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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete to Keep Seattle Skyscraper Stable


04 Nov 2015, Seattle, United States

Use of steel fiber-reinforced concrete in place of rebar in the coupling beams of a metro Seattle, United States, skyscraper has helped simplify and speed the building's construction while maintaining structural integrity. Read more.

US Construction Hit by Curtain Walling Crisis


10 Sep 2015, New York City, United States

A shortage of US curtain walling makers caused by the 2008 global financial crisis is so severe that it is halting projects and has even forced the developer of Hudson Yards to open its own factory. Read more.

Damper at TAIPEI 101 Records Biggest Movement Ever


11 Aug 2015, Taipei, Taiwan

This past weekend TAIPEI 101's internal mechanisms set a new record while keeping it upright during a typhoon. On August 8, the building’s mass damper moved further than it ever had before in its decade-long history. Read more.

Tokyo Skyscraper Gets Vibration Control System


02 Jun 2015, Tokyo, Japan

A vibration control device to dramatically reduce shaking caused by long-period earthquake ground motion was shown to the media on Monday, June 1, after being installed in the 55-story Shinjuku Mitsui Building in central Tokyo. Read more.

Lotte World Tower to Use GNSS Technology for High-Accuracy Construction


27 May 2015, Seoul, South Korea

Lotte World Tower, which is currently under construction in Seoul, South Korea, will become the nation’s first building to use Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology in order to improve structural safety. Read more.

Melbourne Tower To Change Color With The Weather


26 Mar 2015, Melbourne, Australia

The 40-story building under construction at 888 Collins Street, Victoria Harbour, will be linked to the Bureau of Meteorology and light up every half-hour in a dazzling display according to the current weather. Read more.

Agra High-Rise Allows Residents To Use Prepaid Electricity Meters


24 Mar 2015, Agra, India

In a bid to encourage self-regulation of electricity consumption in the power deficit city, Agra is set to introduce prepaid meters starting April 1 in the newly built ADA Heights, a residential complex at Taj Nagri Phase-2. Read more.

Singapore Skyscraper Allows Residents to Park Their Cars in the Living Room


24 Dec 2014, Singapore, Singapore

Hamilton Scotts, a high-class apartment and condominium tower in Singapore, is offering residents the ultimate luxury in terms of parking – an individual two-car garage located inside each apartment. Read more.

ThyssenKrupp’s MULTI Elevators Will Go Up, Down, and Sideways


01 Dec 2014, Essen, Germany

ThyssenKrupp, the German steel and engineering giant, has created the next big leap forward in the elevator industry: a system that isn’t dependent on ropes or steel cables. The technology, named MULTI, will begin tests in 2016. Read more.

Toronto’s One Bloor Installs High-Speed KONE JumpLifts


29 Oct 2014, Toronto, Canada

This week, workers will begin being whisked to the top of the under-construction One Bloor condominium project in two KONE JumpLifts that will travel at almost four times the speed of traditional hoists. Read more.

Jeddah’s Kingdom Tower to Utilize World’s Tallest Construction Crane


19 Sep 2014, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Tower, poised to be the world's tallest tower upon completion, has reached an important milestone in the project that will set another new world record — the world’s tallest construction crane. Read more.

Amazon’s Seattle Campus to Acquire Warmth From Data Center Waste Heat


19 Sep 2014, Seattle, United States

In what is believed to be the first system of its kind, waste heat generated from a data center will provide much of the heat for a nearby high-rise campus under construction in downtown Seattle. Read more.

New Yorkers Can Control Two Skyscraper Lights with Mobile App


21 Aug 2014, New York City, United States

Developer Douglas Durst is letting New Yorkers have controls to the lights atop two midtown skyscrapers — Bank of America Tower and 4 Times Square. Users can manipulate the lights on the spire and add sparkles or pulses of light. Read more.

New Technologies Emerge for Elevators in Jeddah’s Kingdom Tower


02 Jul 2014, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

There's no doubt that Saudi Arabia’s 3,280-foot (1,000 meter)-tall Kingdom Tower will be a luxury experience. As it turns out, even the elevators will be VIP. The Kone-supplied elevators will feature a variety of innovative technology. Read more.

Big, Tall, Sustainable: Solar Wind Downdraft Tower Planned for Arizona


29 Apr 2014, San Luis, United States

Annapolis-based Solar Wind Energy Tower Inc. has received approval for a 686-meter energy-generating tower that would result in the tallest structure in North America. The tower is designed to use ambient desert heat to create a draft to produce energy. Read more.

Hitachi to Deliver World’s Fastest Elevators by 2016


21 Apr 2014, Guangzhou, China

Hitachi will deliver the world's fastest ultra-high-speed elevators to the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, a mixed-use skyscraper currently under construction in Guangzhou. The elevators are expected to reach speeds of 1,200 m/min. Read more.

