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ANZ to anchor new skyscraper in Sydney       

Aug 27, Sydney

Movement of activity from the central business district to the western corridor is continuing, with construction of the latest office tower kicking off. Industry and business heavyweights, including ANZ Bank chairman John Morschel, developer Grocon's Daniel Grollo and GPT chief executive Michael Cameron, all donned hard hats to jointly turn the first sod of earth…more

New York: World Trade Center developer and Port Authority come to financing agreement       

Aug 27, New York

Even as the steel frame of a new skyscraper began taking shape in downtown Manhattan, developer Larry A. Silverstein and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey were entangled in a messy dispute over financing for three office buildings Silverstein plans to construct on the east side of the World Trade Center site…more

Peter Rees: The man who built the City of London       

Aug 27, London

In a country where planners rarely identify their role as anything more purposeful than that of development controller, Peter Rees has been a genuine maverick. Almost uniquely he sees his task as one of design and has proved spectacularly successful in promoting a particular vision of the City’s development…more

The 'new Dubai'? Libya open for business       

Aug 27, Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli, Libya's second largest, row after row of sand-colored concrete apartment blocks and villas are sprouting from the desert. Hundreds of kilometers away, construction cranes dot the Mediterranean skyline of the capital, Tripoli. The multibillion dollar construction frenzy taking place is the latest and most visible sign of Libya's drive for growth…more

KSP win Changsha Kai Fu Wanda Plaza Competition       

Aug 26, Changsha

KSP Jürgen Engel Architects have won a competition for a new mixed use building complex by one of China’s largest building developers, Dalian Wanda Group. The ‘Wanda Plaza’ project will be build in the six million inhabitants metropolis of Changsha. (original article in German)…more

Stockholm: Vision for a new era       

Aug 26, Stockholm

Stockholm is continuing to grow as a hub of the Baltic Sea region and the Capital region of the Nordic area. At least 15,000 new homes will have to be built over the next few years. The city of Stockholm is seeking to develop denser settlements with a distinct urban ambiance. One of the new neighborhoods is to be sited on Årstafältet in the south of Stockholm…more

Fosters Works Up Hangzhou Proposal       

Aug 26, Hangzhou

Foster + Partners has designed the new CITIC Bank headquarters to stand in Hangzhou's Qianjing central business district. Perhaps as a result of the modest height of only 99 meters and 20 stories, a size that means the building will not stand out on the skyline and will likely be quickly enveloped by surrounding taller projects, the design is a distinctive piece of work…more

SOM’s Mustafa Abadan Designs Sustainable Super-Tower for Seoul        

Aug 26, Seoul

Architectural powerhouse SOM revealed a new landmark tower designed by their resident architect Mustafa Abadan for the city of Seoul, Korea. A unique gesture in skyscraper design, not only is it a sleek spire shining brightly against the drab urban sprawl, but it also proposes a new approach to designing high-performance towers…more

The Challenge of Making Hamburg’s HafenCity Feel Neighborly       

Aug 26, Hamburg

Luxury apartments, star architects and a waterfront promenade; a five-star hotel, a university, plenty of residential and office space and excellent public transportation. Hamburg's HafenCity is one of the largest city center development projects, and it is an incredible undertaking. The jewel in the crown will be a brand new opera house designed by Herzog & de Meuron…more

LHPA design Sanjay Khan's vision for new satellite city outside Bangalore       

Aug 26, Bangalore

Inspired by a printed circuit board and Mandala symbolism, Skill City, a new satellite city outside Bangalore, is the vision of Bollywood movie legend Sanjay Khan. LHPA’s Master Plan and design for this 49 million sq ft sustainable Special Economic Zone (SEZ) encompasses a new technology campus, a 70-story office tower, golf course and residential community…more

New York: Unwelcome Neighbor for Empire State Building       

Aug 25, New York

New York City approved plans for a skyscraper near Pennsylvania Station that will rise to within 34 feet in height of the nearby Empire State Building, inserting a glassy challenger almost next door to what has been a defining element of the city’s skyline. The 47-to-1 City Council vote came after a fierce weeklong public relations and lobbying campaign…more

St Paul’s Tower, Sheffield Completes       

Aug 24, Sheffield

Conran and Partners designed City Lofts St Paul's Tower in Sheffield has been completed and is fit for habitation. At 101 meters tall, it's the tallest building in Sheffield by far with the main tower and its adjoining 12-storey cousin containing 316 apartments, 88 parking spaces, and about 2,000 square meters of ground floor retail space…more

