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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Construction Worker Found Dead at Lotte World Tower in Seoul


19 Dec 2014, Seoul, South Korea

A worker was found dead at the construction site of the 123-story Lotte World Tower in southeastern Seoul on December 16, police officers said. The cause of death is still under investigation. Read more.

High-Rise Developers in Abu Dhabi Marketing Storage Spaces as “Maid’s Quarters”


16 Dec 2014, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Reports indicate that some residential high-rise developers are passing off small rooms as storage spaces to get planning permission, then changing the description to maid’s rooms in advertising material. Read more.

Los Angeles Complex Fire Scorches Two Adjacent Towers


08 Dec 2014, Los Angeles, United States

A massive fire in downtown engulfed an apartment complex under construction, damaged two high-rises and left freeways and roads closed. There were no injuries. Officials said the cause of the blaze was not yet known. Read more.

Two Years Later, Cost to Repair Fire-Damaged Dubai Tower Soars to $21M


17 Nov 2014, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The cost of repairing the fire-damaged Tamweel Tower has reached $21.2 million according to the latest assessment. Two years after a fire partially gutted the 34-story tower, the property is still no closer to receiving repairs. Read more.

Jury Selection Begins for Las Vegas Tower Trial


05 Nov 2014, Las Vegas, United States

In 2008, construction of the Harmon Hotel was halted when inspectors discovered that the steel reinforcement used in the first 15 stories would not support the planned 49-story tower above. Jury selection has begun for the resulting lawsuits. Read more.

Vizag Considers Design Reinforcement for Forthcoming High-Rises


31 Oct 2014, Visakhapatnam, India

In the aftermath of a severe cyclone, Visakhapatnam (Vizag) is seriously contemplating requiring that buildings be constructed to endure such natural calamities, especially high-rises, which are greatly affected by wind forces. Read more.

Chicago High-Rise Fire Safety Ordinance Deadline Approaching


28 Oct 2014, Chicago, United States

Owners of Chicago’s 729 pre-1975 residential high-rises have had nine years to make fire safety improvements, and the deadline is “not moving” past January 1, a top mayoral aide said on October 27. Read more.

Glass Safety Tests Planned for London Office Block After Large Pane Falls


22 Oct 2014, London, United Kingdom

Hundreds of glass panels on 240 Blackfriars are going to be inspected after a large pane of glass fell several stories onto the pavement below. For the time being, protective scaffolding will be built around the perimeter. Read more.

Fire Breaks Out at Shangri-la Hotel in Ulaanbaatar


01 Oct 2014, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

On September 30, a fire erupted in the Shangri-la Hotel in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar. It's suspected that the fire was caused by an electrical wire, although this has not been officially confirmed. Read more.

Elevator Free Fall in Hanoi’s Lotte Center Terrifies Riders Inside


26 Sep 2014, Hanoi, Vietnam

An elevator at the Lotte Center in Hanoi’s Ba Dinh District fell rapidly from the 63rd to 35th floor on the evening of September 25, terrorizing seven people inside it. No casualties were reported. Read more.

Fire Engulfs High-Rise Building in Krasnoyarsk


22 Sep 2014, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Flames engulfed a 25-story apartment building, Novaya Vysota, in the city of Krasnoyarsk on September 22. The blaze damaged an area of about 2,000 square meters. The fire spread to the entire height of the building on two sides. Read more.

Elevator Crash Halts High-Rise Construction in Istanbul


10 Sep 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

Two people have been detained in connection with the death of 10 workers on September 6, when an industrial elevator fell to the ground level from a higher floor of a high-rise building being constructed in Istanbul. Read more.

Negligence Charges Filed Against Builder of Collapsed Medellin High-Rise


08 Sep 2014, Medellin, Colombia

Colombia's Attorney General's Office has accused the builder of the Space residential high-rise complex of negligence. One of the towers collapsed in the city of Medellin in October 2013, leaving 12 dead. Read more.

Plans in Place to Fix Bridgewater Place in Leeds


08 Aug 2014, Leeds, United Kingdom

The owners of Bridgewater Place, a tower notorious for creating a wind-tunnel effect believed to have been responsible for a man’s death, are seeking planning permission for measures to fix the problem. Read more.

