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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Three Workers Injured in Accident on Gold Coast Jewel Development Site


05 Dec 2018, Gold Coast, Australia

Three workers were injured by a collapsed steel tray of electrical cables on the site of the Gold Cost Jewel towers, a three-tower development. The workers were transported to a hospital in stable condition. Read more.

One Dead After Fire in 18-Story Mumbai High-Rise


03 Dec 2018, Mumbai, India

A fire in an 18-story high-rise in the Mumbai neighborhood of Mahalaxmi caused 23 injuries and one death on December 2, 2018. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but is believed to be linked to an electrical short. Read more.

UK Ban on Flammable Cladding Could Affect Tall Timber Buildings


03 Dec 2018, London, United Kingdom

Following the Grenfell fire, which spread rapidly due to combustible cladding, the UK government has opted to ban Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) in the external walls of buildings over 18 meters tall and containing housing. Read more.

Fire Extinguished at Karachi’s Bahria Icon Tower


26 Nov 2018, Karachi, Pakistan

A fire broke out on the eighth story of a 273-meter tower in Karachi, Pakistan. The blaze has reportedly been contained within the under-construction tower, which is planned to become one of the tallest in the city. Read more.

Fire Breaks Out at The 42, a 260-Meter Building in Kolkata


19 Nov 2018, Kolkata, India

A fire broke out on 17 November 2018 at The 42, a 260-meter-tall building in Kolkata that is currently under construction. The fire spread through nylon netting surrounding the project’s air conditioners. No casualties has been reported. Read more.

Six Tourists Rescued After Being Stuck in 875 N. Michigan Elevator in Chicago


16 Nov 2018, Chicago, United States

Six people were rescued by the Chicago Fire Department in a blind-shaft elevator inside the former John Hancock Center at 875 N. Michigan on Nov. 16, 2018. Firefighters had to breach a brick wall to reach those trapped inside. Read more.

Hundreds of UK High-Rises Still Need Cladding Remediation Work


29 Oct 2018, London, United Kingdom

England’s Ministry of Housing has compiled records that indicate only 39 of the 457 high-rise buildings with similar cladding systems to the fire-damaged Grenfell Tower have accomplished remediation works. Read more.

Woman Dies After Falling Off 27th Floor of a Panama City High-Rise While Taking Selfie


16 Oct 2018, Panama City, Panama

A woman experienced a fatal fall from the 27th story of the 100-200 Luxor Tower in Panama City, Panama while taking a selfie. Local authorities have attributed the fall to a strong wind, which caused her to lose her balance. Read more.

Some Windows at Tour InCity in Lyon Have Broken


04 Oct 2018, Lyon, France

Some windows from a 200-meter tower in Lyon have broken, leaving glass on the street. The incident was caused by tiny bubbles that had entered the windows during manufacturing and burst under exposure to hot temperatures. Read more.

Man Killed After Window Falls from London’s Corniche Hampton Towers


03 Oct 2018, London, United Kingdom

A man has died due to a fallen window from a recently completed 27-story tower on the Albert Embankment in central London. The Health and Safety Executive is investigating the incident alongside the local police. Read more.

Combustible Materials to be Banned on New High-Rise Buildings in the UK


02 Oct 2018, London, United Kingdom

The UK government has announced that cladding made of combustible materials is banned on new construction and projects currently under construction above 18 meters. The ban will not apply retroactively to already-constructed projects. Read more.

Kuwait Bank Tower Fire Caused by Exterior Welding Works


01 Oct 2018, Kuwait City, Kuwait

A fire broke out in a 62-story building under construction in the Sharq sector of Kuwait City, causing the evacuation of 2,500 workers. Investigators specified welding works on the building’s exterior as the cause of the incident. Read more.

Crack Appears in Sinking San Francisco Tower’s Window


07 Sep 2018, San Francisco, United States

A large crack has appeared in the window of a 36th-floor unit in a San Francisco high-rise. The fissure may indicate a separation of the façade from the building’s structure, which is currently tilting 45 centimeters from its original positioning. Read more.

Fire in Johannesburg Provincial High-Rise Burns for More Than Two Days


07 Sep 2018, Johannesburg, South Africa

A fire broke out in a 115-meter government building on September 5 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and had yet to be extinguished two days later. The incident occurred amid concerns that the building was unfit for habitation. Read more.

