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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Late Award-Winning Architect’s Final London Scheme to Start Works


16 Aug 2018, London, United Kingdom

A 15-story corten steel-clad residential building is slated to begin works in London, following a refinancing of the project. Designed by a Stirling Prize-winning architect, the project will rise over an existing structure on the site. Read more.

“Green Spine” Selected to Rise in Melbourne’s Southbank


15 Aug 2018, Melbourne, Australia

A design featuring two towers wrapped in greenery has been selected as the winning proposal of a competition for Melbourne’s Southbank sector. The high-rises, one of which would be Australia’s tallest, are each topped by a botanical garden. Read more.

Casino License Consultation Progresses Athens Mega-Development


15 Aug 2018, Athens, Greece

The casino license consultation process has begun for a mega-development on the marina of Athens, Greece. The integrated casino resort, which includes a high-rise tower, is part of the first phase of the 6.2 million-square-meter scheme. Read more.

Specialized Irrigation Solution Developed for Vertical Forest Building in Toronto


15 Aug 2018, Toronto, Canada

Researchers have developed a specialized monitoring and irrigation system for Toronto’s proposed “vertical forest” high-rise that would accommodate 450 trees. The developer of the 27-story tower is currently seeking approval from the city. Read more.

State Files Lawsuit Against Trump Tower Over Chicago River Pollution


15 Aug 2018, Chicago, United States

The Illinois Attorney General has filed a complaint against a 92-story tower along the Chicago River, regarding a violation of water pollution regulations. The office is seeking a fine of $10,000 for each day the tower has violated pollution rules. Read more.

Heritage Group Criticizes Tower Heights Included in London’s Canada Water Scheme


14 Aug 2018, London, United Kingdom

The master plan for London’s Canada Water has received criticism from a government heritage group, which has raised concerns regarding clusters of tall buildings included in the scheme, which reach up to 162 meters’ height. Read more.

272-Meter Office Tower Officially Joins Taipei Skyline


14 Aug 2018, Taipei, Taiwan

A 272-meter tower and an adjoined retail building with a three-dimensional stainless-steel lattice façade have reached completion in Taipei. The finished high-rise hosts an insurance company’s offices, as well as restaurants on the top floors. Read more.

Tallest All-Residential Tower in Germany Reaches Full Height in Frankfurt


13 Aug 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

At 172 meters, the tallest all-residential tower in Germany has reached its full height. The 401-unit building comprises 55,000 square meters of gross floor space and is slated for occupancy in 2019. Read more.

Lower Manhattan’s Newest Residential High-Rise Ready for Occupancy in New York City


13 Aug 2018, New York City, United States

A 241-meter condominium tower has officially reached completion in Lower Manhattan, New York City, with its dwellings slated for immediate occupancy. The 157-unit building features a pool, fitness center, plaza, and private garden. Read more.

Glass Prism Tower Completed in Nairobi


13 Aug 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

A 34-story glass-and-steel tower, designed to look like prisms stacked upon one another, has debuted in the Upper Hill sector of Nairobi, Kenya. The high-rise incorporates energy-conserving rain-harvesting systems in the design. Read more.

Discount Retail Company Announces Redevelopment in Tokyo’s Shibuya Sector


13 Aug 2018, Tokyo, Japan

A discount retail giant in Japan announced plans to redevelop the company’s Shibuya store site in Tokyo. The project includes a 120-meter, 28-story tower, which will facilitate retail, office space, and hotel uses. Read more.

Two-Tower Development Approved for Perth City Link Sector


10 Aug 2018, Perth, Australia

A two-tower complex has been approved, following years of redesign, to rise in Perth’s developing City Link sector. The 32-story and 23-story high-rises will be mixed-use, with apartments, a hotel, and restaurants on the ground level. Read more.

Dubai World Trade Center to be Preserved Under New Initiative


10 Aug 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Municipality has announced a new initiative to preserve landmark buildings from the 1960s and '70s, including the Dubai World Trade Center, the first tall building in the region. Read more.

Boston’s Third-Tallest Building Officially Topped Off


10 Aug 2018, Boston, United States

A 227-meter hotel and residential tower has officially topped off in Boston. The 61-story structure, which will become the city’s third-tallest building, includes 215 hotel rooms and 160 serviced condominiums. Read more.

Residential “Forest” Rising in Asunción


10 Aug 2018, Asunción, Paraguay

Construction has commenced on the site of a 24-story residential tower in Asunción, Paraguay. The high-rise features two- and three-bedroom units, as well as a pool, gym, permanent water supply, and family-focused amenities. Read more.