Miami Mega-Development Halted by Historic Hallowed Ground


06 Feb 2014, Miami, United States

Underneath the parking lot destined to become the fourth and final phase of MDM Development Group’s multi-billion-dollar project lie the remains of an historic Native American village, thus throwing a wrench in the works. Read more.

Tall Buildings Clean Up Under Multi-City Energy-Efficiency Initiative


31 Jan 2014, Chicago, United States

Nine cities have joined together in The City Energy Project, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by boosting efficiency in tall buildings. Goals include fighting financial and legal barriers to energy efficiency and sharing best practices. Read more.

Smog in China Might be Reduced by Skyscraper Sprinkler System


21 Jan 2014, Hangzhou, China

Scientist Yu Shaocai has discovered that water sprayed into the atmosphere from at least 100 meters high will effectively clear air pollution. Smog in China has continued to worsen, due to rapid economic growth and expansion of industrial activity. Read more.

Vertical Cemetery Proposal Alleviates Dead-Space Problem


03 Dec 2013, Oslo, Norway

A proposal for a graveyard housed in a skyscraper from architecture student Martin McSherry earned a commendation at the Oslo Conference for Nordic Cemeteries and Graveyards. In a nation where the tradition of wrapping bodies in plastic has left graveyards full, the idea comes as a "highly original contribution." Read more.

Video: Skinny Is “In” for New York Skyscrapers


07 Nov 2013, New York City, United States

A recent installment of Yahoo! News feature “The Future Is Now” explores the emerging trend of super-skinny skyscrapers in New York. Following the proposal for 111 West 57th Street, Yahoo! interviews practitioners from JDS Development and SHoP Architects. Read more.

Conceptual Master Plan Employs “Harmonious” Module Construction


05 Nov 2013, Tokyo, Japan

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has produced a conceptual master plan called Souk Mirage/Particles of Light, designboom reports. The commercial complex features gateways at either end, as well as the Outlook Tower, all of which are constructed of vertically-arranged, arched module systems.Read more.

Tour the B2 Factory with Gizmodo


25 Oct 2013, New York City, United States

Gizmodo has published an article that takes the reader on a tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yards factory, which fabricates the elements that will be used to construct the B2 Tower in Atlantic Yards. B2 will be the tallest prefab building in the country when completed. Developer Forest City and contractor Skanska created a joint venture, FCS Modular, to tackle the large-scale production of the units, the volume of which was in excess of the capabilities of most North American producers. Read more.

Crane Mishap All Too Familiar


08 Oct 2013, New York City, United States

West 57th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues reopened Monday after crews secured a massive crane counterweight dangling 40 stories above the ground at the 79-story One57. The tower is the same one where winds from Hurricane Sandy left a crane damaged and dangling nearly a year ago. Read more.

Foster Building Designed With Sandy's Flooding in Mind


04 Oct 2013, New York City, United States

Foster + Partners has designed a 19-story condominium tower overlooking New York's Hudson River. Work on the building at 551 West 21st Street has already started. When completed in the summer of 2015, it will feature 44 apartments, including three penthouses. Read more.

First KONE UltraRope Installation at Marina Bay


02 Oct 2013, Singapore, Singapore

KONE has announced the first customer installation of its new, lightweight and durable UltraRope elevator hoisting technology at the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore. The new elevator hoisting ropes were installed in a passenger elevator that travels from the ground floor to floors 34-57 in Tower 3. Read more.

Timber Tower Gets Times Treatment


24 Sep 2013, Chicago, United States

In June, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill released its Timber Tower Research Project, a study of the possibilities of tall wood construction. In a recent story, The New York Times investigates SOM's findings, interviewing engineers who worked on the report and others involved in tall wood-building design. Read more.

Competition Crowns Norway's Future Tallest With Cradle-to-Cradle Principles


23 Sep 2013, Oslo, Norway

The Urban Mountain team has won the Nordic Built Challenge in Norway with a proposal that includes the refurbishment and extension of Biskop Gunnerus Gate 14 in central Oslo, creating Norway's tallest building. The design team will employ Cradle-to-Cradle principles as well as a series of sustainable strategies. Read more.

More Than Supertall, We're Talking Galactic Heights


18 Sep 2013, Phoenix, United States

Science-fiction author Neal Stephenson has designed a 20-kilometer (12.4-mile) concept skyscraper from which objects could be easily launched into outer space. The Tower Project is a Project Hieroglyph collaboration at Arizona State University's Center for Science and the Imagination. Read more.

“Living Building” Attracts Tenants with Zero Net-Energy Goals


09 Sep 2013, Seattle, United States

Construction company Hammer & Hand, which builds commercial and residential projects in the Pacific Northwest, will move to Seattle's first Passive House building. The 100-foot (30.5-meter) Bullitt Center debuted in spring of 2013 and is built to the principles of the Living Building Challenge. Read more.