ICE architects: DK2, Hanoi       

Aug 24, Hanoi

'DK2' is a proposal for luxury service apartments located next to the West Lake in Hanoi. Designed by ICE Architects the development consists serviced apartments, a clubhouse and commercial facilities. It is divided into two towers to operate individually. With the slenderness and height of the towers, the clubhouses work as structural bracing…more

King Kong 2.0 as Tower Topples NYC Skyline       

Aug 23, New York

The battle for New York City’s skyline came to the City Council. At least that is what it felt like as two august developers, Vornado and the Malkin family, squared off over the former’s 15 Penn Plaza and its relationship to the latter’s Empire State Building. Vornado’s proposal for a roughly 1,200-foot tower was the subject of a public hearing…more

BLC Headquarters, Beirut by Atelier Hapsitus       

Aug 23, Beirut

Lebanon architects Atelier Hapsitus’s proposed design for the new headquarters of the BLC bank in Beirut would cantilever over the existing building.The existing BLC headquarters would be renovated and connect with the new building at basement level. The gateway form of the new BLC headquarters would allow the existing building to retain its views…more

Rooftop turbines draw attention to this new mixed-use high-rise in Portland       

Aug 23, Portland

Twelve West is best known in the neighborhood for its four rooftop wind turbines but, as developer Dennis Wilde of Gerding Edlen Development points out, those “are just a bit of frosting.” The more meaningful green strategy of this building is not so easy to see. That’s partly because it’s hidden inside the walls and systems…more

Mastodon Mobile Skyscraper is a Pop Up Disaster Relief Shelter        

Aug 23

We’ve seen our share of smart disaster relief shelters before, but none that ever featured a mobile skyscraper. Dubbed the Transient Response System (TRS-1), this innovative design by architecture students Adrian Ariosa and Doy Laufer at SCI-Arc  in Los Angeles is a deployable architectural base…more

Richard Meier's Model Museum, Long Island City       

Aug 23, Long Island City

Richard Meier's Model Museum in Long Island City, is a small gallery devoted to the architect's ongoing love of the physical process of architecture. Rather than offload the creative output of his model-making studio the architect has created this small private museum for a whirlwind tour of his oeuvre in miniature…more

New York: Workac, Plug Out       

Aug 23, New York

'Plug Out' by American firm WorkAC is a proposal that was commissioned by New York’s downtown alliance to generate ideas for an underused site in lower Manhattan. WorkAC proposed a series of experimental new housing typologies, stacked in a 45-story building. Each housing type is expressed as an independent section, rotated around the building’s core…more

A Look At Wood Wharfs Tallest       

Aug 23, Wood Wharf, London

Leading architecture firm Pelli Clarke Pelli has penned a new skyscraper and low-rise podium to stand on plots W02 and W03 of Wood Wharf in east London by combining them into one monster development. It's been designed as one of the two projects that will start the sprawling Wood Wharf masterplan…more

Leeds Lumiere skyscraper firm seeks liquidation       

Aug 22, Leeds

Investors who put money into a major development will soon be able to claim their cash back after the firm behind it confirmed plans to seek liquidation. The £225m Lumiere scheme in Leeds, which would have included one of Europe's tallest residential buildings, was put on hold in 2008…more

New York’s Beekman Tower       

Aug 20, New York

The dramatic steel of Frank Gehry's Beekman Tower makes it one of the flashiest skyscrapers on the Lower Manhattan skyline. Paul Goldberger, the architecture critic for The New Yorker and a professor of design at the New School, joined WNYC's Richard Hake to talk about the building…more

Point Supreme Architect: Piraeus Tower       

Aug 20, Piraeus, Greece

For their proposal of the new Piraeus Tower Greek based firm Point Supreme Architects created an 'iconic building' which capitalizes on its strategic positioning. Facing the sea, the city, mountains and the acropolis, it absorbs the latent intelligence, dynamics and orientation of the location and projects this information onto its four sides…more

Chicago: Developing Stories       

Aug 20, Chicago

Chicago's downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods have seen a renaissance in design-driven development. Three developers on what has been instrumental in that growth about their business philosophies, the downturn, and their predictions for the future. Magellan Development Group; CMK Companies; and Friedman Properties…more

