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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Three-Tower Development Unveiled for Melbourne’s Box Hill Suburb


02 Aug 2018, Melbourne, Australia

Plans for a three-tower development in Melbourne’s Box Hill suburb have been unveiled. The 16-, 19-, and 29-story towers will include 273 residential units, 5,979 square meters of office space, 49 hotel suites, and retail. Read more.

Planning Permission Finalized for 26-Story Tower in Croydon, London


02 Aug 2018, London, United Kingdom

A developer has received approval for a 26-story residential tower in Croydon, which will rise on the narrow site of a four-story office building. The project includes 92 units and a white-brick-framed façade. Read more.

Revised Plans for Austin’s Future Tallest Building Submitted to City Design Commission


31 Jul 2018, Austin, United States

Updated plans for a 255-meter tower, which may become Austin’s tallest, have been submitted to the city’s design commission. The mixed-use project includes 349 residential units, office space, and retail on the ground floor. Read more.

Approved High-Rise Development Challenged by Residents in Perth’s Applecross Suburb


31 Jul 2018, Perth, Australia

A development that would bring one 30-story and two 26-story towers to a suburb of Perth has been approved despite the area's 15-story limit, but height concerns lodged by local residents may overturn the approval. Read more.

Proposed “Tulip” Tower to Begin Construction Soon in Miami


30 Jul 2018, Miami, United States

A $300 million project that may surpass Miami’s current tallest building in height is planned to begin construction in the fall of 2018. The 70-story tower includes residential units, a 294-room hotel, and 8,361 square meters of office space. Read more.

Elevator Company Announces New High-Rise Test Tower and Innovation Center in Atlanta


27 Jul 2018, Atlanta, United States

A 128-meter elevator-testing tower and innovation complex will be built to serve as a German elevator company’s new US headquarters, outside Atlanta. The scheme includes testing space for the company’s ropeless elevator system. Read more.

London’s Chrisp Street Development Earns Council Approval


27 Jul 2018, London, United Kingdom

Planning permission has been granted for a 18,000-square-meter development in London, which would include the demolition of several current structures and deliver 19 new buildings to the Chrisp Street Market area. Read more.

Bank to Move Headquarters to New Detroit High-Rise


26 Jul 2018, Detroit, United States

A banking giant in Michigan has announced plans to move its headquarters to a new high-rise in Detroit. Construction on the 20-story mixed-use building is expected to begin in 2019, with completion slated for the end of 2020. Read more.

41-Story Hotel and Apartment Complex Proposed for Auckland’s CBD


25 Jul 2018, Auckland, New Zealand

Developers have proposed a 41-story building to rise in Auckland, which would include 24 apartments and a 225-room hotel. The project is part of a larger development in the city’s CBD, amid increased tourism in the area. Read more.

Vancouver City Council to Vote on Tower That May Obstruct Mountain Views


24 Jul 2018, Vancouver, Canada

The Vancouver City Council is due to vote on a proposed 122-meter tower, amid widespread criticism of the project’s violation of local “view cone” laws. These laws preserve views of the North Shore mountains, city skyline, and water. Read more.

Renderings Revealed for a 228-Meter Tower in New York’s Long Island City


23 Jul 2018, New York City, United States

Renderings for a 74-story proposed tower in the Queens borough of New York City have been revealed. The building is expected to yield 92,903 square meters of mixed-use space, including retail in the base of the structure. Read more.

Architects Selected for Sydney’s Newest Residential High-Rise


19 Jul 2018, Sydney, Australia

A 80-story tower is planned to rise over a cinema complex in Sydney, following the appointment of the project’s architects. The mixed-use building is expected to cost $1 billion and take five years to construct. Read more.

31-Story Residential Tower Proposed to Rise in Madrid’s Chamberí District


19 Jul 2018, Madrid, Spain

A proposed 42,401-square-meter development in the Chamberí district of Madrid has received initial approval. The project includes a 100-meter residential building, which remains subject to public evaluation and revision until August 6th. Read more.

Developers Reveal Scheme to Build 25-Story Residential Building in Cork


17 Jul 2018, Cork, Ireland

Plans for a residential development, including a 25-story apartment tower, have been submitted to Cork’s An Bord Pleanála. The scheme would bring 413 units across five buildings to the area, as well as additional cycleways and walkways. Read more.

700-Meter Tower to Rise in Kuala Lumpur


16 Jul 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A mega-development, including a 700-meter-tall tower, has been proposed to rise in Kuala Lumpur’s city center. The project includes three office towers, retail, and parking, alongside a new mass rapid transit station. Read more.