Basketball Legend Plans to Reside in His New 33-Story Tower in Newark


09 Aug 2018, Newark, United States

A 33-story residential tower, which is slated to become the tallest in Newark, New Jersey, has been approved by the Central Planning Board. A well-known NBA star, who is a partner in the project, plans to reside in the building upon completion. Read more.

45-Story Tower Moves Towards Construction in Melbourne’s Fishermans Bend


09 Aug 2018, Melbourne, Australia

Construction is set to commence soon on a 45-story tower in Melbourne’s Fishermans Bend neighborhood development, as piling works are underway. The 1,518-square-meter site will facilitate 244 new units within the 139-meter high-rise. Read more.

Contractor Selected for Next Two Phases of Former Warsaw Brewery Residential Complex


09 Aug 2018, Warsaw, Poland

A developer has selected a contractor to construct the next two stages of a multi-building residential development on the site of the former Warsaw Brewery. The structures, the tallest of which will reach 18 stories, feature a brick façade. Read more.

Second of Two Lattice-Lined Twin Towers Debuts in Kuwait City


08 Aug 2018, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Both towers of a twin-tower complex featuring a three-dimensional lattice façade have officially completed in Kuwait City. The 42-story office tower and 22-story hotel share a podium, and are both topped with a roof terrace. Read more.

Tower Plans Scrapped in Mexico City Following Adjacent Commercial Center Collapse


08 Aug 2018, Mexico City, Mexico

Following the collapse of a Mexico City complex’s commercial center, developers have canceled plans to construct a 34-story building on the site. Instead, the commercial center will be joined by four office towers rising no more than 14 stories. Read more.

Designs Revealed of a Multi-Block Interconnected Building on Stilts in Miami


08 Aug 2018, Miami, United States

Designs for a multi-block interconnected building on stilts set to be developed in Miami have been released. The project includes residential, office, retail, education, and public uses, with some of the Jenga-like blocks reaching 19 stories. Read more.

Seoul’s Largest Department Store to Join Landmark Parc 1 Complex Development


08 Aug 2018, Seoul, South Korea

Construction is progressing on a mixed-use complex on Seoul’s Yeouido Island, which includes two high-rise office towers, a hotel, and an 89,100-square-meter department store. The project is slated for completion in 2020. Read more.

Brooklyn’s Second Supertall Earns New York City Planning Approval


07 Aug 2018, New York City, United States

The New York City Planning Commission has awarded unanimous approval to a proposed 300-meter high-rise slated for Brooklyn. The tower includes two schools, retail, and 900 apartments, 200 of which would be permanently affordable. Read more.

Coastal Resort Sector of Vietnam’s Van Don Mega-Development Approved


07 Aug 2018, Van Don, Vietnam

A 109.6-hectare sector of a 3,300-hectare mega-development has received approval from Vietnam’s Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee. The subdivision includes at least five high-rise hotel towers, with the highest rising to 88 stories. Read more.

First Units of Santa Fe’s ProCreAr Housing Complex to be Delivered Soon


07 Aug 2018, Santa Fe, Argentina

The mayor of Santa Fe, Argentina inaugurated a 10-block paving development adjacent to a two-tower collective housing complex, which is nearing completion. The two towers will deliver a total of 368 units to the neighborhood. Read more.

State Council Confirms 320-Meter Tower Complex in Paris’ La Défense


07 Aug 2018, Paris, France

A two-tower scheme has been approved to rise in Paris’ La Défense district, amid concerns from local building owners. The 320-meter towers include apartments, a hotel, a student residence, restaurants, and an art gallery. Read more.

28-Story Residential Building Completes in Sydney’s Green Square Town Center


06 Aug 2018, Sydney, Australia

A 28-story residential building has reached completion in Sydney’s Green Square district. The 600-unit ellipsoid-shaped tower is part of a $5.9 billion development in the town center, which is slated for completion in 2030. Read more.

Designs for St. Julian’s Heritage Mercury House Renovation Unveiled


06 Aug 2018, St. Julian's, Malta

An architecture firm has released plans for the renovation of a historic structure in St. Julian’s, Malta, and the redevelopment of the building’s 9,405-square-meter site, including the creation of a new public piazza. Read more.

Seattle’s Space Needle Debuts Rotating Glass Floor


06 Aug 2018, Seattle, United States

A revolving glass floor has debuted at the 152-meter level of Seattle’s Space Needle. Renovations of the 184-meter tower, which was first constructed for the 1962 World’s Fair, also include 24 slanted glass benches at the observation deck level. Read more.

Design Lead Selected for New 460-Meter Tower in Bogota, Colombia


03 Aug 2018, Bogotá, Colombia

A firm has been selected to lead the design team of a new 460-meter tower slated for Bogota’s CBD. The mixed-use project includes class A office space, a five-star hotel, apartments, and commercial retail space, with a public amenity plaza. Read more.