Foster and Koolhaas unveil rival schemes for Hong Kong cultural district       

Aug 20, Hong Kong

OMA and Foster & Partners have revealed images and details of their conceptual masterplans for a major new £1.8 billion (HK$21.6 billion) arts district in Hong Kong. The practices, together with Hong Kong-based practice Rocco Design, are competing in a 40ha competition to create the West Kowloon Cultural District on a waterfront site facing the city’s Victoria Harbour…more

Shiv Sena wants Mumbai to stop soaring for a while       

Aug 20, Mumbai

The city unit of the Shiv Sena, has raised an interesting issue with the state government, of checking the boom in high-rise buildings. The Sena rules the civic body, the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). BMC Committee chairman Rahul Shewale, has asked to stop approvals for high-rises, in view of the burgeoning population of the metropolis…more

Green Light For New High-rise Brum Hotel in Birmingham       

Aug 19, Birmingham

D5 Architects has worked up this scheme in Birmingham to stand on 121 Suffolk Street Queensway for property company New Manor Developments who have substantial ongoing interests in the constantly evolving Jewellery Quarter of the city. The £75 million scheme features a 25-story tower with a height of approximately 82 meters…more

Calgary: Netting urged for construction sites       

Aug 18, Calgary

An industry safety committee has come up with a series of recommendations to stop objects from falling off Calgary's highrise construction sites. One of the recommendations is to shroud buildings under construction with netting. Netting could cover any surface area…more

Incheon Tower Offers New Angles       

Aug 18, Incheon

As one of the fastest growing urban areas in Asia, the Korean city of Incheon has seen skyscraper after skyscraper but these new plans for a relatively modest building of 115 meters in height promise to throw a new angle on tall building design. The scheme, the Songdo I-Tower, is being built on zone E1, Site 1…more

Top 10 world's tallest freestanding towers       

Aug 18

When it comes to ranking the world's tallest structures, freestanding towers have a long and proud history of displacing skyscrapers as the loftiest construction projects on earth. It was Moscow's Ostankino Tower that finally snatched the Empire State Building's title as world's tallest structure when it was completed in 1967…more

Futuristic Vertical City Holds Plug-In Hexagonal Housing       

Aug 18, Malaysia

Wei’s Plug-in Dwelling Development was inspired by Le Corbusier’s theory — “a house is a machine for living.” The project essentially rotates a sprawling community into a vertical orientation. The city puts down the initial costs and retains ownership of the primary structure…more

St. Petersburg: Axing of Russian cultural watchdog not decided       

Aug 18, St. Petersburg

Russia's president has not taken any decision on scrapping the government's cultural watchdog, which opposes the construction of a 403-meter skyscraper in historic St. Petersburg's city center. The government said that while the issue had been discussed, no decision had yet been taken…more

London: Take Two For Edward Woods Estate       

Aug 18, London

As part of the refreshing of some of Hammersmith and Fulham's dated post-war housing stock, refurbishment work is beginning on the Edward Woods Estate in west London. The three 75 meter tall tower blocks, Poynter House, Norland House and Stebbing House were built in 1967…more

New York: Defending the Empire: The Campaign Against the Giant Neighbor to the West       

Aug 17, New York

Spring 2010, Anthony Malkin, president of Malkin Properties and an owner of the Empire State Building, started paying attention to an office tower planned by Vornado Realty Trust. The giant office landlord was seeking approvals to build a tower up to 1,216 feet high two blocks to his building's west…more

Hong Kong: A purple, smog-eating skyscraper       

Aug 17, Hong Kong

Minimal environmental impact is all the rage, but two Hong Kong-based designers say that even no-impact structures are insufficient. Skyscrapers could and should actively clean up the air, they say. "Indigo Tower" envisioned for Qingdao, China, a city with particularly bad air quality, would have a skin featuring a nano-coating of titanium dioxide…more

Beyond City Limits       

Aug 17

The 21st century will not be dominated by America or China, Brazil or India, but by the city. In an age that appears increasingly unmanageable, cities rather than states are becoming the islands of governance on which the future world order will be built. This new world is not -- and will not be -- one global village, so much as a network of different ones…more

Westfield's 1800 Larimer Office Tower Achieves LEED Platinum Certification       

Aug 17, Denver

1800 Larimer, the Denver Central Business District's first high-rise office in more than 25 years, has been awarded LEED Platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, Westfield Company, Inc. announced.  Completed in May 2010, 1800 Larimer ushers in a new class of technologically-advanced 21st Century corporate office towers…more

