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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Damaged Medellin Tower Blocks Imploded


29 Sep 2014, Medellin, Colombia

Colombian authorities demolished the last buildings of a large apartment block in a Medellin neighborhood that partially collapsed in October 2013, killing 12 people. The first of the damaged towers was demolished in February 2014. Read more.

Las Vegas’ Harmon Hotel Begins Demolition


23 Jun 2014, Las Vegas, United States

MGM Resorts International has begun the year-long process of demolishing the Harmon Hotel, the only portion of the $8.5 billion, 67-acre CityCenter development that was never completed. Read more.

Disused High-Rise and Bridge Demolished Simultaneously in Maotai County


10 Jun 2014, Renhaui, China

The 900-ft (274-meter)-long bridge over the Chishui River, and an isolated, 25-story high-rise building were demolished in front of large crowds in Maotai County, Guizhou Province, China. Read more.

Murky Demolition Plans for Scottish High-Rises


05 May 2014, Dumbarton, United Kingdom

Another high-rise demolition controversy has come to Scotland, just weeks after a dramatic plan to dynamite Glasgow’s condemned Red Road towers as part of the Commonwealth Games’ opening ceremonies were scuttled. Read more.

Harmon Hotel Will Come Down, Eventually, Without a Bang


16 Apr 2014, Las Vegas, United States

Hopes for a “Vegas-style” implosion of the truncated Harmon Hotel have been dashed, as it will be necessary to dismantle the project slowly and carefully due to its proximity to other buildings. Read more.

Glasgow Games Blast Plans Scotched


15 Apr 2014, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Controversial plans to implode five of Glasgow’s six remaining Red Road public housing towers as part of the Commonwealth Games’ opening ceremonies have been canceled, after strong public criticism that the plan was insensitive to former residents. Read more.

Xianyung Building Split in Half During Demolition


10 Apr 2014, Shenyang, China

Television cameras captured extraordinary footage of the Xianyung Building, a residential housing block in Shenyang, China, being split precisely in half by strategically placed explosives. Read more.

Commonwealth Games to Kick Off With a Blast


03 Apr 2014, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow will demolish its social-housing tower blocks at Red Road as part of the Commonwealth Games’ opening ceremonies, marking the “end of the high-rise living in the area." Read more.

Architects Unite to Save Historic Russian Radio Tower


19 Mar 2014, Moscow, Russia

In Moscow, a group of respected architects have written Russian President Vladimir Putin a signed petition to save Vladimir Shuchov’s Shabolvoka Radio Tower, which was constructed in 1922 and is considered an impressive engineering feat of the 20th century. Read more.

Brutalist University Tower Blasted


03 Feb 2014, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

A 116-meter former university tower was imploded in Frankfurt, Germany’s financial capital, to make way for two new office towers. AfE Turm is now the world’s tallest steel-framed structure to be demolished by a controlled explosion. Read more.

Viñoly Redesigns Marble Arch Tower


27 Nov 2013, London, United Kingdom

Property company Almacantar has unveiled its finalized plans for a 408,000-square foot (38,000-square meter) redevelopment of the 1960s Marble Arch Tower. The Rafael Viñoly-designed scheme includes the demolition of the existing 24-story tower and the construction of two new buildings, reaching seven and 17 stories, respectively. Read more.

Realtor Building Set for Demolition and Replacement


12 Nov 2013, Chicago, United States

A vote by the National Association of Realtors has approved a redevelopment project for the trade group's Chicago headquarters at 430 N. Michigan Ave. The project would involve demolishing the existing Realtor Building, which is more than a half-century old, and replacing it with a mixed-use tower. Read more.

Prentice Hospital Replacements Rolled Out


12 Nov 2013, Chicago, United States

The three final designs for the biomedical research facility to be built on the site of Prentice Women's Hospital Building have been unveiled. The finalists are Perkins + Will; a team of Goettsch Partners and Ballinger; and Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture with Payette. Read more.

Infamous High-Rise “Fortress” Coming Down


06 Nov 2013, Beijing, China

The luxurious "mountain villa" built atop a Beijing high-rise is being torn down. The $4 million penthouse was built on the roof of an existing apartment building earlier this year by health-care entrepreneur Biqing Zhang, much to the chagrin of its other occupants. Read more.

Demolition to Clear the Way for 181 Fremont


30 Aug 2013, San Francisco, United States

Demolition work has begun on two buildings at 181 Fremont St. in San Francisco, making space for the tower that will replace the pair. Developer Jay Paul Co. plans to build a 54-story tower which, at 805 feet (246 meters) could be the third-tallest building in San Francisco upon completion.Read more.

Harmon Tower Demolition Approved


26 Aug 2013, Las Vegas, United States

After four rounds of inspections and testing, Las Vegas judge has approved the demolition of the faulty, unfinished Harmon Tower hotel on the Strip. The defective 26-story shell has lain empty for years, embroiled in court disputes over who is to blame and who will cover the cost of demolition. Read more.

