notable” proximity to historic Bulfinch Square. Read more

April 21, London

Plans to turn the vacant King's Reach Tower into one of the biggest advertisement hoardings London has ever seen have been rejected by Southwark Council. The former IPC Media building is currently unoccupied with work due to start this year to convert much of the tower into luxury flats. Read more

April 20, Panama City

A second gas explosion in a new high-rise building on Avenida Balboa has injured four people, Newsroom Panama reports. A previous gas explosion after the installation of a water heater in January killed a technician. The resident of the apartment was also injured, and the building was evacuated for more than two weeks. Read more

April 20,Seattle

Seattle’s Space Needle is celebrating its 50th anniversary on April 21. Created as the centerpiece of the 1962 space-themed Worlds Fair, the 605-foot-tall Space Needle has been described as looking like “a UFO on stilts” and was for many years the tallest tower west of the Mississippi River. Read more

April 20, Chongqing, China

Skyscrapers around China are competing in height despite a gloomy picture for property markets across the country, China Daily reports. Chongqing, one of China's four municipalities, launched the Commercial Cluster of Chongqing Tiandi on Wednesday, with the tallest building in the compound reaching 468 meters. Read more

April 19, Manchester, UK

The construction of the Stephen Hodder-designed skyscraper Student Castle in Manchester reached a milestone on Wednesday with a “topping out” ceremony. The ceremony marks completion of the concrete frame on the 106-meter high building that will become the fourth tallest in the city when it completes in August. Read more

April 19, Jakarta

The Jakarta Disaster Mitigation Agency will hold earthquake response training sessions for 700 building owners or operators. Most of the skyscrapers in Jakarta do not have sufficient standards for handling as earthquake disaster, according to this report. Read more

April 19, Melbourne

A 71-story tower with 592 apartments and 566 car parking spaces at the site of the Queensbridge Hotel, Southbank has been approved by the regional planning minister. It’s a AU$275 million Bates Smart-designed high-rise tower that at 276 meters high will be Melbourne's second-tallest building. Read more

April 18, Moscow

Ten people were injured and one killed when a multi-story building being built in the south of Moscow collapsed Tuesday. The six-floor building collapsed as workers were carrying out construction at about 1:30 a.m. All that remains of the building is a tangle of concrete, rebar, and finger-like columns that protrude from the rubble. Read more

April 18, Austin, USA

More high-rises could be headed to downtown Austin's southeastern edge, with two towers envisioned in the Rainey Street area that each could reach as tall as 50 stories. The development would continue the transformation of the area where a new nightlife scene has emerged with the addition of numerous bars and restaurants. Read more

April 18, Tokyo

The operator of the world's tallest communications tower in Tokyo will survive the strong earthquakes that regularly shake Japan. "When an earthquake hits, the central concrete pillar and the outer structure of steel pipes sway in opposite directions because of the difference in weights," said spokesman Sho Toyoshima. Read more

April 18, Vancouver

For 100 years the seven-story Lee building at the corner of Main and Broadway has been the tallest building in Mount Pleasant. But recently the Vancouver council approved a 19-story tower development across the street that will include 241 condominiums and street-level commercial space. Read more

April 18, San Diego

UC San Diego researchers simulated the magnitude 6.7 Northridge earthquake on Tuesday, shaking a custom-designed five-story structure. The test was part of an ambitious effort to understand how seismic shaking affects non-structural objects inside buildings, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Read more

April 18, Shanghai

Exclusive: New photos from the Shanghai Tower construction site show the form of the tower starting to take shape, with the floor slabs reaching 200 meters. Construction on the core has reached 250 meters, according to representatives of Gensler, the design architect. Read more

April 16, Jeddah

Jeddah's Kingdom Tower, set to become the world’s tallest building, will be completed midway through 2017, according to the chairman of the developer. In a statement today, Kingdom Holding's HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal said that the one-kilometer high skyscraper would be finished “in 63 months.” Read more

April 16, Edmonton

Local architect Gene Dub is proposing a 26-story tower with curved, individualized blocks for a triangular piece of land in Edmonton’s river valley. Dub has yet to go before City Council with his unique design, but he's hoping to start building by the summer of 2013. Read more

April 16, Brussels

The European Commission’s plans to build several new skyscrapers in the area known as the EU Quarter have drawn protests from local residents. The towers will cast long shadows that will block the sun from reaching area parks and green areas, they say. Read more