Dallas: Downtown's "green building" set for makeover       

Aug 17, Dallas

As Dallas’ tallest building celebrates its 25th birthday, the skyscraper is due for a makeover. And the owners of the 72-story Bank of America Plaza are talking with architects about renovation plans for the 1.9 million-square-foot office tower. The renovations – which would be the most significant overhaul since the building opened…more

Skyscraper Farm Recycles Garbage into Edible Crops       

Aug 17

Using trash to grow food isn't a new practice - composting, anyone? But Cypriot architect Luke Clayden's massive vertical bio-recycling plant  brings the idea to a new level. Called the Bio-Diversity Project, the concept is to collect biodegradable post-consumer packaging (a.k.a. trash) that has been pre-laced with seeds…more

New York: Empire State Building Goes Green, One Window at a Time       

Aug 16, New York

How does a Depression-era skyscraper go green? For the Empire State Building, which is in the middle of $550 million renovation that includes about $100 million in energy-efficient upgrades, all 6,514 windows must be replaced. And that’s no easy task. The greening of the iconic 79-year-old tower has become a platform for Anthony Malkin, to criticize…more

Tall stories cast long shadow on Sydney’s harbor       

Aug 16, Sydney

Six of the towers in the Barangaroo development would increase in height from the approved concept plan and the promenade would shrink to half its original width under the first formal plans lodged with the state government. Released shadow diagrams by Lend Lease reveal that morning shadows from the Barangaroo towers would reach over waterfront buildings…more

Skygate, Nabil Gholam architects, Beirut       

Aug 15, Beirut

Skygate is the Residential project designed by Lebanon-based architectural practice Nabil Gholam architects. The seducing aspect of Beirut’s juxtaposing architecture, of past and present, traditional and modern creativity sets the milieu for the Skygate development…more

Huaian Set For First Supertall Tower       

Aug 15, Huai'an

UDG are one of the many architecture firms in Shanghai that have been getting fat on the Chinese skyscraper boom. The latest of the projects that they have designed is the Yunrun International Tower, a 312 meter tall office building to stand in the Chinese city of Huai'an…more

New York: Battle of the Skyscrapers!       

Aug 13, New York

Count Tony Malkin is apparently not a fan of Steve Roth's planned tower in place of the Hotel Pennsylvania. In public testimony submitted to the City Planning Commission in June 2010, Mr. Malkin, president of Malkin Properties and an owner of the Empire State Building, subtly lashed out against the planned office tower…more

Featured category: skyscrapers       

Aug 13

Featured category: Browse stories about skyscrapers including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa by SOM; Architect Hans Hollein of Vienna has designed a high-rise office tower for Shenzhen, China; Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron have designed a apartment tower with overhanging floor plates and terraces for Beirut, Lebanon and many…more

Skyscraper Competition proposal by Hunia Tarek Tomoum       

Aug 13

Egyptian architect Hunia Tarek Tomoum proposed a three-dimensional structural mesh of variable size tetrahedrons where two different grids overlap to allow diverse programs and circulations. The building consists of a series of large pockets or community hubs with public amenities…more

Las Vegas: Lighting designers favor form over flash for City Center’s diverse set of buildings       

Aug 13, Las Vegas

There are few urban environments where the lighting is as brash and in-your-face as the Las Vegas Strip. Getting a building noticed amid the area’s flashing neon lights and digital screens without shouting just as loud would seem almost impossible. But that is what the lighting designers set out to do at CityCenter…more

Chicago’s Inland Steel Building Walking Tour       

Aug 13, Chicago

As the first skyscraper built within the Loop after World War II, the Inland Steel Building became an instant symbol of Chicago’s prominence as a modern American city in the 20th century. Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in 1958, Inland Steel uses the most modern and cutting edge materials and designs. Explore this iconic modern masterpiece…more

Yard-Scraper Seeks to Change the Face of Brooklyn Sustainably        

Aug 13, Brooklyn

Brooklyn is well known for its magnificent brownstones and tree lined streets, and compared to its Manhattan counterpart, it tends to stick with lower-height buildings. But a group of architects see something very different for this borough’s future. The Brooklyn Yard-Scraper is a new mixed-use, super-sustainable redevelopment proposal…more

Cheungvogl: Sheik Zayed Library, Dubai Seven       

Aug 13, Dubai

The City of Dubai presents itself as a collage of amalgamated large-scale developments. Vigorously convincing the world of how to build forms conveying technological power and growth, today, the challenge for the quickly developing metropolis, is to balance the rapid development to a more considered and grounded city…more

