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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Glass and Steel Tower Planned for Chicago’s Union Station


29 Jun 2018, Chicago, United States

Developers plan to build 404 residential units in a seven-story addition above Chicago’s Union Station, plus a 330-room hotel in the station’s top floors. The plan is part of an effort to capitalize on valuable real estate near and over the station. Read more.

New European Patent Office Inaugurated in Risjwijk, the Netherlands


29 Jun 2018, Rijswijk, Netherlands

The new European Patent Office building has been inaugurated in the Dutch town of Rijswijk, near The Hague. The tower rises 107 meters and 27 floors, with a slender design that includes rooftop solar panels and a double-skin façade. Read more.

Apartment High-Rise in Melbourne’s South Yarra District Proceeds to Construction


29 Jun 2018, Melbourne, Australia

Hickory Group has announced that the company has been chosen as the builder for Yarra One, a 27-story apartment building in Melbourne. Designed by Fender Katsalidis, the project will include 256 apartments and take 25 months to build. Read more.

Work Begins On 106-Meter Tower in Zaragoza


28 Jun 2018, Zaragoza, Spain

Site clearing has begun on the plot of a planned 106-meter tower in Zaragoza that could become the tallest in the Spanish Region of Aragon, if completed as planned. The $81 million project is slated for completion by 2021. Read more.

High-Rise Condo Building Tops Out in Austin


28 Jun 2018, Austin, United States

A 34-story condominium tower in Austin is progressing towards completion after topping out. The high-rise includes 164 units and a 1,858-square meter amenity deck on the 10th floor that will resemble a park. Read more.

West London Residential Project Receives Green Light


28 Jun 2018, London, United Kingdom

A 20-story mixed-use project has been approved to rise on the site of a Pentecostal church. The development will include 85 new apartments, commercial space, a new church, a nursery, and community facilities. Read more.

New Rendering Revealed for High-Rise on New York’s Lower East Side


27 Jun 2018, New York City, United States

An updated rendering has been released for a 223-meter tower on the Lower East Side of New York, alongside new details for two nearby projects. The three developments are expected to collectively deliver 2,775 new units to the area. Read more.

High-Rise Twin-Towers Approved in Coastal Suburb of Perth


27 Jun 2018, Perth, Australia

A twin-tower development has been approved for the coast of Scarborough, a suburb of Perth. The 43- and 33-story buildings will include 314 apartments and a 119-room hotel, complete with an art gallery and café on the top floor. Read more.

Construction Underway on Mixed-Use High-Rise in Monterrey


27 Jun 2018, Monterrey, Mexico

Construction has begun on a 40-floor mixed-use development in Monterrey. The project includes 42,000 square meters of office space, a 2,700-square-meter commercial area, terraces, and a sky lobby. Read more.

Brisbane’s 200-Meter Commercial Development Gains Approval


26 Jun 2018, Brisbane, Australia

The Brisbane City Council has approved a proposed high-rise office building. The project will include a new public thoroughfare alongside an amphitheater, child care center, underground supermarket, and retail. Read more.

Coquimbo’s New Consistorial Building to Cost $39 Million


26 Jun 2018, Coquimbo, Chile

The budget for a new 15-story consistorial building in Coquimbo has been increased to cover seismic code modifications and construction costs. The site is expected to open to the public by 2020. Read more.

Lawmakers Approve Bill for 46-Story Residential Project to Proceed in Providence


26 Jun 2018, Providence, United States

Plans for a 46-story high-rise building will proceed in Providence, as state lawmakers have approved necessary legislation for the project to progress. The 152-meter proposal is currently under evaluation by local officials. Read more.

Fire Breaks Out at Sejong Construction Site


26 Jun 2018, Sejong City, South Korea

A fire broke out at a high-rise residential construction site in Sejong City in South Korea. Most of the major flames have been extinguished, but there have been 3 reported fatalities and 37 reported injuries. Read more.

Construction Has Begun on a High-Rise Condominium Scheme in Seattle


25 Jun 2018, Seattle, United States

A residential tower under construction in Downtown Seattle will be delivered as condominiums for sale, rather than apartments for rent as originally planned. The 41-story building is designed to include 352 units. Read more.

Designs Revealed for a 41-Story Residential Development in Toronto


25 Jun 2018, Toronto, Canada

Plans for a residential development in Toronto’s Yorkville neighborhood have been released. A 41-story tower complete with private terraces will rise on the site near a new public plaza and a relocated heritage building. Read more.

