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6/4/2012 12:48 PM 

Firefighters put out a small fire on the 89th floor of One World Trade Center Saturday which apparently smoldered all night, according to the New York Times. Wooden decking ignited due to construction activity and the building's fire equipment required outside help.

Construction workers tried to put out the blaze themselves using fire extinguishers, but NYFD had to finish the job.

The height posed a problem to putting out the fire due to a dysfunctional standpipe, according to media reports. A standpipe is rigid water piping system built into multi-story buildings to connect to fire hoses. Within buildings standpipes serve the same purpose as fire hydrants.

The One World Trade Center standpipe was empty and had to be filled with water before the fire could be extinguished.

The fire was probably started Friday by "some slag from welding," according to the Times.

One firefighter suffered minor injuries in the fire.