Small Texan Town To Get 39 Floor Tower       

Aug 12, South Padre, Texas

South Padre Island in Texas is basically a thin strip of land only three blocks wide that runs for several miles and features dozens of mid-rise towers along its beach, something that could soon be added to if a new 39 floor building goes ahead. The new tallest called Kirana is basically utilitarian in its look with function clearly defining form…more

Millionaires Get Slum Neighbors in Space-Challenged Mumbai       

Aug 12, Mumbai

Developers in Mumbai are putting up luxury high-rise condos for millionaires in former slums and re-housing displaced residents on the same properties. The 60-story twin-tower Imperial, with apartments costing as much as $14 million, was built on the narrow lanes cluttered with tin sheds that once housed 10,000 slum residents…more

Dubai’s Park Gate is a Solar-Powered Desert Oasis       

Aug 12, Dubai

Park Gate is composed of six curving towers covered in a solar-powered canopy, with hanging gardens and reflecting pools below which act as thermal sinks. Inspired by the Middle East’s ancient and modern souks, Park Gate will serve as a place to rest, socialize and do business in the heart of Dubai…more

World's biggest clock begins ticking in Mecca       

Aug 11, Jeddah

A giant clock on a skyscraper in Islam's holiest city Mecca began ticking at the start of the fasting month of Ramadan, amid hopes by Saudi Arabia it will become the Muslim world's official timekeeper. The Mecca Clock, which Riyadh says is the world's largest, has four faces measuring 43 meters in diameter…more

Los Angeles: New plan for Century Plaza hotel adds two 46-story towers       

Aug 11, Los Angeles

After backing down from a contentious proposal to demolish the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza hotel, the owner has unveiled plans to construct a high-rise real estate development next to the Space Age landmark that would transform the tenor of Century City's streets and dramatically alter the skyline…more

Government watchdog criticizes plans for London’s Kapoor's Olympic tower overlooking Hackney       

Aug 10,  Hackney

Designs for a multi-million pound Olympic sculpture taller than the Statue of Liberty and set to overlook the east of Hackney should go back to the drawing board, according to a government watchdog. A review by CABE has found that Anish Kapoor's £19.1million Arcelor Mittal Orbit has a long way to go…more

Couture To Dress Up Toronto Skyline       

Aug 10, Toronto

Developed in a joint venture by Monarch and the Philmor Group, the new high-rise condo will be 131 meters tall with 43 floors overlooking Bloor Street and Jarvis Street at 105 George Street. Employing two blocks of apartments set perpendicular from the central core for its body, and thus allowing the maximum amount of double aspect views for each apartment…more

A Caution on Hong Kong Envy       

Aug 10, Hong Kong

Despite the impulse to marvel at Hong Kong’s sophisticated planning for and investment in infrastructure and urban density, might people there welcome some New York-style urbanism? This article recaps two conferences that suggest that New York’s mechanisms for community input on development projects…more

One of New York’s Tallest Residential Gets Arab Kick-Start       

Aug 10, New York

What could become the tallest residential tower in New York looks like it is finally going to get underway after months of delays following the completion of the foundations. New York City has approved a work permit to allow contractors to start providing the building services for the tower, the strongest indication yet that construction will be beginning again…more

Croydon: Work finally set to start on skyscraper       

Aug 10, Croydon

The long-awaited start of work on a 750-home town center development is expected in September 2010. The announcement from Berkeley Homes follows agreement from Croydon Council's strategic planning committee that changes can be made to the time-scale for providing affordable homes as part of the overall development…more

Mayor’s Office Rejects London’s Tidal Basin Towers       

Aug 9, London

Skidmore Owings and Merrill has hit a bump with their plans for two towers on Tidal Basin Road in the London Borough of Newham following criticism from the Mayor's office. The scheme is planned to contain 165 flats in the taller tower which will reach an AOD height of 77 meters,…more

Waikiki: The cooling wave       

Aug 9, Waikiki

Hotel owners in Waikiki are looking at the possibility of using cold sea water to air-condition their buildings in a move that could substantially cut electricity costs and help the tourism industry market the famed resort area as a green destination. The project, spearheaded by Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts, is in the planning stages…more

Chicago’s Roosevelt University building a glass tower of its own       

Aug 9, Chicago

It’s too short to be a “glass giant,” but it could be one of the finest new glass-sheathed towers on Chicago’s skyline. Designed by VOA Associates of Chicago and under construction, Roosevelt University’s 32-story academic and residential tower will rise to the north of the university’s home since 1947, Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler’s Auditorium Building…more

