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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Guadalajara Tower Construction Terminated Following Adjacent Property Collapse


17 Aug 2018, Guadalajara, Mexico

Construction on a 24-story apartment building has been terminated in Guadalajara, following the collapse of part of an adjacent property. The local municipality plans to allow shoring work on the site to prevent further collapses. Read more.

Nairobi Governor Halts Construction of 43-Story Hotel Tower


17 Aug 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

The Nairobi Governor has halted the construction of a 43-story hotel tower, amid claims that the high-rise encroaches on public roads, and the contractors of the structure have not followed county planning laws. Read more.

Cartagena Development May be Demolished and Suspended Indefinitely


21 Jun 2018, Cartagena, Columbia

A five tower project under construction near the Castillo Dan Felipe in Cartagena may be demolished and discontinued, as recommended by the government and UNESCO. The residential development proposes a threat to the city’s World Heritage status. Read more.

Tech Giant Pausing Seattle Tower Construction Because of Business Tax Proposal


04 May 2018, Seattle, United States

A tech giant is halting construction on a 17-story office tower currently being built on its Seattle campus, and is considering sub-leasing a second high-rise while the City Council considers a new tax on large businesses. Read more.

Berlin High-Rise Project on Hold Over Subway Security Issues


27 Apr 2018, Berlin, Germany

A 150-meter high-rise in Berlin has been put on hold due to its proximity to groundwater and a metro tunnel, generating concern from the local transit authority about the impact of potential flooding on future subway service. Read more.

Potential Cracks in Steel Halt Work Atop Philadelphia’s New Comcast Tower


12 Sep 2017, Philadelphia, United States

Construction atop the rising Comcast Technology Center has been halted over concerns that the steel being used is cracked. The cracking may have occurred during the steel’s galvanizing process. Read more.

Investors in Stalled Abu Dhabi Project Refuse to Settle


27 Feb 2017, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Investors who bought flats in an Abu Dhabi complex where development stalled said they were offered half the cash they were owed in exchange for dropping lawsuits against the developer. Most have refused the deal. Read more.

Nairobi Skyscraper Halted Amid Structural Concerns


04 Oct 2016, Nairobi, Kenya

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has halted plans to build one of Africa’s tallest towers in Nairobi after fears that the building’s beams are not structurally sound to support a skyscraper of that magnitude. Read more.

High Court Restricts Developer from Constructing Illegal High-Rises in Mumbai


17 Jul 2015, Mumbai, India

The Bombay high court, in an important interim order on July 16, restrained developers from carrying out any further construction on two plots in the Khotachiwadi heritage precinct in the Girgaon district of Mumbai. Read more.

Philippine Supreme Court Stops Rise of Torre de Manila


16 Jun 2015, Manila, Philippines

The Supreme Court of the Philippines issued a temporary restraining order on June 16 against the construction of a high-rise residential building deemed to be ruining the view behind the Rizal Monument in Manila. Read more.

Taichung Mayor Suspends Plans for City Landmark as Budget Surges


21 Jan 2015, Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung mayor Lin Chia-lung has temporarily halted development of Sou Fujimoto's tree-inspired 300-meter tower for the city, which he says is "problematic" in terms of structure, safety, and ballooning costs. Read more.

Heritage Watchdog Halts Construction of High-Rise in Manila


15 Jan 2015, Manila, Philippines

The Philippines government’s heritage watchdog has ordered a real estate developer to stop the construction of a residential high-rise that would block the iconic view of a shrine to national hero Jose Rizal. Read more.

London’s Pinnacle Design Has Been Scrapped


17 Sep 2014, London, United Kingdom

The design for the long-delayed Pinnacle has been scrapped. A fresh planning application with an entirely new design is currently being worked on for the mothballed site in the City of London’s eastern cluster. Read more.

Construction Halts on B2 in New York City


04 Sep 2014, New York City, United States

On August 27, project contractor Skanska USA Building halted all construction on B2 BKLYN, the first of three residential towers to surround the Barclays Center sports arena and provide 1,500 units of mixed-income housing. Read more.

Bangkok Central Embassy Hotel Rises


22 May 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

Construction continues on the 30-story, 5-star hotel tower at Bangkok Central Embassy, while the 7-story retail podium of the tower recently celebrated its opening. The complex, designed by AL_A, offers upscale entertainment, retail, and accommodations. Read more.

