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The CTBUH Global News Archive is the primary place to get all the latest news on tall buildings, urban development and sustainable construction from around the world. The CTBUH also disseminates this information via our Monthly e-Newsletter, CTBUH Journal, and through books and reports. To view news for a certain category or time period, please use the links on the left side menu.

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Shaoxing City Tower Photos Unveiled


13 Jan 2014, Shaoxing, China

The rapidly developing city of Shaoxing, China, boasts another tall building as a symbol of its modern advancement. The 137-meter Shaoxing City Tower slopes inward and upward from the horizontal base, and then sprouts outward in unfolding subsequent layers. Read more.

Shanghai Tower Plans to Hire Leasing Agent


08 Jan 2014, Shanghai, China

The state-owned developer of Shanghai Tower, China’s next tallest building, is hiring a leasing agent to sell space in the building, a highly unusual move in China, especially for a state-sponsored building. The 220,000 square-meter tower has yet to sign a lease. Read more.

Fairmont Nanjing Opens in Jinao Tower


03 Jan 2014, Nanjing, China

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has announced the opening of Fairmont Nanjing in the Jinao Tower, featuring 359 guestrooms and suites, seven restaurants and bars (including one on the roof), tented cabanas, a jacuzzi, music bar, man-made beach and three lounges. Read more.

Huijin International Center Project Receives Luban Award


02 Jan 2014, Xiamen, China

China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the China Construction Industry Association have presented the Luban Prize, to the Huijin International Center (HIC), a project designed by Leo A Daly, reports Building.HK.Read more.

Curving High-Rise to Reference Rose Bud


19 Dec 2013, Fushun, China

UA Studio 7 has released renderings of a twisting high-rise in Fushun, China, in the new town core of Shen-Fu. The 280-meter New City Flower building is part of the city’s “Trinity” master plan, adjoining a five-star hotel and the Circle of Life tower. Read more.

Fire Engulfs Jianye Mansion


17 Dec 2013, Guangzhou, China

An unfinished high-rise in central Guangzhou was ablaze for 11 hours before firefighters finally gained control. No deaths were reported, but 20 people were evacuated from the 25-story Jianye Mansion. Read more.

High-Rise Columbarium for Hong Kong?


12 Dec 2013, Hong Kong, China

Closely following a Norwegian proposal for a high-rise crematorium, Hong Kong has now entered the race to be the site of the world’s first “deathscraper.” Read more.

Atkins, Joy Air Launch New Town for 110,000 in Fuzhou


10 Dec 2013, Fuzhou, China

Global architecture-engineering firm Atkins and AVIC Joy Holdings Ltd have formed a strategic partnership to create a new town for up to 110,000 people across 6 million square meters along the Min River in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. The project, for which Atkins will devise the master plan, will require an investment of 50 billion RMB ($8.2 billion).Read more.

Waterfront Finance Center Begins Construction in Shanghai


04 Dec 2013, Shanghai, China

Foster + Partners and Thomas Heatherwick have unveiled images of the Bund Finance Centre, which is now under construction in Shanghai on the banks of the Huangpu River. The 420,000-square meter (4.5 million-square foot) complex will feature two 180-meter (590-foot) office towers at the end of Shanghai's waterside street, The Bund. Read more.

FT Evaluates Shanghai Tower’s Sustainability


26 Nov 2013, Shanghai, China

A recent article from The Financial Times delves into the Shanghai Tower and its implications to Chinese society and its much-talked-about sustainability. The Shanghai Tower will become the tallest building in China and the second tallest building in the world upon completion. Read more.

Construction Closes on Innovation Tower


25 Nov 2013, Hong Kong, China

Construction of Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Jockey Club Innovation Tower, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), has completed. The 15-story building is ZHA's first in the city, and includes the School of Design, a lecture hall, a design museum, exhibition galleries and a communal viewing lounge. Read more.

Newest Tower Coming to South China Singapore City


19 Nov 2013, Foshan, China

CPG Singapore has launched construction on its Thrive United office tower in the South China Singapore City in the Nanhai District of Foshan. The building project will be part of a multi-tower mixed-use complex which will include residential, school, retail, hotel and office spaces. Read more.

Lerch Bates to Design Façade Access System for China Supertall


15 Nov 2013, Suzhou, China

Lerch Bates was awarded the contract to design the exterior building maintenance equipment system for China's future tallest building, the Suzhou Zhongnan Center. When completed, the Center will be 700 meters (2,297 feet) and could earn the title of the tallest building outside of the Middle East. Read more.

Infamous High-Rise “Fortress” Coming Down


06 Nov 2013, Beijing, China

The luxurious "mountain villa" built atop a Beijing high-rise is being torn down. The $4 million penthouse was built on the roof of an existing apartment building earlier this year by health-care entrepreneur Biqing Zhang, much to the chagrin of its other occupants. Read more.

Sky City to Possibly Begin Construction, BSB Makes Plans for Sky City II


30 Oct 2013, Qingdao, China

The ambitious China Broad Group today announced plans to build a sister tower to its highly-anticipated Sky City project in Changsha. Sky City II has been proposed as a 236-story, 1,008-meter (3,307-foot) supertall, built using same prefabricated process as its 838-meter (2,749-foot) predecessor. Read more.