Renovated Tokyo Hotel Planned to Reopen in 2019


25 Jun 2018, Tokyo, Japan

A luxury hotel, featuring a refurbished 17-story wing and a new 41-story tower, is set to reopen in Tokyo in 2019. The complex will include 508 rooms, a large Japanese-style garden, and a small museum. Read more.

37-Story Tower in London’s Chelsea Waterfront Scheme Tops Out


25 Jun 2018, London, United Kingdom

The tallest tower in a decade-long development along London’s Chelsea waterfront has topped out. The 122.5-meter building will be joined by a 25-story tower and several low-rise blocks, to deliver 700 new residences. Read more.

Bolivia’s New Presidential Palace Tower Inaugurated in La Paz


22 Jun 2018, La Paz, Bolivia

A new presidential palace called the “Great House of the People” has been inaugurated in La Paz. The 29-story building rises 120 meters and features a heliport, seven elevators, and a 1,068-square-meter presidential suite. Read more.

Malaysian Government to Inject $724 million to Complete Kuala Lumpur Development


22 Jun 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A 28-hectare financial development in Kuala Lumpur will receive additional funding from the Malaysian government to complete the project. Two towers on the site have topped out and are scheduled for completion in 2019. Read more.

Proposed Supertall Tower in Los Angeles Could Become Tallest in the US West


22 Jun 2018, Los Angeles, United States

Renderings for a 337.7-meter tower have been submitted to the Los Angeles Department of City Planning. The glass-wrapped tower will include 599 hotel rooms, 242 condos, 2,667 square meters of commercial space, and a rooftop swimming pool. Read more.

Residential Supertall 35 Hudson Yards Tops Out


21 Jun 2018, New York City, United States

A 308-meter-tall high-rise has topped out in New York City. The project, part of six tower development at Hudson Yards, includes 137 residences, a 217-room hotel, retail space, a sky lobby, and spa amenities. Read more.

Updated Plans Released for Quebec’s Le Phare Development


21 Jun 2018, Quebec, Canada

Plans for the Le Phare development in Quebec have been updated, raising the project’s budget by $117 million. Alongside four towers, the scheme includes a public square, a 1,200-seat theater, and an underground transportation hub. Read more.

Cartagena Development May be Demolished and Suspended Indefinitely


21 Jun 2018, Cartagena, Columbia

A five tower project under construction near the Castillo Dan Felipe in Cartagena may be demolished and discontinued, as recommended by the government and UNESCO. The residential development proposes a threat to the city’s World Heritage status. Read more.

Images of New Tower at the Port of Aarhus Revealed


21 Jun 2018, Aarhus, Denmark

Renderings have been released for a 144-meter office tower at the Port of Aarhus. The project incorporates an existing industrial complex on the site, from which the new tower’s geometry will be constructed. Read more.

Supertall Tower Coming to Downtown Los Angeles


20 Jun 2018, Los Angeles, United States

The developers behind a proposed 310.9-meter-tall mixed-use high-rise have submitted their plans with the City of Los Angeles. Designed by Handel Architects, the tower will house a hotel, 120 condominiums, and 450 rental units. Read more.

Banking Giant Confirms New Dubai Headquarters to Open Next Month


20 Jun 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A British banking giant expects to open its $250 million Middle East headquarters in Downtown Dubai in July 2018. The 20-story tower, reportedly built by Multiplex, was originally announced in January 2016. Read more.

Residential Tower Adds Color to São Paulo Skyline


20 Jun 2018, São Paulo, Brazil

A colorful residential tower has recently been completed in São Paulo. The 85-meter building includes 123 units with large individual terraces, and common areas for residents such as a pool, restaurant, and parking. Read more.

Residential High-Rise in Dubai Designed to Look Like an iPod


19 Jun 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A 26-story building designed to look like an iPod is due to open in Dubai by the end of 2018. The 256-unit residential high-rise will feature technological amenities such as mood lighting, voice control, biometric locks, and mirrors that can monitor health. Read more.

The Pacifica’s ‘Super Penthouse’ in Auckland Hits the Market


19 Jun 2018, Auckland, New Zealand

A 178-meter mixed-use tower in Auckland is nearing completion, with a scheduled end date of 2020. The building will house 282 apartments, a five-star hotel, and a two-story, 1188-square-meter penthouse. Read more.

Vaughan Developer Proposes New Condo Scheme Next Door to Cancelled Project


19 Jun 2018, Vaughan, Canada

Two high-rise condominium towers, rising 33 and 39 stories respectively, have been proposed near the site of an abruptly cancelled condo development in Vaughan. The new plans have been presented to the city council. Read more.