Architecture Firm Draws on Local Landmarks for 22-Story Manchester High-Rise


12 Jul 2018, Manchester, United Kingdom

Proposals for a mixed-use development in Manchester’s city center have been unveiled. The 22-story building, which aims to reflect historical architecture designs in the area, will include 360 units, retail, and a roof terrace. Read more.

Tropical Tower of Hanging Gardens Planned for Da Nang


11 Jul 2018, Da Nang, Vietnam

A design for a narrow 21-story building covered in greenery and planted terraces has been released. The tower, slated for the historic town of Da Nang in Vietnam, includes a 129-room hotel, cafés, and a rooftop pool. Read more.

29-Story Mixed-Use Tower to Occupy Philadelphia’s Former Newman Center Site


11 Jul 2018, Philadelphia, United States

A 29-story building has been proposed to rise between two churches on the site of the former Newman Center in Philadelphia. The project includes 420 apartments, 372 square meters of retail, parking, and a sustainable outdoor public space. Read more.

Vancouver's Empire Landmark Hotel Being Erased from City Skyline


11 Jul 2018, Vancouver, Canada

Demolition has commenced on a 44-story hotel building in Vancouver. The project, which is estimated to complete by March 2019, will make way for two residential towers with cantilevered balconies. Read more.

Designs Unveiled for Hexagonal Prism High-Rise in Toronto


10 Jul 2018, Toronto, Canada

A proposed 48-story building in Toronto would feature a unique hexagonal shape and a façade inspired by the growth of plants. The development also includes a retail, restaurants, a redesigned park, and a public art installation. Read more.

Two New Towers to be Delivered in Surabaya


09 Jul 2018, Surabaya, Indonesia

A groundbreaking ceremony occurred for two towers planned to rise in Surabaya, Indonesia. The buildings, which are part of a greater five-tower scheme, have both launched to market and are scheduled for completion in 2021. Read more.

Retirement Tower to Rise in Repentigny Near Montréal


09 Jul 2018, Repentigny, Canada

A 30-story retirement building is slated to rise in Repentigny, near Montréal. The building is scheduled to be delivered by 2020 and will include 289 units, commercial space, and residential amenities. Read more.

65-Story Tower Would be Ottawa's Tallest


05 Jul 2018, Ottawa, Canada

A proposed 65-story building would become Ottawa’s tallest if approved as submitted and completed to schedule. The mixed-use development would rise near a transit station, offering 1,241 residential units, office space, and retail space. Read more.

London Planning Officers Recommend Approval for Proposed 263-Meter Tower


05 Jul 2018, London, United Kingdom

Amid concerns about a project’s impact on local historical sites, the City of London planning officers have recommended approval for the 263-meter tower to rise in the city. The scheme includes office space, retail, and public viewing areas. Read more.

108-Story Residential Complex Approved for Moscow Business Center


03 Jul 2018, Moscow, Russia

A 108-story mixed-use complex has been approved in the CBD of Moscow. The 405-meter tower will include a shopping center, a recreation center, an observation deck, office space, and 195,400 square meters of residential space. Read more.

Mixed-Use High-Rise to Replace Downtown Phoenix Parking Lot


02 Jul 2018, Phoenix, United States

The Phoenix City Council has approved the sale of a lot where a 20-story mixed-use building has been proposed to rise. The high-rise will feature a 220-room hotel, two floors of office space, and 567 square meters of retail. Read more.

Melbourne’s Central Business District Poised to Gain Another Hotel Tower


02 Jul 2018, Melbourne, Australia

A developer is seeking approval for a 36-story hotel development in Melbourne’s CBD. The owner of the site, the Uniting Church of Australia, plans to use the proceeds of the project for church operations. Read more.

Glass and Steel Tower Planned for Chicago’s Union Station


29 Jun 2018, Chicago, United States

Developers plan to build 404 residential units in a seven-story addition above Chicago’s Union Station, plus a 330-room hotel in the station’s top floors. The plan is part of an effort to capitalize on valuable real estate near and over the station. Read more.

Work Begins On 106-Meter Tower in Zaragoza


28 Jun 2018, Zaragoza, Spain

Site clearing has begun on the plot of a planned 106-meter tower in Zaragoza that could become the tallest in the Spanish Region of Aragon, if completed as planned. The $81 million project is slated for completion by 2021. Read more.

West London Residential Project Receives Green Light


28 Jun 2018, London, United Kingdom

A 20-story mixed-use project has been approved to rise on the site of a Pentecostal church. The development will include 85 new apartments, commercial space, a new church, a nursery, and community facilities. Read more.