Architectural wonders can be a burden for businesses       

Aug 9, Dubai/Abu Dhabi

Melding the exotic forms of new buildings to everyday business function can be difficult but certainly not impossible. In less than a year, the United Arab Emirates has topped off some of the curviest and tallest structures on the planet. But are they practical for businesses wanting functional office space?…more

Seattle skyscrapers may start posting billboards       

Aug 9, Seattle

Seattle is considering a change to the sign code which would permit big, bright billboards on skyscrapers. It would allow big companies, leasing at least 200,000 square feet, to put a large sign on all four sides of a skyscraper. The City's Department of Planning and Development says the idea is "to retain and attract our large scale business owners and tenants."…more

New skyscraper planned for Manchester       

Aug 9, Manchester

Manchester City Council has granted planning permission for a 33-story residential tower in the city center. Developer Student Castle and its contractor partner Shepherd Construction will build the 520-bed high rise on Great Marlborough Street, which will be used for student accommodation…more

New York: Richard Cook on Sustainable Architecture       

Aug 9, New York

Paul Goldberger, The New Yorker’s architecture critic, spoke with Richard Cook, a partner in Cook+Fox Architects and the designer of the new Bank of America Tower, a Manhattan skyscraper, completed earlier 2010, that is the largest building to receive a LEED  Platinum certification…more

Reflective giants: Chicago's building boom       

Aug 8, Chicago

Chicago’s renowned skyline has long been about muscle, its towers as solid as a meat cutter at the old Stockyards. But now, with the decade-long building boom coming to a close, a little-noticed change has come into focus: A new family of skyscrapers, principally sheathed in light-catching glass and at least 50 stories tall…more

Planning for Dublin's future proving to be a tall order       

Aug 7, Dublin

Dublin city councilors and planners are at odds over the heights of buildings. But, well designed and in appropriate locations, tall buildings enhance the city. What kind of city do we want? That’s the question about Dublin City Council’s new development plan, and particularly the fears in some quarters that it could inaugurate an era of random high-rise schemes…more

Empire may yet rise in Brisbane       

Aug 7, Brisbane

A $500 million high-rise development in Brisbane's CBD that fell victim to the global credit crunch may be resurrected. Developer Metacap, now formally Metacap Empire Square, has sought a joint venture partner and has applied for an extension to the development approval for Empire Square on Elizabeth Street…more

Port Coquitlam: Highrise from Onni a first for Port Coquitlam       

Aug 7, Port Coquitlam, Canada

As the first highrise in Port Coquitlam's history, Shaughnessy on Lions Park is the latest invitation to the new-home shopper to experience urban residency in a local suburb. "It's an accepted lifestyle development, to have multi-family residences," says Beau Jarvis, vice-president of development for Onni…more

Audio slideshow: Rise of London’s Heron Tower       

Aug 6, London

The Heron Tower, with its distinctive mast crowning the three towers, or villages, was designed by KPF Associates. Paul Simovic, the Heron Tower project director at KPF, talks about the design process and highlights some of the unique features of London's latest skyscraper…more

Bell Atlantic Tower sold to Brandywine Realty Trust        

Aug 6, Philadelphia

Brandywine Realty Trust , a national, commercial real estate company, acquired one of Center City's most distinctive office buildings, the pink-tinged, 53-story high-rise known as the Bell Atlantic Tower, in a $129 million transaction. The company said the deal would bring to 3.9 million square feet the total commercial office space it owns in Philadelphia…more

Cabe still unconvinced by Barking redevelopment proposals       

Aug 6, London

Cabe has given a lukewarm reception to revised proposals by Jestico & Whiles and Glenn Howells Architects for the redevelopment of a former wharf and industrial site in Barking, east London. This is the third time the design watchdog has reviewed the proposals, which include a series of low-rise housing blocks as well as a tower…more

Everything You Need to Know About Green Building From Tetris       

Aug 6

The resulting image of an ironic game of Tetris being played with old Soviet-era housing blocks looks oddly familiar. Could it be that a lot of what we know about contemporary architecture can be learned from a game of Tetris? The benefits of modular block building are obvious…more

Tishman Celebrate Topping Out of Manhattan's Newest 60 Story Residential Skyscraper       

