Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

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10/10/2012 11:19 AM 

Portland is abandoning its plan to build a sustainable skyscraper, according to a statement from Mayor Sam Adams. The Oregon Sustainability Center lost its impetus after a series of rejections and reductions in the scale of the project.

The originally proposed Sustainability Center was supposed to be a 13-story perfectly energy efficient "living building," with a price tag of $90 million dollars, according to local media. The design called for the building to produce 100 percent of its needed energy renewably and on-site.

A scaled back, 7-story version of the building resurfaced last month, reducing costs by millions of dollars and increasing the private backing.

Despite this amendment, the Mayor has cancelled the project entirely.

"The proposed Oregon Sustainability Center was set to be a laboratory for green technology," Mayor Adams told local press in a statement. "Nonetheless, it's become clear to me this week that I don't have the votes necessary to pass the project through Portland City Council, and we won't be moving forward."