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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Hudson Yards East Platform Construction Commences


20 Mar 2014, New York, United States

Related Companies and Oxford Properties Group have announced the commencement of construction of the east platform of Hudson Yards, which is the largest private real-estate development in the history of the United States. Read more.

Renderings for West Loop Skyscraper Updated in Chicago


19 Mar 2014, Chicago, United States

Developer Steven Fifield returned to the drawing board to present a tower more ambitious in height than the originally proposed 26-story office tower destined for 625 West Monroe Street in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.Read more.

Tall Timber Training Funded by US Department of Agriculture


19 Mar 2014, Washington D.C., United States

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is yelling “timber!” in Washington D.C. The US Department of Agriculture will allocate funds towards the training of architects and engineers to utilize an environmentally friendly timber technology in place of steel. Read more.

Supertall May Ascend to World’s Tallest Residential Tower


18 Mar 2014, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai-based developer Trident International Holdings will resume work on the residential 516-meter Pentominium Tower, located in Dubai Marina, and will be second tallest building in Dubai, next to the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. Read more.

Proposed Tallest Building in Malaysia Begins Construction


18 Mar 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The long-anticipated Warisan Merdeka, which may oust the Petronas Towers as the tallest building in Malaysia, is set to begin construction, with Pintaras Jaya commissioned to begin the foundation pour next week.Read more.

Stockholm’s Tallest Tower to Rise Taller and Light Up Like “Candy”


17 Mar 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

Tellus Tower, which was originally proposed to reach 225 meters, will now stand a little taller at 237 meters, with a lit-up façade that architect Gert Wingardh likens to a “packet of candy.” Read more.

Rooftop Oasis to Provide Green View for Surrounding Towers


17 Mar 2014, London, United Kingdom

Atop an eight-story office building on Leadenhall Street, a two-story glass pavilion extension and gardens will provide a highly visible, green reprieve for onlookers within the city’s neighboring skyscrapers. Read more.

Skyscraper Attempts to Top its Own Record as Video-Game Screen


12 Mar 2014, Philadelphia, United States

Last year, the Guinness World Record for largest video-game screen was set with Pong played on one face of the 133-meter Cira Centre skyscraper in Philadelphia; this year, the feat will up the ante with a two-player match of Tetris played on all four facades. Read more.

Photos Reveal London's "Cheesegrater" Tower Simmering Along


12 Mar 2014, London, United Kingdom

The Leadenhall Building, playfully nicknamed The Cheesegrater for its likeness, appears to be completed, as it is depicted in photos freshly released by developers British Land and Oxford Properties. Read more.

Auckland's Tallest Skyscraper Plans are Modified for Wind


11 Mar 2014, Auckland, New Zealand

The design for NDG Auckland Centre has been blasted by the city council over fears of downdrafts assaulting pedestrians on the street in front of the 209-meter tower, which prompted New Development Group to modify its design strategy.Read more.

Melbourne’s Latest Proposal Could be Tallest Residential Tower Yet


10 Mar 2014, Melbourne, Australia

A 286-meter residential tower at 250 La Trobe Street in Melbourne is planned to rise just one meter under the city height limits, because the construction site is already on high ground, and is set to be the tallest residential tower in Melbourne. Read more.

New York Mayor Victorious in Tall Affordable Housing Challenge


10 Mar 2014, New York, United States

Upon the insistence of New York’s mayor, Bill De Blasio, the development at the former Domino Sugar factory site will incorporate larger apartments for families within the affordable housing portion of the 182-meter structure.Read more.

Tallest Office Building in Memphis Gets a Makeover


07 Mar 2014, Memphis, United States

The owners of 100 N. Main St. in Memphis have commissioned architect Joey Hagan of Architecture Inc. to transform the outdated office building into a dynamic mixed-use development with the addition of a new hotel and residential apartments. Read more.

One World Trade Center in Time's "The Top of America"


06 Mar 2014, New York, United States

Time published a feature story that shows an up-close perspective of the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, One World Trade Center in New York, and the journey it took to traverse tragedy to become an astounding “glass and steel exclamation point.” Read more.

Adobe 318 Tower Slated for Completion This Year


05 Mar 2014, Melbourne, Australia

The frame-faceted 188-meter tower located at 318 Russell Street is on track for completion this year, and will join the ranks of Melbourne’s rising skyline. CTBUH data now shows 31 tall building projects currently under construction in the Australian city. Read more.

