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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Untold History of Russian Skyscrapers Revealed


28 May 2013, Moscow, Russia

The strange history of Russian skyscrapers is the center of an article by The Calvert Journal, a cultural blog about modern Russia. The story details the history of Stalinist architects and their creations, most of which never made it past the design phase, which in many cases predicted the future of tall building design. Read more.

High-Rise Tenants Have Longer Life Expectancy


24 May 2013, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland have produced a study indicating that residents of the upper levels of high-rises can enjoy a longer life expectancy than their lower-level peers. Key factors to this phenomenon may include less air pollution and traffic noise, as well as exercising by climbing stairs. Read more.

Façades Require Multi-Disciplinary Approach


20 May 2013, Opinion: DesignBuild Source, Australia

A multi-disciplinary approach is key to a successful and innovative tall building façade, according to DesignBuild Source. Factors such as aesthetics, performance and engineering must be taken into account in order to achieve quality and longevity for the building's skin. Read more.

Skyscraper Respect in the Movies


17 May 2013, Opinion: ArchDaily, United States

ArchDaily writer Charlotte Nelson editorializes on the abuse skyscrapers tend to experience on the silver screen. She encourages filmmakers to move away from their negative attitudes toward tall buildings and calls skyscraper designers to take cues from the industry's fantastic creations. Read more.

New York “Stratospherians” Pay Dearly for the High-Rise Life


14 May 2013, New York City, United States

The New York Times looks into the city’s world of high-rise living, emphasizing how infatuated New Yorkers have become with the phenomenon and the premiums they are willing to pay. Extraordinary views and enviable silence are driving prices higher than the apartments. Read more.

“Tree-Scraper” Debate Heats Up


26 Apr 2013, New York City, United States

National Public Radio (NPR) blogger Robert Krulwich has published a story profiling the emergence of planted skyscrapers, "farmscrapers" and vertical forests. The article was created as an answer to architecture observer Tim De Chant's essay, "Can we please stop drawing trees on top of skyscrapers?" Read more.

High-rise Demolitions are Wasteful, British Architects Conclude


24 Apr 2013, London, United Kingdom

Post-war residential tower blocks should be refurbished rather than demolished, according to delegates at the Open City's Green Sky Thinking Week conference in London. The debate concluded that the amounts of embodied carbon in tall buildings are too great to lose through demolition. Read more.

The Guardian's Readers Celebrate Tall Buildings


22 Apr 2013, London, United Kingdom

As part of the Guardian's "Assignment of the Week" photography initiative, readers are encouraged to submit photos of tall buildings around the world. The theme was chosen in honor of last week's Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)'s debate on the role of tall buildings in the City of London. Read more.

Addressing the Public Realm of High-rise Design


18 Apr 2013, Sydney, Australia

In a recent article, Architecture Source addressed the challenges that face tall building designers. The piece provides examples of successful and unsuccessful solutions to the problems of restricted sunlight, exacerbated wind conditions, lack of activation at ground level and poor contextual response. Read more.

CTBUH Leaders Contribute to Science Publication


10 Apr 2013, London, United Kingdom

Science Omega has published an article in which four experts consider the challenges involved in the design, construction and placement of skyscrapers, along with the economic and environmental impacts of skyscraper development in European and global cities. Read more.

New York Times Documenting American High-Rise Living


09 Apr 2013, New York City, United States

The New York Times is planning to create four short documentaries exploring "the history and future of high-rise buildings and their relationship to issues of equity, segregation and social responsibility in cities around the world." The fourth film will consist entirely of images contributed by the public. Read more.

Diagonal Tower Exemplifies Skyscraper Efficiency


04 Apr 2013, Seoul, South Korea

Earth Techling has published a story featuring SOM's Diagonal Tower, which was designed as part of Seoul's Yongsan International Business District (IBD). The 343-meter (1,127-foot) office building was designed to include several passive systems and requires 25 percent less structural steel than similarly sized buildings. Read more.

MAD Architects on the Creators Project


02 Apr 2013, Tianjin, China

The Creators Project has produced a feature of MAD Architects and its Sinosteel International Plaza building. The building, which is under construction in Tianjin, features a honeycombed structural façade that eliminates interior columns. Read more.

Harvard Grad Paul Tange Explains Tall Buildings


26 Mar 2013, Tokyo, Japan

As part of the Global Harvard series of alumni interviews, architect Paul Tange, son of Kenzo Tange, explains his views on architecture and the design of tall buildings to the Harvard Gazette. The video centers around the development of the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower in Tokyo. Read more.

Podcast: Bringing Poetry to Tall Buildings


26 Mar 2013, Santaigo, Chile

Design and architecture talk show Roman Mars has produced a twelve minute podcast featuring Chilean poet Rodrigo Rojas's efforts to create marketable identities for Santiago's skyscraper developments. Since the 1990s, he has written poetic identities for more than 40 buildings in the capital. Read more.