Oregon Becomes the First State to Permit Mass Timber High-Rises


22 Aug 2018, Portland, United States

Oregon has become the first state in the US to allow timber buildings to exceed six stories without special consideration. Three new building classifications were introduced, at a maximum of nine, 12 and 18 stories. Read more.

Fire in Ajman High-Rise Injures 20


21 Aug 2018, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

A fire broke out in a 53-story tower in the United Arab Emirates, injuring 20. It allegedly started on the 26th floor in the air conditioning room before spreading to other levels, however it was extinguished before it could spread to nearby buildings. Read more.

Fire Breaks Out at Sejong Construction Site


26 Jun 2018, Sejong City, South Korea

A fire broke out at a high-rise residential construction site in Sejong City in South Korea. Most of the major flames have been extinguished, but there have been 3 reported fatalities and 37 reported injuries. Read more.

Fire Breaks Out at Residential High-Rise in Mumbai


13 Jun 2018, Mumbai, India

A fire broke out on the top floors of a residential high-rise in Mumbai on June 13. Firefighters were able to control the fire, and while 100 people were evacuated from the building, there were no reported fatalities. Read more.

UK Government to Consider Cladding Ban After London’s Tragic Grenfell Tower Fire


18 May 2018, London, United Kingdom

Following the publication of a controversial review of current regulations, the UK Parliament agreed to consult on banning combustible cladding systems on high-rise residential buildings. Read more.

Dubai High-Rise Badly Damaged by Fire


15 May 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A fire broke out in The Zen, a residential high-rise in Dubai Marina, on May 13. No injuries were reported, as many were away at work at the time, but the tower appears to be badly damaged. Officials said the fire started outside the building. Read more.

Further Disclosures Emerge About London’s Grenfell Tower Cladding Decisions


11 May 2018, London, United Kingdom

New details have emerged in the aftermath of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, revealing that a plan to fit the 24-story high-rise with fire-resistant cladding was dropped amid pressure from the local council to save money. Read more.

São Paulo High-Rise Collapses After Massive Fire


01 May 2018, São Paulo, Brazil

An abandoned 24-story high-rise building in downtown São Paulo caught fire and collapsed on May 1. The fire is thought to have been caused by a gas explosion. Firefighters said at least one person died in the collapse. Read more.

Fire at New York City’s Trump Tower Kills One


09 Apr 2018, New York City, United States

A fire broke out at Trump Tower in New York City on April 7, leaving one man dead and six firefighters injured before the blaze was put out. The fire was contained to the 50th floor of the 58-story, 202.4-meter tower. Read more.

Plans Emerge for Future of Grenfell Tower Site in London


05 Mar 2018, London, United Kingdom

The UK Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government announced that decisions about the future of the Grenfell Tower site will be transferred to a new body representing residents and the bereaved. Read more.

Dozens Injured as Floor Collapses at Jakarta Stock Exchange


15 Jan 2018, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dozens of people were injured when a floor at the Indonesia Stock Exchange in Jakarta collapsed. At least 77 people were taken to local hospitals. The cause of the collapse is unknown as of press time. Read more.

China Strengthens Fire Safety for High-Rise Buildings


22 Dec 2017, Beijing, China

China's Ministry of Public Security has issued a draft regulation on fire safety for high-rise buildings and for public consultation, which includes a ban on shopping malls setting up on the third basement or below in high-rises. Read more.

New Report Says San Francisco’s Sinking Millennium Tower is a Fire Hazard


19 Dec 2017, San Francisco, United States

According to a new report, San Francisco’s sinking Millennium Tower may be less safe than previously thought. The tower, already the center of several lawsuits, could be exposing residents to a widespread fire risk. Read more.

Review of London’s Grenfell Fire Finds UK Building Regulations “Not Fit for Purpose”


19 Dec 2017, London, United Kingdom

An interim report into the review of building regulations, carried out in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy, has concluded that they are “not fit for purpose,” and a “universal shift in culture” is needed to create “true and lasting change." Read more.

UK Cities Spending Billions in Post-Grenfell Retrofits


13 Dec 2017, Manchester, United Kingdom

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, fire safety measures in tower blocks have cost United Kingdom’s councils and housing associations billions in retrofits, prompting arguments over who should pay for the measures. Read more.

Man Attempting Climbing Stunt in Changsha Falls 54 Stories to His Death


11 Dec 2017, Changsha, China

A Chinese “rooftopping” star fell to his death while performing a stunt in November 2017. Police have confirmed that Wu Yongning fell to his death from the 54-story Huayuan Centre in Changsha, Hunan. Read more.