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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Perth Gets Its Own “Mr. Skyscraper”


18 Jun 2014, Perth, Australia

Perth’s planning minister John Day said it’s time for his city to “grow up.” Ahead of the launch of a blueprint for the province of Western Australia’s future, Day said Perth had spent 150 years “growing out,” and it was time to build upwards. Read more.

Melbourne Neighborhoods “Lock Out” High-Rise Development


17 Jun 2014, Melbourne, Australia

Swaths of Melbourne's richest suburbs have been “locked up.” and high-rise development largely banned, after Planning Minister Matthew Guy approved new residential zones across the city's most expensive areas on June 16. Read more.

London Skyline Debate Hits City Hall


13 Jun 2014, London, United Kingdom

The debate over the future of London‘s skyline was taken up by the London Assembly’s Planning Committee in City Hall. The London Assembly is expected to apply pressure on Mayor Boris Johnson over the issue of skyscrapers in the capital. Read more.

Imagining the Sydney Skyline of 2050


02 May 2014, Sydney, Australia

The Daily Telegraph has published speculative renderings of Sydney’s potential skyline in 2050, produced by three architectural firms for Urban Taskforce Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has predicted that that Melbourne’s population will overtake Sydney’s in the next 20 years. Read more.

London Grapples With Skyline Campaign


01 May 2014, London, United Kingdom

The future role of skyscrapers in London has become one of the city’s most talked-about issues, driven partially by a report indicating the city could expect some 236 skyscrapers in the next decade, and stoked further by the Architects Journal / Observer “Skyline Campaign.” Read more.

High Rises Going Up in Smaller US Cities


29 Apr 2014, Minneapolis, United States

While the housing market may still be feeling the effects of the recession, cities across the United States are seeing a definite increase in the number of high-rise apartment buildings being developed in downtown districts. Read more.

New Developments on Madison’s Old University Avenue


28 Apr 2014, Madison, United States

Despite a six-year planning effort that seeks to limit the height of the residential development for Madison’s Old University Avenue, city officials are calling for taller buildings and more intense development for the area. Read more.

New Economic Zone in Kenya to Host Some 20 Skyscrapers


15 Apr 2014, Nairobi, Kenya

Chinese investors are planning the Kenya-China Economic Zone, a development near Nairobi that may someday rival the infrastructure and skyscraper splendor of Dubai. It could feature at least 20 tall buildings. Read more.

1 Vanderbilt Pushes Ahead


15 Apr 2014, New York City, United States

After plans were delayed by the demise of the Bloomberg re-zoning plan, the developer for 1 Vanderbilt is now negotiating with the de Blasio administration for a path forward that does not entail a neighborhood-wide re-zoning. Read more.

New Riverside Project in Parramatta


09 Apr 2014, Sydney, Australia

The city council of Sydney suburb Parramatta has entered a development agreement with LIDIS to deliver a new riverfront master plan, anchored by a 41-story apartment and retail tower. Read more.

Swiss See Skyscraper Spree


08 Apr 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland

Switzerland, a country better known for the height of its mountains and aerial tramways than that of its buildings, is beginning to grapple with a taller and denser skyline than ever before. Read more.

Danhai Population to Multiply 21 Times by 2041


01 Apr 2014, Danshui, Taiwan

The coastal city of Danshui, a suburb of Taipei, is being viewed as a major nexus of high-rise development in anticipation of the extension of Taipei's light-rail and metro system. Read more.

Renderings Revealed for 235 Grand Street


31 Mar 2014, Jersey City, United States

Continuing the rapid pace of new development in the area, renderings have been revealed for 235 Grand Street in Jersey City, New Jersey, a residential tower that will be part of the Liberty Harbor North development. Read more.

Hissing and Shouting Mars Newcastle High-Rise Debate


26 Mar 2014, Newcastle, Australia

New planning laws that would allow high rises in the center city area of Newcastle have come under fire from angry residents who say they have been denied a voice in the process.Read more.

Fire-Fighting Manpower Resources a Concern in Towering Vancouver


14 Mar 2014, Vancouver, Canada

Gordon Ditchburn, former president of the Vancouver Fire Fighters’ Union, has raised awareness over the availability of front-line responders, in a city where manpower is declining as skyscrapers are rising. Read more.

Think Tank Predicts 236 Skyscrapers Will Sprout in London


13 Mar 2014, London, United Kingdom

A recent study by New London Architecture (NLA) found that 236 towers over 20 stories tall are already proposed, approved, or under construction in London, with the majority designed for residential use in response to a strong demand for housing. Read more.