April 13, Yiwu, China

Swanke Hayden Connell Architects has unveiled their scheme designs for the World Trade Centre paid competition project in Yiwu City, Central Eastern China, World Architecture News reports. The 462,750-square meter project consists of four towers, with the tallest reaching 62-stories. Read more

April 12, Hong Kong

For someone who describes himself as “a lefty do-gooder” who has avoided “doing rich guys’ houses” all his life, Frank Gehry sure has changed his spots, Bloomberg News suggests. He has lent his name to Opus Hong Kong, the most expensive piece of residential real estate ever built in the city. Read more

April 12, Vancouver

Bjarke Ingels Group is moving into North America in a big way (excuse the pun). In addition to a 600-unit residential project in New York, BIG has designed a 49-story, cantilevering tower on a difficult site in Vancouver, which could develop as a new icon for the fast-growing city. Read more

April 12, Doha

“Spiderman” Alain Robert reportedly set a Guinness World Record for climbing the 300-meter high Aspire Tower in Doha in the fastest time, unassisted. The Frenchman completed the impressive feat in 1 hour, 33 minutes and 47 seconds, as thousands of spectators watched. Read more

April 12, Liverpool

Liverpool’s tallest building is up for sale for GBP12.5 million--just 40 percent of what it was worth when it was built, the Liverpool Echo reports. West Tower was developed by Beetham, the Liverpool firm that changed the face of many British cities, but was hit hard by the property crash. Read more

April 12, Baku

There are still few signs of activity, but Azerbaijan officials continue to promote the idea of building the world’s tallest tower. Tentatively named Azerbaijan Tower, the planned 1,050 meter structure will dwarf Dubai's Burj Khalifa, and surpass the planned one-kilometer tall Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. Read more

April 12, Houston

Trammel Crow is planning to build a 20-story office development in Houston’s Energy Corridor, potentially adding 1.5 million square feet of space to this part of west Houston. The first phase, designed by the Kirksey architecture firm, is expected to break ground this fall. Read more

April 12

Jonathan Miller, president of appraisal firm Miller Samuel, offers New York Magazine a detailed look at exactly how height affects pricing. He chose 301 West 57th Street as an example and started with a pair of recent sales to see how the market values floor differentials. Read more

April 12, New York City

A CBS reporter bravely took a tour of the top of the One World Trade Center construction site, 100 stories above Manhattan. The video provides a glimpse in to the life of iron workers constructing what will be the tallest building in North America. Read more

April 11, Charlotte, USA

The developer of a high-rise condo-hotel-restaurant project is celebrating the topping off of the 22-story building. Small Brothers Charlotte LLC, developer of the tower now known as the Skye, also announced a new completion timeline, targeting the second quarter of 2013. Read more

April 11, London

The London Borough of Paddington will offer its own addition to London’s expanding skyline with One Merchant Square, which is commonly known as “the Cucumber.” The gourd-shaped building is the tallest and only tower included in Westminster Council Borough's plan. Read more

April 11

Place is more than just a location on a map, the Urban Land Institute’s Edward T. McMahon argues. Community distinctiveness is a “critical but often neglected asset,” as important as any other economic asset for a neighborhood’s long term success, he writes in a recent column. Read more

April 9, Lexington, USA

Lexington’s first skyscraper, built in 1914, will be transformed into a boutique hotel, a local TV station reports. Lexington Mayor Jim Gray calls it a “game changer” for downtown. The old First National Bank building will now be known as the fourth 21c Museum Hotel. Read more

April 9, Bahrain

The owner of Bahrain's delayed USD650 million Villamar project has signed a deal with Mace to restart construction work, the company said Sunday. The U.K.-based consultancy will manage the construction and delivery of the Villamar project and is expected to resume construction soon. Read more

April 9, Melbourne

A sculpted glass skyscraper planned for the corner of Queen and Bourke Streets will be Melbourne's second tallest residential tower once it is built, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The proposed 65-level, 207-meter, sheer-glass building will contain retail space, offices and 555 apartments. Read more

April 9, Hyderabad, India

Government officials have earmarked “Skyscraper Zones” in different circles of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. The minimum height of buildings permissible in the Skyscraper Zones is 36 meters and above, and the minimum width of approach road should be 24 meters. Read more

April 9, Auckland

A plan to build a high-rise apartment, office, shopping and public car park complex in Takapuna has shrunk from a 30-story to a 20-story building, the New Zealand Herald reports. The market could not support the bigger project, according to the developer. Read more

