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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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FKI Tower Features External Wall Advances to Maximize Energy


24 Jan 2014, Seoul, South Korea

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture announced the public opening of a 240-meter tower in Seoul that utilizes an innovative exterior wall designed specifically for the project, which serves as headquarters for the Federation of Korean Industries. Read more.

Australia 108 is Back Under New Owners, and a Little Shorter


24 Jan 2014, Melbourne, Australia

Australia 108 has emerged from a redesign, shorter than originally planned, but still tall enough to eclipse Melbourne’s current tallest building, 297-meter Eureka Tower, thus adding symmetry to the skyline.Read more.

China's High-Tech Vertical Campus to Foster Collaboration


23 Jan 2014, Shenzhen, China

Internet company Tencent hired NBBJ, the same architects that designed Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, to create a corporate campus within two tall towers, yet will seek to maintain a small campus culture. Read more.

Artificial Island Proposed to Support Eco-City off Nigerian Coast


23 Jan 2014, Lagos, Nigeria

Promoted as a “sustainable city, clean and energy-efficient with minimal carbon emissions,” the plan is an isolated urban core that includes infrastructure, streets, mass transit, and tall towers that will provide employment for the many Nigerians in need. Read more.

Manhattan West Breaks Ground, Integrates Infrastructure and Architecture


23 Jan 2014, New York, United States

In a triumph over transit, Brookfield Properties broke ground on its 501,676 square-meter plan that will span over Penn Station’s rail yard, and will support commercial, residential, and public use. Read more.

Skyscraper Planned for Manchester City Center


22 Jan 2014, Manchester, United Kingdom

A proposed 19-story office building, developed by Allied London, will replace Quay House in Spinningfields. No 1 Spinningfields will offer ground floor space for dining and retail, 31,865 square meters of office space, and a skyline restaurant on its 19th floor. Read more.

L.A.'s Grand Avenue Redesign Gains County Approval


22 Jan 2014, Los Angeles, United States

A revised version of the Grand Avenue project, which had met resistance from Los Angeles County officials, was given the green light to proceed after a transformation that provides more open space and connectivity for pedestrians. Read more.

Renderings of 220 Central Park South Stoke Billionaire-Needle Rivalry


22 Jan 2014, New York, United States

Newly-released renderings of the future Robert A.M. Stern-designed 220 Central Park South surpass neighboring One57 in opulence, if not in height. Buyers are willing to pay a premium for views of Central Park,effectively creating a tall “billionaire’s row.” Read more.

Smog in China Might be Reduced by Skyscraper Sprinkler System


21 Jan 2014, Hangzhou, China

Scientist Yu Shaocai has discovered that water sprayed into the atmosphere from at least 100 meters high will effectively clear air pollution. Smog in China has continued to worsen, due to rapid economic growth and expansion of industrial activity. Read more.

New Light Shines on High-Rise Fire Safety


21 Jan 2014, New York, United States

In the wake of a fatal fire in New York, fire-safety experts are reinforcing what seems to be counterintuitive advice: in modern high-rises, the instinct to flee a fire may be deadly, because newer tall residences are built with flame-resistant materials.Read more.

Downtown Tower Gets Green Light


21 Jan 2014, Houston, United States

Houston’s planned 34-story Capitol Tower is their first to receive LEED V4 Platinum pre-certification, the newest version of green building standards from the US Green Building Council. The design also places emphasis on public spaces and the pedestrian experience. Read more.

Luxury Residential Tower Attached to Dubai Mall


21 Jan 2014, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Residents who wish to live large are able to do so at Boulevard Point, which offers access to the world’s largest mall through a dedicated bridge link, views of Burj Khalifa, and of Dubai Fountain, the tallest performing fountain on the planet. Read more.

Time Warner Plans New Development in Hudson Yards


17 Jan 2014, New York, United States

Just ten years after the completion of Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, Time Warner Inc. plans to move its headquarters to burgeoning Hudson Yards. The LEED Gold 374-meter supertall is designed to integrate within the community. Read more.

Fruits and Vegetables Skyscraper Fresh in Singapore


17 Jan 2014, Singapore, Singapore

Skygreens, a vertical farm in Singapore, could provide a case study for skyscraper-based greengrocers elsewhere. Around the world, there is an increased need for sustainable methods of acquiring fresh fruits and vegetables.Read more.

"Bikescraper" Planned in Portland


17 Jan 2014, Portland, United States

The 21-story tower offers a valet bicycle parking space for each of its 657 housing units, in addition to an underground lot that can accommodate an additional 547 bikes. That totals 1,204 bike spaces and only 328 residential car spaces. Read more.