Brooklyn’s Tallest Tower Wears Short-Lived Crown


13 Mar 2014, New York, United States

In New York’s current booming tower construction climate, 180-meter 388 Bridge Street can only retain its title as Brooklyn’s tallest for so long before another one rises to 182 meters to take the crown, as is the case with Avalon Willoughby West. Read more.

Hong Kong Top-Floor Towers Fetch Double the Manhattan Rents


06 Mar 2014, Hong Kong, China

Premium office space is found at the topmost floors of skyscrapers across the globe, with Hong Kong in the lead, where the highest floor space goes for more than twice that of comparable space in Manhattan. Read more.

Half-Vacant U.S. Bank Building in L.A. Plans Reuse Reinvention


04 Mar 2014, Los Angeles, United States

Overseas Union Enterprise, the developer that bought the U.S. Bank Building last year, has hired architecture firm Gensler to adapt the commercial building into a structure that reflects the evolving needs for housing in downtown Los Angeles. Read more.

'Killer Litter' Thrown from High-Rises is an Escalating Offense


03 Mar 2014, Singapore, Singapore

Singapore’s National Environmental Agency reports that offenders caught littering from high-rise buildings have doubled since December, and pose a potential deadly threat by tossing cigarette butts and food waste from the sky onto the pavement below. Read more.

Revealing Look Inside "Ghost Tower" in Bangkok


28 Feb 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

The abandoned 49-story Sathorn Unique Tower, another casualty of the 1997 Asian financial crisis, still haunts the skyline and prompts consideration of the built environment's mortality.Read more.

Rising Land Costs Problematic for China's Growing Urban Population


26 Feb 2014, Nanjing, China

Many newly urbanized residents of Chinese cities are faced with a cyclical housing dilemma: increased demand and subsequent increased cost. In Nanjing, tall buildings are being constructed on the outskirts of the city to provide affordable housing. Read more.

High-Rise Development Carries On in Karachi


06 Feb 2014, Karachi, Pakistan

Due to a shortage of land and market demand, high-rise housing continues to develop in Karachi, Pakistan, despite obstacles to construction from unreliable safety conditions and a 2010 moratorium on new domestic gas connections. Read more.

Mediterranean Coastal City Malaga Singularly Allows Skyscrapers


31 Jan 2014, Malaga, Spain

Malaga is now accepting construction proposals for structures 22-35 stories tall under the city's new standards of approval, which towers over neighboring coastal towns that have height restrictions capping at 6-8 stories.Read more.

Fruits and Vegetables Skyscraper Fresh in Singapore


17 Jan 2014, Singapore, Singapore

Skygreens, a vertical farm in Singapore, could provide a case study for skyscraper-based greengrocers elsewhere. Around the world, there is an increased need for sustainable methods of acquiring fresh fruits and vegetables.Read more.

Auckland High-Rise Brings Public Street to the Sky


16 Jan 2014, Auckland, New Zealand

A thoroughfare running through an apartment complex will open public airspace in Auckland, New Zealand. The high-rise has nearly sold out to buyers attracted to the blend of residential, commercial, and retail space. Read more.

Saskatoon Skyline Takes Cue from Shanghai


15 Jan 2014, Saskatoon, Canada

In an effort to promote urban growth, Saskatoon, the largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, has lifted a ban that restricted downtown buildings to a height of 76 meters. City officials would like to impose a minimum height of 10 meters. Read more.

Permission Granted for Irish Odyssey Development


03 Dec 2013, Belfast, United Kingdom

A ₤100 million (US$164 million) redevelopment scheme at Belfast's Odyssey complex, designed by HJ Lyons, has received outline planning permission. The plan allows for almost 800 homes, two hotels, a retail area and restaurants, and includes a signature tower built on the complex's waterfront edge. Read more.

Grand Avenue Submission Marks Major Milestone


26 Nov 2013, Los Angeles, United States

Related Companies submitted the new conceptual plan designed by Gehry Partners to the Los Angeles Grand Avenue Authority. The $650 million development addresses the three-block area across Grand Ave. from the Gehry-designed Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA. Read more.

Washington Contemplates Easing Height Limits


26 Nov 2013, Washington, D.C., United States

The National Capital Planning Commission wants Congress to ease the more than 100-year-old restrictions on the height of buildings in Washington. The Commission's recommendation suggests changes to the 1910 Height Act, which generally requires that buildings must be no taller than the width of streets they face. Read more.