Aug 5, New York

Hundreds of construction workers, Related Companies' principals (owners of the building) and construction firm Tishman Construction Corporation celebrated the topping out of 440 West 42nd Street, as the final bucket of concrete was lifted to the roof, where it became part of the building's structure…more

Pittsburgh’s BNY Mellon Center getting fresh coat of paint        

Aug 5, Pittsburgh

It will take 3,000 gallons of paint, 2,500 gallons of primer, 150,000 gallons of water and a whole lot of time. Pittsburgh's second-tallest skyscraper is getting a new face. The exterior of BNY Mellon Center, all 54 floors, will be repainted, going from its current "weathered cedar" look to bronze, which will be its new color…more

Dubai: Sand castles in the sky       

Aug 4, Dubai

Architectural Record takes an in-depth look at the Burj Khalifa, the record-shattering, mixed-use Dubai skyscraper by Chicago architect Adrian Smith and his former colleagues of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Also featured: CityCenter, the massive Las Vegas project that includes two tilting condominium towers by Chicago's Helmut Jahn and his firm Murphy/Jahn…more

UK's largest planning application approved for Liverpool's Wirral Waters       

Aug 4, Liverpool

Wirral Planning Committee has granted permission for the UK’s largest planning application – the £4.5 billion Wirral Waters scheme in Liverpool. The application for outline planning permission for the 1.7 million sq m scheme was submitted by developer Peel Holdings and includes large projects by SOM, Glenn Howells, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris and HKR…more

Arch In Arch Planned In Beijing       

Aug 4, Beijing

Beijing already has one well known building in the form of Rem Koolhaas's looped CCTV skyscraper, but it could soon get another unique development. What makes this different is not only to construct a 400 meter tall building in the shape of an arch, but also a second shorter building, also an arch, that will be inside it and orientated at a 90 degree right angle…more

Desitecture: Vertical City, Venezuela       

Aug 4, Venezuela

'Vertical City' by British Architecture Collective Desitecture is a proposal situated on 23 De Enero Caracas, Venezuela - which was originally designed to become a mass housing block for residents to live and work in. When the Dictator President Jimenez was ousted masses of homeless and lower class citizens flooded into the tower…more

New Zealand: Clip-On Plant Room Adds Green Space to Apartment Buildings       

Aug 3, New Zealand

Most city apartments don't leave much extra space for gardening or sun rooms -- but what if you could add on an eco extension to your existing apartment? That's the idea behind the clip-on Plant Room, a design proposal from a Wellington, New Zealand design team for the 2009 Sustainable Habitat Challenge…more

Construction of Oklahoma tower reaches key point       

Aug 3, Oklahoma City

Construction on what will be the tallest building in Oklahoma has reached a key stage and soon will accelerate, a top official from Devon Energy Corp. said. Work began on the company's new $750 million headquarters building in October 2009 on a downtown site now dotted with four tower cranes rising hundreds of feet above the ground…more

Königsberger Vannucchi Architects: Augmented Reality Architecture, Brazil       

Aug 3, Vitória, Brazil

Fibrasa Connection is a new structure designed by Königsberger Vannucchi Architects that now holds the title of the largest augmented reality marker in the world. The soon to be completed building is located in Vitória, Brazil and uses augmented reality to allow possible buyers to see the final design before it is built…more

New York: Condé Nast to Move to Skyscraper at Ground Zero       

Aug 3, New York

Condé Nast, the publishing giant, has signed a tentative deal to move its stable of chic magazines to ground zero, where it will anchor the skyscraper under construction, according to two real estate executives who have been briefed on the negotiations. The 1,776-foot-tall skyscraper will be the tallest building in New York when it is completed in 2013…more

CMC launches high-rise to feed demand on Bangkok’s west side       

Aug 3, Bangkok

Bangkok’s listed developer Chaopraya Mahanakorn Group (CMC) has launched its new high-rise development Bangkok Horizon Phetkasem in response to a growing demand for condominiums on the west side of the city. The group’s chief executive officer said that the company conducted research on buyer demand in the Phetkasem Road area…more

Don-Stroi Agrees to Shorten Moscow High-Rise       

Aug 3, Moscow

Don-Stroi  will reduce the height of one of its high-rise building complexes by 21 meters to comply with Moscow authorities, the developer said. In June 2010, City Hall said it would require the developer to demolish eight or nine stories of Dom na Mosfilmovskoi, an apartment complex under construction in southwest Moscow…more