Comcast to Build New Supertall in Philly


16 Jan 2014, Philadelphia, United States

Comcast Corp. will surpass the height of its own Philadelphia headquarters in a new skyscraper development that will accommodate its expanding workforce. The 341-meter tower will be the tallest building in the United States outside of New York and Chicago. Read more.

Shard Architect to Build Neighboring Residential Tower


16 Jan 2014, London, United Kingdom

A new Renzo Piano-designed tower is joining the London Bridge Quarter neighborhood; less than a year after the completion of The Shard. The "new" 27-story tower will be a redevelopment of an existing building, Fielden House, on London Bridge Street. Read more.

Auckland High-Rise Brings Public Street to the Sky


16 Jan 2014, Auckland, New Zealand

A thoroughfare running through an apartment complex will open public airspace in Auckland, New Zealand. The high-rise has nearly sold out to buyers attracted to the blend of residential, commercial, and retail space. Read more.

Nordstrom Tower Part of Cantilever Trend


15 Jan 2014, New York, United States

In New York, sculptural cantilevers are coming out from the back alleys and into the mainstream streetscape. The engineering feat of expanding sideways into airspace was once applied with restraint. Increasingly, the cantilever has become an overt design component. Read more.

Saskatoon Skyline Takes Cue from Shanghai


15 Jan 2014, Saskatoon, Canada

In an effort to promote urban growth, Saskatoon, the largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, has lifted a ban that restricted downtown buildings to a height of 76 meters. City officials would like to impose a minimum height of 10 meters. Read more.

Vida Residence Launched in Downtown Dubai

Vida Residence100.jpg

14 Jan 2014, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Emaar Properties has launched a swanky new 57-story residential tower in downtown Dubai. The fully-serviced 320-unit apartment complex targets the changing demographic of the city. Read more.

Guangzhou Graced by Glazed Doughnut


14 Jan 2014, Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou Circle, a skyscraper that appears to some as a doughnut, has opened in its namesake city, maintaining an iconic connection to place. Italian architect Joseph di Pasquale of AM Progetti, S.r.l. emphasized the importance of local context to the design.Read more.

Shaoxing City Tower Photos Unveiled


13 Jan 2014, Shaoxing, China

The rapidly developing city of Shaoxing, China, boasts another tall building as a symbol of its modern advancement. The 137-meter Shaoxing City Tower slopes inward and upward from the horizontal base, and then sprouts outward in unfolding subsequent layers. Read more.

Hudson Yards Site Could Host Supertall


13 Jan 2014, New York, United States

Two parcels of land in Hudson Yards, if developed together, could host a supertall tower that would surpass One World Trade Center at an astounding 549 meters. Major developers are attracted to the monumental potential of the Hudson Yards site. Read more.

Tallest Woodscraper Moves Closer to Reality


10 Jan 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

Berg / C.F Moller Architects and DinellJohansson won a competition to build a new landmark for Stockholm. One of the associated schemes would be the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper if built, at 34 stories and approximately 110 meters. Read more.

Union Attempts to Block Re-Start of Portland Tower


10 Jan 2014, Portland, United States

A labor union has attempted to block the re-start of construction on the Park Avenue West Tower in downtown Portland for the second time, on the basis that the mixed-use building does not contain affordable housing.Read more.

Marbella Skyscraper Scheme Stopped


10 Jan 2014, Marbella, Spain

The Spanish coastal resort of Marbella has put a stop to a proposed six-tower, 50-story agglomeration of skyscrapers, under significant pressure from a coalition of expatriates, aristocrats and locals. An offer to limit height to 30 stories instead was also rejected. Read more.

Greenland Investing in Two London Towers


09 Jan 2014, London, United Kingdom

Chinese real-estate giant Greenland Group is planning to build two high-rises in East London, one of which will be the tallest building in Canary Wharf; the other will replace a centuries-old defunct brewery, news media reported this week.Read more.

North America’s Tallest Hotel Opens


09 Jan 2014, New York City, United States

The Marriott Hotel chain has opened what it is calling the “tallest all-hotel building” in North America, at 1717 Broadway in New York. At 754 feet (22.9 7 meters) the Courtyard-Residence Inn Central Park is 23 feet (7 meters) taller than the Detroit Marriott. Read more.

Skyscraper Approved for Be’it Maariv


09 Jan 2014, Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel Land Development Co. has received approval to construct a 55-story, 45,000 square-meter tower in Tel Aviv on the site of the Maariv newspaper headquarters, which was vacated by its prior occupants last year. Read more.