World's Highest Observation Deck Planned for Burj 2020


04 Mar 2014, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The developers of the 660-meter Burj 2020 plan to top the tower with an observation deck that will occupy its highest floor, thus aspiring to claim recognition for both the “world’s highest observation deck” and “world’s tallest commercial tower.” Read more.

"Tallest Building in Austria" Title Goes to DC Tower 1


04 Mar 2014, Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s tallest building, the Dominique Perrault Architecture-designed 220-meter DC Tower 1, is also Austria’s tallest and will be joined by the 168-meter DC Tower 2, with both featuring facades that will mirror the other, as well as the river and city. Read more.

Inside Look at Upcoming Park Avenue Tower


26 Feb 2014, New York, United States

Architect Rafael Viñoly presented illuminating insights of his supertall design for the currently under-construction 432 Park Avenue to an audience of more than 300 at the Skyscraper Museum in New York.Read more.

Jean Nouvel Bedecks Barcelona Hotel with Flowers


25 Feb 2014, Barcelona, Spain

Ateliers Jean Nouvel, famous for its vertical gardens around the world, will add a floral façade to the exterior of the 110-meter Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, and cascading gardens along the interior atrium. Read more.

Kingdom Tower Mobilizes Construction


24 Feb 2014, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The kilometer-high Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, currently under construction, is showing new signs of life, as the developer of the project has commissioned engineering and construction consultants to test the required building materials. Read more.

Skyscrapers Double as Billboards with New Video Glass Technology


21 Feb 2014, Hong Kong, China

In Hong Kong, “Video Glass” technology is being developed to replace existing LED video advertisements on tall buildings with an energy-efficient system that can transform an entire building into a projection screen. Read more.

Unanimous Approval for New Comcast Tower in Philly


21 Feb 2014, Philadelphia, United States

Five bills that will pave the way for the construction of the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, a 341-meter addition to the Philadelphia skyline, have been unanimously approved by the City Planning Commission.Read more.

Approval of Skyscraper to Bring "Gotham" to London


20 Feb 2014, London, United Kingdom

Plans for a 170-meter skyscraper at 40 Leadenhall Street, which has been nicknamed the “Batman Building,” have been recommended for approval by the City of London’s planning office. Read more.

Design Details Revealed for Hudson Spire


19 Feb 2014, New York, United States

The much-anticipated plans for New York City’s Hudson Spire, located in the developing Hudson Yards district, were released by MJM + A Architects and indicate that the building is to rise to an astounding 549 meters. Read more.

Forgotten Space Beneath Tower-Adjacent Bridge Transformed into Public Showcase


18 Feb 2014, Vancouver, Canada

The development space under Granville Street Bridge, which includes the 150-meter Beach and Howe Street Tower, is to be brought to life as a vibrant public space that will function as a covered urban plaza for special occasions.Read more.

Tower Howl Heard Throughout Manchester


17 Feb 2014, Manchester, United Kingdom

With wind gusts of up to 113 kph (70 mph), in recent weeks the “Beetham Tower Howl” was heard screeching across the city center and into the suburbs, due to a glass and metal sculpture that rests atop the building. Read more.

Solution Planned for Walkie Scorchie's Rays


13 Feb 2014, London, United Kingdom

The owners of 20 Fenchurch, more recently known as “the Walkie-Scorchie” because of its ability to bend and concentrate light toward the street below, have proposed a solution to the building’s reflective beam. Read more.

Manhattan West Reveals Residential Rendering and Redevelopment Plan


13 Feb 2014, New York, United States

Brookfield Properties has unveiled images of its 60-story residential tower, as well as plans for the redevelopment of the existing building at 450 West 33rd Street, both of which are to be incorporated into the Manhattan West mega-development. Read more.

Science behind Falling Ice from One World Trade Center


12 Feb 2014, New York, United States

The ice falling from One World Trade Center and other modern skyscrapers is attributed to advances in the construction of efficient facades that insulate interiors and keep exteriors cool, according to a CTBUH report cited in the New York Times Feb. 11. Read more.

One Blackfriars Opens Sales Office in Dubai


12 Feb 2014, London, United Kingdom

One Blackfriars, a 165-meter residential tower developed by Berkeley Group, has opened a sales office in Dubai to market the residences directly to an increased global audience, which has caused a mixed response in London. Read more.