China's Real Estate Bubble Threatens to Burst       

Aug 3, China

After the US sub-prime crisis, China is seeing its own real estate bubble as a result of massive state stimulus programs. Many economists are warning it could burst soon. An interminable sawing, screeching, drilling and hammering rips through the oppressive summer heat and humidity in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin…more

Blackpool masterplan hangs in the balance despite boost for Tower       

Aug 3, Blackpool, UK

Kay Elliott Architects is working on a multimillion pound regeneration of Blackpool Tower while the future of RTKL’s £220m regeneration masterplan for the town itself hangs in the balance. Work on the tower has narrowly escaped the government’s austerity cuts, with £10 million committed from the Homes & Communities Agency and £7.9 million from the NWDA…more

Brooklyn’s New Domino edges closer to realization as proposed zoning change approved       

Aug 3, Brooklyn

Rafael Viñoly’s luck seems set to continue as the City Council of New York City has approved the proposed zoning change for the New Domino scheme, allowing the project to storm forward. Online critics have been consistently derisive in their reports on the masterplan for the former Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn, New York…more

Masdar City - Second Wind       

Aug 3, Masdar City

As master plans go, Masdar City was always larger than life. The AED80.8 billion project, with its ban on automobiles and carbon-neutral aspirations, was way ahead of its time when it was originally announced in 2006, and almost five years later there is yet to be another development that matches it in terms of both ambition and scale…more

SBF Tower by Hans Hollein in Shenzhen       

Aug 3, Shenzhen

Architect Hans Hollein of Vienna has designed this high-rise office tower for Shenzhen, China. Called SBF Tower, the 200 meter-tall building will have 42 stories. These will be divided into alternating zones, with six glazed stories that have identical floor plates followed by five plates with irregular plans forming terraces…more

Energy “Wind Lens” Turbines Could Boost Energy Generation 3X        

Aug 3

Forget about traditional tri-blade wind turbines — the ultra-efficient turbine of the future might look completely different if Kyushu University professor Yuji Ohya has anything to say about it. Ohya and his team unveiled the Wind Lens, a honeycomb-like structure that purportedly triples the amount of wind energy that can be produced by offshore turbines…more

London: BT Tower joins Open House line-up       

Aug 3, London

The star of this year’s Open House London will be the BT Tower, opening its doors for the annual architectural showcase for the first time. Visitors will be able to ascend to its 34th floor, for views across London which have not been seen for three decades, during the Open House weekend on September 18 and 19, 2010…more

Architecture 112: Horologion, Piraeus Clock Tower       

Aug 1, Piraeus

Athens-based firm Architecture 112 aims to reconfigure a tower's facade in to an urban sundial with 'Horologion', their design entry in to the Piraeus Tower competition. Built on the site of a 19th century clock building, the structure stands abandoned in Greece's third largest municipality…more

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea       

July 30, Pyongyang, North Korea

Begun in 1987, this 3,000-room 1,083-feet giant in Pyongyang has sucked up nearly 2% of North Korea’s GDP — and yet it remains unopened, unoccupied, and as yet uncompleted. A pair of German architects have set up, which they describe as an “experimental collaborative online architecture site" that contains 3-D models of the building…more

Jean Nouvel: One Central Park       

July 30, Sydney

'One central park' designed by French architect Jean Nouvel received approval. Plans were unveiled for the project back in 2008, but have faced government planning issues. Located on the site of a former brewery in Sydney City, the 600 million AUD project is comprised of two towers which are 16 and 33 stories high…more

Victoria and Albert Museum in London Acquires Rare Philip Johnson Drawing       

July 30, London

Out of the depths of a privately owned and previously unknown archive of drawings by the influential and always controversial postmodern architect Philip Johnson (1906-2005), The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has acquired a drawing of the Madison Avenue facade of the famed AT&T skyscraper in New York City (now Sony Plaza)…more

LEO A DALY, Beijing has first major win with masterplan design competition in Suzhou       

July 30, Suzhou, China

International architecture, planning, engineering, interior design and program management firm LEO A DALY has won the design competition for master plan and architecture design of two key areas of the China-Singapore Ecological Sci-Tech City in Suzhou, China…more

New York’s Solar Thermal Plan Will Save State $175 Million Annually        

July 30, New York

Sixty percent of the energy used in buildings in New York State goes to heat and hot water. This power heavy fact has been the the driving force behind a newly devised solar thermal energy plan that could eventually save New York State residents $175 million a year. The plan is an example of how sustainable living remains a primary cause for most individuals…more