April 6, Caracas

The 17-story-tall, white-tiled mausoleum being built to hold the remains of the national hero Simón Bolívar looks to many people like the world’s biggest skateboard ramp, the New York Times reports. To others, it evokes a parking garage, a shopping mall, a bridal veil, a sailing ship or a drive-in movie screen. Read more

April 6

Researchers in Germany say they have developed a wallpaper that will prevent walls from crumbling during an earthquake. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology's Institute of Solid Construction and Construction Material Technology and chemical company Bayer plan to market the system later this year. Read more

April 6

Americans are moving closer to urban centers, a new study by USA Today suggests. Almost three years after the official end of a recession, people continue to avoid counties on the farthest edge of metropolitan areas, according to the paper’s research. Read more

April 6, Louisville

Postmodern towers fell into “disrepute,” as critics mocked the hodgepodge of tossed together historical elements in many projects. But Chicago Tribune critic Blair Kamin argues that Michael Graves’ Humana Building in Louisville deserves a second look. Read more

April 6, Bangalore

In a switch in policy, the government of Bangalore has announced a plan to grow the city vertically instead of horizontally. It is crucial for the city to grow taller to accommodate the rapidly expanding population, proponents say. Buildings are typically 10 to 15 stories in the city. Read more

April 6, Pittsburgh

An office and hotel tower complex proposed for central Pittsburgh will block sunlight to Market Square and its size is out of proportion for the area, critics charge. Plans for the Gardens at Market Square call for two towers, with the tallest reaching 18 stories. Read more

April 4, Nanning, China

Swanke Hayden Connell Architects’ design for the Nanning Wuxiang Headquarters in Southern China aims to create a “Garden City,” according to coverage in WAN. The project consists of a two-tower, mixed-use office, residential and retail scheme commissioned by Nanning Wuxiang New Zone Construction & Investments. Read more

April 4, New York

The new World Trade Center tower, also known as Freedom Tower, has reached 100 stories. When One World Trade Center is finished next year it will take the title of tallest building in the United States, moving past the Willis Tower in Chicago (formerly the Sears Tower). Read more

April 4, London

Sir Robert McAlpine and U.S. partner B. L. Harbert have won the contract to build the new U.S. embassy in London, which should become one of the city’s new architectural icons. Work is expected to start on the embassy, which will be located near Battersea Power Station, in 2013. Read more

April 4, New York

Three residential towers are in the designing stage for a formerly undesirable space surrounding New York’s High Line Park, reports. The tallest of the three buildings by Avinash K. Malhotra Architects will rise to 25 stories and include 140 apartments. Read more

April 4, Yanjiao, China

Many projects in China’s building boom are attracting international praise for their groundbreaking designs. But others are described as weird and eyesores, notes USA Today. The most exotic, eye-catching architecture in one suburb is a hotel fronted by the ten-story figures of three bearded Chinese gods. Read more

April 3, Moscow

The top of one of the Federation Tower buildings under construction in Moscow was engulfed in flames Monday night, creating a dramatic and scary spectacle visible for miles. No one was hurt in the fire, which happened at 250 meters above ground level. Read more

April 2, London

A High Court judge has paved the way for the building of a 31-story skyscraper in southeast London which is to be called The Quill. The 100-meter-tall tower will be shaped like a quill pen at the corner of Weston Street and St. Thomas Street in Southwark. Read more

April 2, Chengdu, China

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has announced plans to build one of its luxury hotels in Chengdu's Jinjiang District, marking the second time local media has announced plans for a "six-star hotel" in the city. At 333 meters, the building will be Chengdu's tallest skyscraper and serve as a landmark for the district. Read more

April 2, Vancouver

The construction process for three major office towers in downtown Vancouver is now underway. Among the new projects is Telus's 22-story office tower, part of the company's $750-million redevelopment of the entire city block bounded by Robson, Georgia, Seymour and Richards streets, to be called Telus Garden. Read more

April 2, Shanghai

For more than a decade, China has been a front-runner in the world’s skyscraper race. Now the country is taking the pole position in digging “groundscrapers.” The construction of a high-end hotel at the foot of Shanghai’s Tianma Mountain in a 100-meter-deep pit has broken ground. It is expected to extend 19 stories into the bottom of the pit. Read more