Indian Supreme Court Stops Demolition of Two Towers


05 May 2014, Noida, India

Two 40-story condominium towers in the Delhi suburb of Noida can continue construction, the Indian Supreme Court has ruled. The Supertech development company has been building two concrete-frame towers in the Emerald Court project. Read more.

Washington Monument to Re-Open


27 Mar 2014, Washington, United States

The Washington Monument, closed since 2011 due to an earthquake, will re-open to visitors May 12. The remaining scaffolding is to come down by the end of March. The repair project has cost $15 million. Read more.

Not Every Urban Neighborhood Allowed a High-Rise in Israel’s South


10 Mar 2014, Ashdod, Israel

Israel’s Southern District Regional Planning and Building Committee reversed its approval for two 44-story towers in Ashdod after accepting objections by the local advocacy group, which claimed the towers would appear out of place. Read more.

Falling Iron Halts Work in Calgary


10 Sep 2013, Calgary, Canada

City officials issued a stop work order after a load of metal fell from a crane in downtown Calgary engaged in building Eighth Avenue Place West Tower. Officials say no further hoisting work will be allowed until inspectors can determine what happened and whether the public's safety can be guaranteed. Read more.

Lawsuit Attacks Millennium Towers' Integrity


30 Aug 2013, Los Angeles, United States

A coalition of local homeowners has filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles and the developer of the Hollywood Millennium project. The suit alleges the city failed to study the environmental impacts of the two-tower development and accuses city officials of hiding evidence of a possible earthquake fault near the site. Read more.

Work Stalls on Sky City, But BSB Remains Positive


28 Aug 2013, Changsha, China

The New York Times has produced a trio of pieces on the ever-interesting Sky City project by Broad Sustainable Building in Changsha, China. The articles paint a determined picture of Chairman Zhang Yue, who remains steadfast in his ambitions to build what he sees as the world's next tallest building. Read more.

Cardin Venice Project Quashed


12 Jul 2013, Venice, Italy

Public and government opposition has forced fashion tycoon Pierre Cardin to cancel plans for his pet skyscraper project. Pierre Cardin and architect Rodrigo Basilicati have axed plans for their 60-story Palais Lumière, due to criticism about how the building would clash with the Venetian landscape. Read more.

Court Strikes Down Gazprom's Tall Plans


21 Jun 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia

A St. Petersburg court has struck down the exemption which previously granted Russian oil giant Gazprom permission to build its Okhta Center. The site, which contains remains of an ancient Swedish fortress from the time of Peter the Great's rule, is now on the city's cultural heritage protection list. Read more.

Houston Contractor Drops Ashby Project


25 Mar 2013, Houston, United States

The Houston construction company behind the apartment tower commonly known as the Ashby high-rise has abandoned the controversial project. Linbeck Group said it withdrew from the project because of technical issues relating to controlling the construction process. Read more.

Shenzhen Construction Halted After Cheap Sand Warning


19 Mar 2013, Shenzhen, China

Work has been halted on several major tall building projects in Shenzhen, China, including the 660-meter Ping An Finance Centre, which is to be the country’s tallest, due to reports that concrete used by some local developers was made from untreated sea sand. Read more.

Radioactive Dirt Stalls Chicago Tower Construction


09 Nov 2012, Chicago, United States

Construction work on 435 North Park was halted due to the discovery of radioactive soil on the site. The area was contaminated 80 years ago with 40,000 tons of radioactive thorium-232 by the Lindsay Light Company, according to media reports. Read more.

Firm Abandons Fire Station Tower Proposal in UK


30 Oct 2012, Birmingham, United Kingdom

British firm K4 Architects has announced it will abandon proposals to build a tower above Birmingham’s Central Fire Station. The scheme, which was in its third version for redeveloping the site, featured a large student housing tower above the former fire station. Read more.

'Tower of Ring' Completed in China


25 Oct 2012, Tianjin, China

The Japanese firm Eastern design office has completed a tower-shaped installation in a cultural square in Tianjin. Visitors cannot climb on or go in the tower. The piece seeks to encourage people to look into the sky, and to connect to the city and wider world.Read more.

Oregon Abandons Sustainable Skyscraper Dream


10 Oct 2012, Portland, Oregon

Portland is abandoning its plan to build a sustainable skyscraper, according to a statement from Mayor Sam Adams. The Oregon Sustainability Center lost its impetus after a series of rejections and reductions in the scale of the project.Read more.