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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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The Chicago Plan Commission Approves Nine High-Rise Projects


23 Oct 2018, Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Planning Commission has approved plans for nine high-rises ranging from 168 meters to 290 meters in height. Within the approvals is the River District megadevelopment, which is slated to provide 4,100 apartments. Read more.

New 49-Story Tower Set to Rise in Frankfurt


22 Oct 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

The foundation stone has been laid for a 49-story mixed-use tower in Frankfurt. The project includes a 375-room hotel, office space, and a freely accessible sky bar on the building’s top floor. Read more.

41-Story Condo Tower Receives Approval of Minneapolis Planners


22 Oct 2018, Minneapolis, United States

The Minneapolis Planning Commission has granted approval for a proposed 167-meter condominium building to develop in the city’s Mill district. The tower, which is set to begin construction in 2019, may become the tallest in Minnesota. Read more.

Zhuhai’s Tallest Opens to the Public


22 Oct 2018, Zhuhai, China

A 328-meter hotel and office tower in Zhuhai, China has officially opened its doors to the public after reaching completion in 2017. The 66-floor tower, which is the tallest in the city, occupies a coastal 27-hectare site. Read more.

Major Banks to Finance New Headquarters at Tashkent Urban Development Site


19 Oct 2018, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Three major banks in Uzbekistan have pledged to finance high-rise projects on the sixth land plot of an urban development in Tashkent. The site’s 26-, 33-, and 33-floor towers are planned to facilitate the financial groups’ head offices. Read more.

London’s Contentious Canary Wharf Tower Approved at Appeal


19 Oct 2018, London, United Kingdom

Despite a 49-story scheme’s initial rejection, the 332-unit tower has been approved by the London planning inspector to rise near Canary Wharf in the Docklands area. The project will also deliver 1,000 square meters of commercial space. Read more.

Mixed-Use High-Rise Debuts in New York City’s Brooklyn


19 Oct 2018, New York City, United States

A 34-story mixed-use tower has officially opened for occupancy in New York City’s Brooklyn Borough. The building features 270 residential units, co-working office space, a sky lounge, and a 929-square-meter public plaza. Read more.

New Plans Lodged for 49-Story Sydney Redevelopment


19 Oct 2018, Sydney, Australia

A developer has lodged new plans to redevelop a historic Sydney site into a 49-story tower, following the rejection of a prior proposal. The $149 million project includes 246 residential units and a 100-room hotel. Read more.

Lakhta Center Officially Commissioned in St. Petersburg


18 Oct 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia

Lakhta Center, currently Europe's tallest skyscraper, has been officially commissioned by the State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service of Saint Petersburg. The tower will feature a panoramic restaurant at 315 meters when completed. Read more.

Torre Universal Starts Construction in San José


18 Oct 2018, San José, Costa Rica

Construction has begun on a 22-story commercial complex as part of San José’s TEC City, an effort to create a technology hub in the Costa Rican capital. One major tech firm has already confirmed its regional offices will be located there. Read more.

Ward Village's Latest Tower Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony in Honolulu


18 Oct 2018, Honolulu, Hawaii

The latest addition to Honolulu’s Ward Village, the A’ali’ high-rise, had its groundbreaking ceremony, joining four other towers in the community that are already completed or under construction. The project will contain 751 units upon completion. Read more.

Bronze-Clad Tower Proposed to Join St. Julian’s Skyline


17 Oct 2018, St. Julian's, Malta

A 25-story tower featuring a bronze-clad exterior has been proposed to replace several existing villas in the Paceville district of St. Julian’s. The high-rise includes offices, apartments, and a hotel, as well as two public plazas. Read more.

Toronto High-Rise Achieves Zoning Approval Following Height Reductions


17 Oct 2018, Toronto, Canada

A proposed mixed-use tower has achieved zoning approval in Toronto, after height and density alterations. The revised scheme will rise 32 stories, including a two-story outdoor terrace located in the mid-section of the building. Read more.

Three-Tower Condominium Complex to Develop in Mandaluyong


17 Oct 2018, Mandaluyong, Philippines

Following the success of a four-tower condominium scheme in Mandaluyong, a developer has invested $137 million to develop an additional three-tower complex in the city. The project’s first tower is slated to rise 39 stories. Read more.

New 20-Story Residential Tower to be Built in Guatemala City


16 Oct 2018, Guatemala City, Guatemala

A 20-story residential building called Niko 10 is planned for Guatemala City with a total estimated investment of US$7.5 million. The residences will include rooftop event space, parking and a children’s play area. Read more.

