Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Media Look to CTBUH for 1 WTC Height Explanation

May 2013
As the final crowning pieces of the One World Trade Center tower were lifted into place in late April and early May, print, digital and televised media interviewed several CTBUH leaders and staff and cited CTBUH criteria for determining tall building heights. Height Committee Chair Peter Weismantle has indicated that the CTBUH Height Committee will meet by early November 2013 to make a determination, assuming that all relevant documentation has been supplied by that point.
A collection of the interviews and citations is posted here.

See CTBUH in the Media for all CTBUH media citations.
May 10, NBC5 Chicago
Tallest Building Title Pits Willis vs. WTC
In a short television clip, Executive Director Antony Wood explains the 1WTC controversy to NBC News, discussing the architectural differences between antennas and spires which will ulitmately determine the tower's height.
May 10, National Public Radio
Spire Intact, World Trade Center Stretches to 1,776 Feet
NPR explains the Council’s process in determining the height of tall buildings, including its distinction between spires and antennas.
May 10, Fox 32 Chicago
Willis Tower vs. 1WTC
Fox Chicago reports on the topping out of the One World Trade Center in New York and it implications for Chicago’s own Willis Tower, interviewing Former CTBUH Chairman R. Shankar Nair.
May 10, The Verge
Is One World Trade Center Really the Tallest Building in the West?
The Verge reports that the Council is planning to make its decision regarding the official height of the One World Trade Center and its antenna or spire after the 2013 Awards Symposium in November.
May 10, WPIX-TV
1WTC: Is It the Tallest in the Americas and Does That Even Matter?
New York’s Channel 11 explains the One World Trade Center controversy as CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson explains that the Council is waiting for the building’s completion and the receipt of final drawings before rendering a decision.
May 9, Chicago Real Estate Daily
Measuring Up: Architect Faces Tall Tower Call
CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood explains the role of the Council’s Height Committee in the One World Trade Center debate and its history regarding the Petronas Towers v. Sears (now Willis) Tower controversy.
May 9, The Wall Street Journal
Five Questions: One World Trade Tops Out; What’s Next?
The Wall Street Journal asks about One World Trade Center: "Is this the tallest building in the Western hemisphere?" and cites CTBUH as the final arbiter of its height.
May 3, Gawker
How Tall is the Freedom Tower?
In an editorial on the One World Trade issue, Gawker extensively covers the CTBUH's involvement as well as other mitigating factors in the debate.
May 2, Reuters
Spire Hoisted Atop New York’s One World Trade Center
The Council is referred to by Reuters as the arbiter of tall building heights and CTBUH Editor Dan Safarik explains the future of the One World Trade Center.
May 2, The Wall Street Journal
After Hoisting Crown, 1WTC Nears Its Top
The Wall Street Journal cites the CTBUH as the arbiter of tall buildings, mentioning that no decision will be made regarding the One World Trade Center until the tower is completed.
May 2, Associated Press
US Flag-covered Spire Hoisted to NY's WTC Roof
The Associated Press refers to the Council as the authority on tall building heights in its continuing coverage of the One World Trade Center in New York.
May 2, The Guardian
Will One World Trade Center Really Be the Tallest Building in the West?
The Guardian covers the Council's policies for the determination of the heights of the world's tallest buildings and its involvement in the One World Trade Center debate.
April 30, NBC New York
Rise to the Top: What You Need to Know About One World Trade Center
Journalist An Phung inteviews CTBUH Editor Dan Safarik in an exploration into the future of the One World Trade Center as it tops out in New York.
April 30, NBC News Travel
Symbolic One World Trade Center Aspires with Spire
In its coverage of the One World Trade Center, NBC News questions CTBUH Editor Daniel Safarik and CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson about the Council's classification system for tall buildings.