Residents Protest Rock Lair at the Top of a High-Rise


13 Aug 2013, Beijing, China

A Chinese businessman who built a house covered by an artificial mountain on top of a 26-story apartment block in Beijing has been told to remove it or risk its demolition. Local media reports that the man spent six years creating the structure using fake rocks, real trees and real grass. Read more.

Treasured Theater to Surrender to New High-rise Project


29 Jul 2013, Oklahoma City, United States

The former Stage Center theater in downtown Oklahoma City has been slated for demolition to make way for a 20-plus story office building on the site. The city's Downtown Design Review Committee must now decide whether to approve the demolition of the Center. Read more.

Turkey Lashes Out at Tall Buildings


17 Jul 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey's Parliament has passed an amendment to protect its historic skylines from uncontrolled urbanization. The new measures would transfer zoning authority in Turkish cities to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MEU) and set up architectural commissions in municipalities. Read more.

Tower Demolitions Continue in Scotland


02 Jul 2013, Dundee, United Kingdom

The two tallest buildings in Dundee were brought down yesterday in a controlled explosion yesterday by demolition contractor Safedem, at a cost of ₤2.3 million (US$3.5 million). The 25-story Derby Street Blocks, Butterburn Court and Bucklemaker Court, were built in 1971. Read more.

Gold Coast Buildings May Harbor Degraded Concrete


24 Jun 2013, Gold Coast, Australia

Griffith University's Head of Architecture, Professor Gordon Holden, has expressed concerns that many of Gold Coast's most iconic high-rises may be suffering from "concrete cancer." The problem is caused by weather and atmosphere, and is degrading the poorly-built structures in the city, reports. Read more.

Glasgow Demolishes Failed Housing Projects


06 May 2013, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow's Birnie Court, one of the city's controversial Red Road high-rise housing projects, was demolished yesterday, May 5, in the second stage of a regeneration project. Eighty-eight kilograms (194 pounds) of explosives brought down the 30-story building in five seconds. Read more.

High-rise Demolitions are Wasteful, British Architects Conclude


24 Apr 2013, London, United Kingdom

Post-war residential tower blocks should be refurbished rather than demolished, according to delegates at the Open City's Green Sky Thinking Week conference in London. The debate concluded that the amounts of embodied carbon in tall buildings are too great to lose through demolition. Read more.

Demolition May be the Greenest Option for Midtown Dinosaurs


02 Apr 2013, New York City, United States

Mayor Bloomberg's plans to rezone midtown New York, allowing for bigger and bolder skyscrapers, has found an unlikely ally. A recently produced report suggests that the most environmentally friendly solution is to demolish and replace these aging giants with properly built, efficient modern replacements. Read more.

Cincinnati Proposes Tower Redevelopment


25 Feb 2013, Cincinnati, United States

Cincinnati city leaders have launched a plan to build a $94 million 30-story luxury apartment tower on the site of bankrupt Tower Place parking garage and mall. The city reportedly purchased the 45-year-old building for $8.5 million last week. Read more.

KPF's Pinnacle in Danger of Demolition


04 Feb 2013, London, United Kingdom

The GBP1 billion Pinnacle skyscraper has stood at seven-stories since construction halted a year ago, due to a failure to secure tenants. An independent developer has proposed demolishing the empty tower and replacing it with a cheaper design. Read more.

New York Times Examines Unfinished Luxury Tower


23 Jan 2013, Las Vegas, United States

The New York Times chronicles the latest developments on the Harmon Tower, the defective and abandoned luxury hotel tower shell languishing on the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. An appeal focused on whether or not to demolish the tower is scheduled for later this year. Read more.

Video: Demolishing a Building Floor by Floor


15 Jan 2013, Tokyo, Japan

Japanese construction company Taisei Corporation is attracting media coverage with method for disassembling, rather than demolishing, buildings taller than 100 meters. The process, known as Tecorep, seals the structure’s top floors into an enclosure which is then lowered by temporary columns and powerful jacks. Read more.

Japan Looks at Skyscraper Demolition Techniques


09 Jan 2013, Tokyo, Japan

The Japan Times featured Tokyo-based Taisei Corp.’s novel method for demolishing skyscrapers. Taisei claims the "Ecological Reproduction System" is more environmentally sensitive, safer, and reduces noise and dust by keeping all the disassembly work inside the building, according to the article. Read more.

Ireland Saves Its First Skyscraper


16 Nov 2012, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin’s Planning Board has refused to allow Ireland’s first skyscraper, Liberty Hall, to be demolished. This decision rescinds the permit the Dublin City Council issued last year to demolish the 17-story, 60 meter building and replace it with a 22-story building of more than 93 meters (305 feet). Read more.