Woman Dies After Falling Off 27th Floor of a Panama City High-Rise While Taking Selfie


16 Oct 2018, Panama City, Panama

A woman experienced a fatal fall from the 27th story of the 100-200 Luxor Tower in Panama City, Panama while taking a selfie. Local authorities have attributed the fall to a strong wind, which caused her to lose her balance. Read more.

New York City's Central Park Tower Launches Sales


16 Oct 2018, New York City, United States

Sales have launched at New York City's Central Park Tower, which will be among the tallest residential buildings in the city when completed. Sales are expected to start at above $1 million, with many of the units asking $60 million or more. Read more.

Construction Contract Awarded for 55-Floor Morocco High-Rise


15 Oct 2018, Rabat, Morocco

A design and construction firm has signed a contract with a developer to deliver a 55-floor high-rise in Rabat, Morocco. The tower, which is planned to begin rising in November, will host a hotel, offices, and apartments. Read more.

Office Tower Complex with Rooftop Gardens Proposed for Downtown San Jose


15 Oct 2018, San Jose, United States

A 17-story multi-tower office complex has been proposed to rise in Downtown San Jose, California. The project spans a total of 53,976 square meters, including 1,858 square meters of retail and rooftop gardens with multi-level terraces. Read more.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Melbourne’s Sapphire by the Gardens


15 Oct 2018, Melbourne, Australia

A groundbreaking was celebrated on the site of a 62- and 60-tower development in Melbourne. The scheme features a five-star, 500-room hotel, as well as 300 residential apartments and a sky lounge joining the two towers on the 46th floor. Read more.

High-Rise Featuring Cubic Design Slated for Historic Tarragona Site


15 Oct 2018, Tarragona, Spain

A 20-floor building, featuring a cubic design and large windows, is slated to rise in the Spanish city of Tarragona. The 318-unit tower is scheduled to begin construction in early 2019, as site-clearing has been completed. Read more.

A 33-Story "Urban Tree Farm" Tower Planned to Develop in Quito


12 Oct 2018, Quito, Ecuador

A design team has released plans for a 33-story residential building in Quito, Ecuador. The project features a twisted modular structure, allowing each floor to support native plants and trees. Read more.

Modular High-Rise Hotel Completes in New York City


12 Oct 2018, New York City, United States

A 20-story modular hotel has reached completion on the Lower East Side of New York City. The finished scheme features 300 rooms, local artwork, and an adjacent 316-square-meter landscaped plaza. Read more.

New Framework Revealed for Melbourne’s Urban Renewal Precinct


12 Oct 2018, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s Planning Minister has released a framework for the development of Fishermans Bend, following years of planning alterations. The scheme, which is the planned site of 26 tower proposals, is set to develop over 30 years. Read more.

Application Filed for 54-Story Downtown Vancouver Tower


12 Oct 2018, Vancouver, Canada

Fresh renderings and a rezoning application have been submitted to the City of Vancouver for a 54-story tower to rise. Plans include a total of 455 units, as well as 2,094 square meters of commercial and retail space. Read more.

A 20-Story Office Tower in Madrid has its Grand Opening


11 Oct 2018, Madrid, Spain

An 86-meter-high office tower in Madrid, developed by a REIT, is expected to add another 224 parking spaces in 2019. The building, has already rented out about one third of its 18,300 square meters available to lease. Read more.

Thailand's Largest Riverside Mall Adjoins Two High-Rise Buildings


11 Oct 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s largest riverside mall is scheduled to open in Bangkok on November 9th, 2018. The mall will include an indoor floating market, and adjoin the Icon Siam Complex which will have a 52-story and a 70-story tower. Read more.

“Kaleidoscopic” High-Rise Planned for Downtown Los Angeles Moves Forward


11 Oct 2018, Los Angeles, United States

A “kaleidoscopic” high-rise, called the Olympic Tower, has been approved in Los Angeles. The 58-story tower will feature vertical vegetation mingling with digital images, and 6,038 square meters of retail and commercial space. Read more.

Milwaukee’s East Town to See 21-Story Timber Composite Building


10 Oct 2018, Milwaukee, United States

Plans for a 21-story timber-composite apartment building slated for Milwaukee’s East Town neighborhood have been released. The 38,090-square-meter tower will contain 201 units and residential amenities. Read more.

Santiago’s Supertall to Open Following Key Mitigation Works


10 Oct 2018, Santiago, Chile

The municipality of Santiago has released a document outlining urban works that would allow for the opening of the Costanera Center Complex's supertall tower, which reached completion in 2014. Read more.