Cleaners Stranded Working on Austria’s Tallest


04 Aug 2014, Vienna, Austria

On August 2, two window cleaners were left stranded 144 meters above the ground when the platform they were working on stalled and slipped nearly 90 degrees. They both walked away from the ordeal unhurt. Read more.

New Policy Framework for Maltese High Rises


19 Jun 2014, Valetta, Malta

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) has published a new Policy Framework, setting forth policies for the design of tall buildings, in appropriate strategic locations in Malta. Read more.

“Killer Litter” Remains a Problem in Singapore


09 Jun 2014, Singapore, Singapore

“Killer litter” – an externality of life in mostly high-rise Singapore – has returned to the spotlight following the death of an elderly woman, who was struck by a bicycle wheel allegedly flung by a teenage boy from the 14th floor of a Eunos Crescent block. Read more.

New High-Rise Fire Safety Rules for Bangalore


05 Jun 2014, Bangalore, India

Buildings taller than 60 meters will be subject to new fire-safety rules in Bangalore and the surrounding Indian state of Karnataka. The Police, Fire and Emergency Services department had recently introduced three fire safety measures, apart from those prescribed in the Indian National Building Code. Read more.

Chicago’s Willis Tower Glass-Floor Skydeck Cracks


30 May 2014, Chicago, United States

The Ledge, a glass-bottomed box suspended from the 103rd story of the Willis Tower’s west facade, will remain closed until the protective glass coating on its innermost layer can be repaired. Read more.

Pakistan Aviation Authority Bans High-Rises Within 15 km of Airports


30 May 2014, Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority has banned the construction of high-rise residential and commercial buildings within a 15-km range around airports across Pakistan. Read more.

“A Lotte” Safety Concerns for Seoul Skyscraper Project


15 May 2014, Seoul, South Korea

Safety concerns still abound for retail giant Lotte Group’s 123-story Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea, prompting the Seoul city government to preemptively deny the company the temporary use of the completed lower floors of the building. Read more.

Pre-2007 Bangkok Towers Need Seismic Check


08 May 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

High-rise buildings in Bangkok that were constructed before 2007 should be inspected for damage and appropriate seismic reinforcements, officials at the Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT) said after a May 5 earthquake in Chiang Rai sent tremors that were felt in Bangkok. Read more.

Beam Falls from Philadelphia’s Kennedy House


05 May 2014, Philadelphia, United States

A large concrete beam fell from a Center City Philadelphia high-rise on the night of May 2, landing on the sidewalk outside a popular restaurant. The piece fell from the 4th-floor parking garage of the Kennedy House at 20th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard. Read more.

Indian Supreme Court Stops Demolition of Two Towers


05 May 2014, Noida, India

Two 40-story condominium towers in the Delhi suburb of Noida can continue construction, the Indian Supreme Court has ruled. The Supertech development company has been building two concrete-frame towers in the Emerald Court project. Read more.

One Dead in Fall From Malaysian Tower Build


11 Apr 2014, George Town, Malaysia

One construction worker was killed and two others were critically injured after falling several floors from a 32-story condominium tower under construction in George Town. Work has been halted, pending an investigation into the cause of the accident. Read more.

In Hong Kong, Tall Can Also Mean (Really) Small


09 Apr 2014, Hong Kong, China

A Chinese human-rights group has released photographs of some of Hong Kong’s smallest and most crowded apartments. Space is scarce and expensive, and living conditions are often almost unbearable.Read more.

More Accidents at Lotte World Site


08 Apr 2014, Seoul, South Korea

An employee was killed during construction of the second Lotte World complex in Seoul, renewing safety concerns about the high-rise building. The worker was killed after being hit by a metal lid from an exploding pipe. Read more.

London High-Rise Residents “Lack Escape Plans”


28 Mar 2014, London, United Kingdom

The London Fire Brigade says that 760,000 people living in London’s high-rise apartment towers are at risk in a fire because the buildings lack formal escape plans. Read more.