April 2, London

The highest part of what will become Europe's tallest building has been lifted into place in London. The Shard, near to London Bridge in Southwark, now reaches 310 meters high. The final piece of steel – a spire weighing about 500 tons which is 66 meters tall – was craned into place at the top of the building. Read more

March 30, Kansas City

The landmark Kansas City Power & Light Building is on the market for the first time in almost 50 years. The 30-story limestone office tower capped by its iconic six-story lantern designed to mimic a sunburst radiating energy has been one of the nation’s finest examples of art deco architecture since it opened in 1931. Read more

March 30, Mumbai

Mumbai’s skyline is now dominated by twin towers that, at slightly more than 252 meters each, are the tallest structures in India and one of its most unusual developments. Known as the Imperial, the residential skyscrapers of 60 stories each are a luxury project 10 years in the making. Read more

March 30, New York

A future of wind turbine-topped buildings got a boost recently when the New York City Department of City Planning included a provision for wind towers of up to 55 feet in height in its proposed “Zone Green” amendment to the city’s zoning code, currently under public review. Read more

March 30, Los Angeles

With tourism on the rise in downtown Los Angeles, construction is set to begin on a Marriott hotel complex that has even bigger aspirations than when it was announced almost a year ago. The 23-story tower will house a 174-room Courtyard by Marriott and a 218-room Residence Inn by Marriott under one roof when it opens in summer 2014. Read more

March 30

The Atlantic Cities focuses on skybridges and the movement toward creating urban spaces in the sky in an interview with CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood. The article takes an in-depth look at the opportunities and challenges of connecting towers dozens of stories above the ground. Read more

March 28, Los Angeles

Positive results from the first of four large-scale tests of reinforced-concrete link beams with embedded structural steel sections have further opened the door to more-constructible concrete towers in highly seismic zones. Link beams have long been a trouble spot for builders, ENR reports. Read more.

March 28, Vancouver

A 47-story tower is planned for the Vancouver suburb of Surrey. At one point the mayor was talking about an 800-meter tower, but the new concept is a more modest 155 meters, according to local media reports. The tower will be a mix of hotel, residential and office space. Read more.

March 28, New Jersey

The Fort Lee Planning Board voted unanimously Monday to give final approval to the first phase of a massive USD1 billion downtown redevelopment project, clearing the way for the construction of the tallest buildings in Bergen County. The first phase will include two 47-story residential towers. Read more.

March 28, Paris

A Paris apartment tower has become a model for renovation, suggests New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman. The tower, set amid a “landscape of decaying cement-and-brick housing blocks,” may provide useful lessons for aging housing projects around the world, he writes. Read more.

March 28, Saudi Arabia

Otis Elevator has won six contracts to supply and install 263 elevators to different buildings in the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh. The KAFD is promoted as “the world’s first newly developed major financial district of the 21st century.” Read more.

March 28, U.S.

The hit TV show “Mad Men” is all about style. And that means architecture style, as well as the ‘60s furniture and Marilyn Monroe-inspired dresses. Atlantic Cities looks at the buildings of the Mad Men era, which were inspired by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and his Bauhaus counterparts. Read more.

March 26, Venice

Venice has approved a 60-story tower designed and funded by fashion designer Pierre Cardin, which will transform its skyline, BD reports. Palais Lumiere will be the centerpiece of a vast project to build a new suburb on reclaimed land north of the historic city. Read more.

March 26, Tel Aviv

Azrieli Group controlling shareholder David Azrieli laid the foundation stone Sunday for the Sarona Center, a single, 200-meter, 50-story building in Tel Aviv’s nascent southern Kirya business district. Azrieli Sarona will become Israel’s largest office tower upon its scheduled completion in 2016. Read more.

March 26, Seattle

The public will get its first taste of the Amazon HQ vision at a meeting with city planners next week. Paperwork filed with the Seattle Design Review Board show a three-block complex of 37-story office towers, doubling Amazon’s current office space. Read more.

March 26, Jakarta

A French free-climber known as “spiderman” has climbed one of Jakarta's tallest buildings today but not in his usual style. Alain Robert scaled the 50-story Bakrie Tower using suction cups and a safety harness after authorities banned him from climbing with his bare hands. Read more.

March 26, New York

New York University’s latest proposal to expand its Greenwich Village campus seeks to add some 2.5 million square feet of new construction to the two superblocks the university owns below Washington Square Park, the New York Times reports. Read more.