Video: FT Questions Skyscrapers in London


14 Mar 2013, London, United Kingdom

The Financial Times has produced a short video addressing tall buildings within the context of the City of London. The editorial explores the history of development in the city and encourages a constant interrogation of new architecture in order to retain the city's unique identity. Read more.

The National Highlights Kingdom Tower


13 Mar 2013, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

A recent article from The National explores the implications of building the world's next tallest building. The article asks industry experts whether the Kingdom Tower will be a boon or a disadvantage to Saudi Arabia, as well as the subtleties of building and marketing the world's first kilometer-tall-tower. Read more.

Wilshire Grand Architect Takes the Design Personally


07 Mar 2013, Los Angeles, United States

Construction is progressing on the long-awaited Wilshire Grand hotel redevelopment project, World Architecture News reports. Designing the 73-story skyscraper, which has been in the planning process for 20 years, was "a very exciting journey," according to architect David Martin of AC Martin. Read more.

The Future of New York Depends on the Quality of Its Emerging Developments


27 Feb 2013, New York City, United States

The Architect's Newspaper has published William Menking's editorial which calls for a renewed sense of quality place in the city. Mr. Menking argues that the series of new skyscraper developments taking shape in New York City are not designed in a way that generates quality spaces for communal use. Read more.

Israel Takes Steps to Encourage High-rise Living


12 Feb 2013, Bat Yam, Israel

The Caanan-Shenhav Architects-designed Ashdar One Tower will be the second of a series of six residential towers to be constructed in the city of Bat Yam, just south of Tel Aviv. The buildings are part of the city's plan to provide citizens with affordable housing. Read more.

CNN and the World's Tallest Hotels


07 Feb 2013, Atlanta, United States

CNN has produced a series profiling six of the world's highest skyscraper hotels, located in "city-defining skyscrapers." These buildings include the International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong; Trump Tower, Chicago and the Burj Khalifa, Dubai. Read more.

London's Tall Buildings Under Scrutiny


28 Jan 2013, London, United Kingdom

Recent events in London have brought the city's tall building development under public scrutiny, Al Jazeera reports. Although London's development trend has moved toward taller buildings, city policies are still behind the times, some argue. Read more.

New York Times Examines Unfinished Luxury Tower


23 Jan 2013, Las Vegas, United States

The New York Times chronicles the latest developments on the Harmon Tower, the defective and abandoned luxury hotel tower shell languishing on the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. An appeal focused on whether or not to demolish the tower is scheduled for later this year. Read more.

Helicopter Crash Puts Scrutiny on Tall Buildings


17 Jan 2013, London, United Kingdom

In the aftermath of yesterday's helicopter tragedy, London Mayor Boris Johnson has tentatively called for a re-examination of tall building safeguards in the city. The city's current regulations include a 1,000-foot height limit for buildings, warning lights and airman notification lists. Read more.

A Look at ‘World’s Coolest Futuristic Buildings’


10 Jan 2013, New York City, United States

Travel + Leisure has compiled a slide show featuring what the editors deem the “World’s Coolest Futuristic Buildings.” The list is subjective, but many of the projects included will be familiar to fans of tall buildings. Read more.

Urban Planner Discusses the ‘Walkable City’


08 Jan 2013, New York City, United States

The sustainability of cities is dependent on the ability to create walkable areas, “Walkable City” author Jeff Speck says in an interview with fellow urbanist Richard Florida. A walkable city is essential to attract the next generation of young urban professionals, he theorizes. Read more.

Celebrating Jakarta’s Five Tallest


21 Dec 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia

In anticipation of the proposed Signature Tower, the Jakarta Post has produced a piece examining the city’s five tallest completed buildings: Graha Energi, The Peak Twin Towers, Equity Tower, Menara BCA and Wisma 46. Read more.

Dubai's Impending Building Boom


06 Dec 2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Wall Street Journal questions the next wave of construction projects announced for Dubai, given that the emirate is still $100 billion in debt from its 2008 boom-turned-bust. Those behind the colossal effort claim that by spending billions more, Dubai's economy will regenerate. Read more.

CTBUH: BBC Series Spotlights Skyscrapers


03 Dec 2012, London, United Kingdom

The BBC, working with the CTBUH, has developed a series of reports spotlighting the state of the skyscraper around the world. Features focus on everything from maintenance in the world’s tallest building to the Kone’s lift-testing facility. Read more.

Architects Discouraged by San Francisco’s Zoning Laws


16 Nov 2012, San Francisco, United States

The New York Times is questioning the lack of “brand name” architecture in San Francisco. While nearby Silicon Valley is seeing projects from Frank Gehry and Norman Foster, architects in the city are forced to create unimaginative towers by the city’s ultra-strict zoning laws. Read more.