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This section tracks interviews and articles conducted by the Council as well as significant use of, or reference to, CTBUH-generated tall building facts in the international media.
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12 April, La Libre Belgique
La folie des hauteurs

Leading French-language newspaper in Belgium chronicles study trip to the UAE conducted by CTBUH country leader Georges Binder and EMI.

27 March, Sourceable
Tomorrow's Skyscraper: Trading Height for Purpose
Sourceable interviews CTBUH Editor Daniel Safarik about the trends away from pure iconicity and toward sustainability in tall buildings.

27 March, Puget Sound Business Journal
Here's What Seattle's Tallest Tower Could Look Like, If It's Built
A journalist uses the occasion of the CTBUH Seattle Committee's inaugural event to "spy" on a host Gensler's proposal for Seattle's proposed next tallest building, 888 Second Avenue.

20 March, Sourceable
New Research Assesses the Life Cycle of Skyscrapers
An article in Sourceable reports on the CTBUH research project, A Whole Life Cycle Assessment of the Sustainable Aspects of Structural Systems in Tall Buildings.

14 March, Gizmodo
London is Building 230 New Towers and 80 Percent of Them Are Residential
Gizmodo reports on finding by think tank New London Architecture, and looks to CTBUH editor, Daniel Safarik, to clarify the numbers.

13 March, NBC 5 Chicago
Falling Ice Problems
NBC Channel 5 Chicago interviews CTBUH Editor, Daniel Safarik, about the perceived danger presented by ice falling from buildings.

13 March, Medill Reports
AECOM is bigger. But is that better?
Medill Reports quotes Daniel Safarik, CTBUH Editor, to share his perspective on the characterization of AECOM Technical Corp., the largest general architectural and engineering design firm in the world.

11 March, Sourceable
Architectural Insight: Behind China's Circular Skyscraper
Sourceable references CTBUH data in an article that explores various circular architectural structures and their broader ideological significance.

11 March, Elliott Wave International
This Economic Indicator has a History of Calling Major Turns
Elliott Wave International cites CTBUH height data to support forboding report that the tall luxury building boom could go before a fall, if the Skyscraper Index is an indication.

9 March, Emirates 24|7
No Spire on Dubai's Burj 2020 to Get into Record Books
Emirates 24|7 cites CTBUH's Projected Tallest Ten Upon Completion of One World Trade Center to lay claim to the world's tallest commercial tower title without the addition of a "vanity height" spire.

6 March, Bloomberg News
Osaka Tests Tokyo Dominance with Japan's Tallest Skyscraper
Bloomberg News cites CTBUH height criteria to announce the opening of Japan's tallest skyscraper, Abeno Harukas, which is 300 meters tall.

3 March, Crains Chicago Business
Inside the Niche of Mega-Tall Skyscrapers
Crain's quotes CTBUH editor, Daniel Safarik, on the scale of mega-tall buildings and the community in which they are supported.

23 February, Chicago Tribune
Designed in Chicago, Made in China
Chicago Tribune feature, The Global City, cites CTBUH data in a three-part report that reveals China's urbanization and the role that Chicago architects are playing in the reshaping of China's cityscapes.

21 February, The Wall Street Journal
Falling Ice Cracks New York City's Cool Facade

The Wall Street Journal quotes CTBUH Trustee Dennis Poon, who shares that newer buildings are better designed to handle snow and ice.

19 February, PBS
Super Skyscrapers
PBS Video Series cites CTBUH data in One World Trade Center, and consults CTBUH Leader Peter Irwin, who led the design team for the Shanghai Tower, in The Vertical City.

18 February, CBS Channel 2 Chicago
Rising Temps Lead to Ice Falling from Downtown Buildings
CBS Channel 2 in Chicago interviews Antony Wood, executive director of CTBUH, to give perspective on the effects of ice falling from tall buildings.

17 February, The New York Times
The Future Skyline
Audio podcast of five experts, including CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood and Trustee Bill Baker, to gain their perspectives on urban issues, skyscrapers, and cities of the future.