March 26, Mumbai

Shreeparti Gardens located at Parel, Mumbai could be tallest residential tower in Mumbai. These unusual towers are about 400 meter high which consist of 4.8 million square-foot-area. The distinct silhouette of the structure will be highly identifiable in its urban environment. Read more.

March 23, Austin

Developer Trammel Crow is planning to build high-rise apartment complexes, an office tower, a hotel and retail space on the site of an old water treatment plant. That's the updated vision that was laid out for Austin City Council members on Thursday, as the USD500 million project is poised to break ground this year. Read more.

March 23, Seattle

Seattle’s first skyscraper has a new owner. The Smith Tower in downtown Seattle was sold at auction Friday morning for USD37 million. The 42-story tall tower was built in 1914 and was once the tallest building west of the Mississippi, but has hit hard times in recent years. Read more.

March 23, Zaozhuang, China

Niu Chuangen and Zhang Zhongyun dared to stand in the way of a local property developer in Zaozhuang, in the Shandong Province of China. Encircled by a growing forest of high-rise tower blocks, the couple's home has become an isolated island of dirt – cut off from water and electricity for almost four years. Read more.

March 23, Cleveland

A downtown Cleveland office tower could become 223 apartments, eliminating a huge vacancy in the central business district and meeting strong demand for new living space. The K&D Group of Willoughby recently signed a contract to buy the East Ohio Building, a 21-story building at East Ninth Street and Superior Avenue. Read more.

March 23, London

A panel debate during Ecobuild entitled, “How Green is Tall?” attracted a crowd of about 300 people eager to hear the different perspectives, The Architect's Journal reports. Not surprisingly the result was a lively exchange, reflecting the diverse viewpoints. Read more.

March 23, Berkeley, USA

After hundreds of meetings, seven years of contentious debate and a ballot referendum, the Berkeley City Council on Tuesday night adopted a new plan for its downtown. The plan may bring as many as seven tall buildings to the downtown area of the counter-culture icon. Read more.

March 22, Toronto

The Toronto Star spotlights Aura, which will be the tallest residential building in Canada. The reporter consulted with the CTBUH to put the 78-story tower in context of the global trend toward building taller residential towers, instead of office buildings. Read more.

March 22, Brooklyn

Community groups in Brooklyn are getting their first opportunity to review plans to build two towers, including one 65-stories tall, on the famous Flatbush Ave. The Downtown City Point retail complex, planned for the site of a former shopping mall, is described as “long-stalled” by the local press. Read more.

March 21, Davao City, Philippines

The FTC Group of Companies in Davao City has allocated P2.5 billion for the construction of its high-rise, state-of-the art mixed-use condominium in Davao City. The groundbreaking for the 35-story Aeon Towers is slated for December 2012. Read more.

March 21, Toronto

What does a 75-story flophouse look like? According to some, we won’t have to wait long to find out. As residential towers in Toronto grow ever taller, and living units smaller, the prospect of a new sort of slum tower looms ever larger, one columnist suggests. Read more.

March 21, Dubai

Cayan Real Estate Investment and Development, the developer of the Infinity Tower in Dubai Marina, has set an October 12 deadline for completion of the project. The building, which twists 90 degrees through its 72 above-ground floors, was initially slated for completion in 2008 but suffered extended delays. Read more.

March 21, Atlantic City

Revel breaks all the old casino rules. The smoke-free resort, due to open April 2, embraces the ocean rather than turning its back on it. Part of a 47-story tower, the second-tallest in New Jersey at 710 feet, Revel is already an iconic presence in the nation's second-largest gambling market. Read more.

March 21, Oklahoma City

Friday is a milestone day for downtown Oklahoma City. Devon employees are now moving into the Devon tower. Construction started in Oct, 2009, on the 50-story skyscraper, which has developed as something of a beacon for the city, with an attached glass rotunda. Read more.

March 19, Malmö, Sweden

Swedish housing cooperative HSB has announced that it plans to sell the Turning Torso skyscraper in Malmö, one of the city's most prominent landmarks and a symbol of its recent regeneration process. HSB has no plans to move from its head office in the tower and plans to maintain its base there. Read more.

March 19, New York

Construction on the Empire State Building started on March 17, 1930 – St. Patrick's Day, as requested by former New York Governor Al Smith. Lewis Wickes Hine's photography gives a glimpse of the daily lives of construction workers on what became the tallest building in the world. Read more.