Guangzhou International Financial City Commences Construction


25 Oct 2013, Guangzhou, China

Construction has reportedly begun on the multi-tower Guangzhou International Financial City (GIFC), reports. The Aedas-designed GIFC master plan will feature a pair of supertall skyscrapers, a 450-meter (1,476-foot) landmark tower and another 400-meter (1,312-foot) tower. Read more.

HENN Tops Cenke Tower Competition


22 Oct 2013, Taiyuan, China

Berlin-based practice HENN Architekten has won the competition for the Cenke Tower in Taiyuan, in China's Shanxi Province. The 280-meter (918-foot) building, which takes the form of a pair of convex shells, will contain office space, a hotel on the upper floors and a retail center at the ground level. Read more.

'Rooftopper' Produces Set of Skyscraper Rooftop Photos


18 Oct 2013, Hong Kong, China

"Rooftopper" photographer Andrew Tso has released a series of images he captured during his many visits to skyscraper rooftops around the world. The 25-year-old from Hong Kong has been climbing since childhood, and has been professionally climbing for the past three years to cultivate his collection. Read more.

Greenland Engages Goettsch for Two Huge Projects


09 Oct 2013, Suzhou, China

Greenland Group has hired Goettsch Partners to design two of its latest projects in China. Both designs, the Chancheng Greenland Center in Foshan and the Suzhou Greenland Center, are the result of international design competitions held by the Group. Read more.

Stock Exchange Tower Completed in Shenzhen


08 Oct 2013, Shenzhen, China

OMA has completed the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the heart of the city's Central Business District. As one of OMA's best-known designs, the 250-meter (820-foot) skyscraper, nicknamed "the Miniskirt," features a three-story podium that has been elevated 36 meters (118 feet) above the ground. Read more.

Aedas’ Composite Building Re-Interprets Hong Kong's Past


27 Sep 2013, Hong Kong, China

International architecture firm Aedas has created an apartment building to reinterpret Hong Kong's traditional architecture. Located in the Mongkok District, which has a population density of 130,000 people per square kilometer (333,000 people per square mile), Composite Building features a lush living wall to enhance quality of life. Read more.

Harbin's Twin Towers to Serve as Northern Gateway


13 Sep 2013, Harbin, China

Chinese architectural firm spatial practice is behind the Harbin High-Speed Railway West Train Station Twin Towers project. The mixed-use structure houses office space, residential apartments, retail spaces and serves as a connection to the city's new underground infrastructural hub. Read more.

Yansong Continues Mountain Tower Theme


12 Sep 2013, Beijing, China

As a continuation to his Shan-Shui City concept, which envisions a "city of mountains and water," Ma Yansong of MAD Architects has proposed the Chaoyang Park project as an interpretation of China's ancient natural philosophy in the contemporary city of Beijing. Read more.

Video: Shanghai Tower in the Cloud


06 Sep 2013, Shanghai, China

The Shanghai skyline has been transformed by the recently topped-out Shanghai Tower. At the 2013 Huawei Cloud Congress in Shanghai, chief engineer Qing Ge of Shanghai Tower introduced the basics of the BIM (building information modeling) Cloud service used in the design of the skyscraper.Read more.

Work Stalls on Sky City, But BSB Remains Positive


28 Aug 2013, Changsha, China

The New York Times has produced a trio of pieces on the ever-interesting Sky City project by Broad Sustainable Building in Changsha, China. The articles paint a determined picture of Chairman Zhang Yue, who remains steadfast in his ambitions to build what he sees as the world's next tallest building. Read more.

Farrells Master-Plans Pair of Major Developments in Shanghai


28 Aug 2013, Shanghai, China

Farrells has won commissions for two major mixed-use developments in Shanghai, located on either side of the Huangpu River, World Architecture News reports. Farrells will master plan The Springs development north of the city and a further development within the Shanghai shipyard area in Pudong. Read more.

DOS Architects Wins GWA Tower Competition


16 Aug 2013, Beijing, China

Grow Wealth Assets (GWA) has chosen London-based DOS Architects as the frontrunner of its Mixed-Use Development competition in the Lize Financial District of Beijing. The winning entry, Cantilevering Courtyard Tower, includes 219,000 square meters (2,400,000 square feet) of hotel, office, retail and residential space. Read more.

Atkins Launches Baoneng Shenyang Project


16 Aug 2013, Shenyang, China

Construction has begun on the Atkins-designed, ₤1 billion (US$1.6 billion) mixed-use Baoneng Shenyang Global Financial Centre in Shenyang, China, which consists of two supertall towers. The 565-meter tower, named Pearl of the North, is poised to become the tallest building in Shenyang once complete. Read more.

More Questions Surrounding Sky City


14 Aug 2013, Changsha, China

Since Broad Sustainable Building held a groundbreaking ceremony for Sky City on July 20, questions arose around all aspects of the project. Christian Science Monitor Beijing correspondent Peter Ford has published an article exploring the realities of what could be the world's next tallest building. Read more.

Shanghai Transformation Chronicled in Pair of Photos


13 Aug 2013, Shanghai, China

Reuters staff photographer Carlos Barria recently took a photo of the financial district of Pudong in Shanghai from the same perspective and frame as a photo that was taken in 1987. The photos show Pudong transforming from a lightly-settled single-story landscape into the mega city it is today, with the addition of buildings and high-rise towers. Read more.