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6/5/2012 12:07 PM 

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is now the object of an extensive experiment on building movement. Samsung, a Korean company, is tracking the building's movements remotely from its offices in Seoul in order to better understand supertall behavior.

“We installed accelerometers to measure the building acceleration and sonimometers to measure wind speed and direction and atmospheric conditions,” Ahmad K. Abdelrazaq, executive vice president and head of the high-rise and complex building division at Samsung C&T in Seoul, told Construction Week Online.

Burj Khalifa “is one of the most quiet buildings I have ever seen in my entire career in designing, constructing, and monitoring super-tall buildings," he added.

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Abdelrazaq was the senior project structural engineer for Burj Khalifa. He is an Advisory Group member for CTBUH, and authored the technical paper "Brief on the Construction Planning of the Burj Dubai Project," for the CTBUH World Congress in 2008, as well as “Validating the Dynamics of the Burj Khalifa,” for the second quarter issue of the CTBUH Journal in 2011.

Fred Durie, Chief Executive Officer at Emaar International, will discuss the development and construction of Burj Khalifa at the 2012 CTBUH Shanghai Conference in September.

You can read an extensive article about Mr. Abdelrazaq in Construction Week, found here.