14 February, The Guardian
World's Largest Concrete Pour: L.A. Awaits 'Ballet of Construction Trucks'

The Guardian quotes CTBUH editor Dan Safarik in an article that questions the motivation to build tall in relation to other countries that have eclipsed the United States in both pace and scale.

13 February, CBS News
Expert: Newer High-Rises Can be Prone to Falling Ice
CBS News cites the expertise of CTBUH executive director Antony Wood
and a CTBUH report, Increasing Problems of Falling Ice and Snow on Modern Skyscrapers, as evidence to support why newer buildings may be a danger.

12, February, WCBS New York
WCBS New York Radio
WCBS New York Radio shares insight from CTBUH report, Increasing Problems of Falling Ice and Snow on Modern Tall Buildings, to listening audience.

11 February, The New York Times
On the Lookout for Falling Ice Amid Manhattan's Towers
The New York Times cites CTBUH report,
Increasing Problems of Falling Ice and Snow on Modern Tall Buildings, to explain the science behind ice falling from New York City skyscrapers, and quotes insight from CTBUH director, Antony Wood.

10 February, Sourceable
North America's Tallest Slender Hotel Building Opens
Sourceable utilizes CTBUH's
"Year in Review: Tall Trends in 2013" report to lend credibility to the claim that New York City's Marriott Hotel is the tallest structure built in 2013 at 221 meters.

04 February, Civil Engineering
Tall Building Construction Increased Slightly in 2013
Civil Engineering Magazine cites CTBUH
Report 'Year in Review: Tall Trends in 2013,' and quotes CTBUH Editor Daniel Safarik in article detailing construction recovery in the last year.

06 February, USA TODAY
Tallest Building in the Western U.S. to Start with Big Pour
USA TODAY credits CTBUH panel for height decision of One World Trade Center, and cites CTBUH data to illustrate integrated diagram.

03 February, The Globe and Mail
Slimmer, Taller Buildings Brave the Winds
The Globe and Mail calls upon the expertise of CTBUH's Agha Hasan, Peter Irwin, and Daniel Safarik to explain how thin, tall buildings stand up to wind.

23 January, Engineering News-Record
CTBUH Leader Johannes de Jong in ENR Top 25
Johannes de Jong is recognized in Engineering News-Record's Top 25 for "The Biggest Change in Elevators Since 1853."

21 January, Building Design + Construction
2013: The Year of the Super-Tall Skyscraper
Building Construction + Design cites CTBUH's "Year in Review: Tall Trends in 2013" report to inform their readers of the latest supertall skyscraper data.

20 January, The Times of India
Number of Skyscrapers Up 318% in 13 years
The Times of India cites CTBUH report, "Tall Buildings in Numbers: 2013 Year in Review," to illustrate the increase in tall building over the last decade.

20 January, The Orange County Register
O.C. Towers Rise, to a Point

The Orange County Register quotes CTBUH Editor Daniel Safarik in an article questioning the place urbanization has in the suburban county.

17 January, International Business Times
25 Facts That Prove City Skylines Grew Exceptionally Tall in 2013
International Business Times cites CTBUH report, "Tall Buildings in Numbers: 2013 Year in Review," to prove how skylines grew in 2013.

16 January, New Civil Engineer
2013 a Strong Year for the Sector
New Civil Engineer cites CTBUH's "Year in Review: Tall Trends in 2013" to note 2013 was the second biggest year for the completion of tall buildings over 200 meters.

16 January, The Sun Daily
Build It and They Will Believe, Says Defiant China Tycoon
The Sun Daily quotes CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood in an article which shares the grandiose plans of the Broad Group.

15 January, The Commercial Observer
The City's Tallest Building, at Hudson Yards?
The Commercial Observer cites CTBUH data in story about the Hudson Yards becoming home to the world's tallest skyscraper.

08 January, International Business Times
Tallest Hotel In North America Opens In New York
International Business Times cites CTBUH data when talking about the tallest hotel in the Americas, which doesn't even break the top 10 tallest hotels in the world.

06 January, Society of Fire Protection Engineers Blog
Carl F. Baldassarra Takes Office as President

CTBUH Advisory Group member Carl Baldassarra takes up Presidency of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers for 2014.

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