Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH in the Media, 2012 Archive

This section tracks interviews and articles conducted by the Council as well as significant use of, or reference to, CTBUH-generated tall building facts in the international media.

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December 20, Construction Canada
Canada’s Busiest Year for Tall Buildings
The Canadian construction publication examines the CTBUH study of Canada’s increasing rate of tall building construction, including that Mississauga's Absolute Towers won the 2012 Best Tall Building Americas Award.

December 16, the Wall Street Journal
Extell’s Chief Thinking Tall for Midtown
A look at a new proposal for New York includes mention of the CTBUH as the arbiter of official tall building heights, as well as CTBUH data.

December 14, CTV
Top Marks for Toronto's Highrises
CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood spoke with CTV's Scott Laurie about the building boom in Canada and Toronto leading the western hemisphere in tall building construction.

December 12, The Star
Toronto Leading the Western World in High-rise Development

The Toronto Star reports on the CTBUH research project on Canada, including quotes from Public Affairs Manager Kevin Brass, Executive Director Antony Wood and CTBUH City Rep  Richard Witt.

December 4, Times of India
World Over, Smart Interiors Key to Fire-Fighting in Skyscrapers

The Times of India reports on investment in fire safety mechanisms in skyscrapers around the world, citing CTBUH report’s on fire safety standards.

December 3, BBC
Reaching for the Sky

The BBC, working with the CTBUH, has developed a series of reports spotlighting the state of the skyscraper around the world.

December 3, BBC
Skyscrapers: What does the future hold?

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood was featured on the BBC World news program GMT, discussing the future of tall buildings.

December 3, BBC
How do you demolish a skyscraper?

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood discusses the life-expectancy and demolition methods for skyscrapers.

November 29, CNN
Inside the Highest Hotel in the World

A story about the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong cites CTBUH research, noting the majority of the world’s tallest buildings are or will be located in China.

November 29, China Daily
Changsha Sky City Project Draws Critics

In an article on the Changsha SkyCity project, China Daily cites the CTBUH report that China is planning or building more skyscrapers than any other country.

November 25, The Wall Street Journal
Designer's Chance in Midtown
(registration required)

An article on Kohn Pederson Fox’s most recent New York project quotes CTBUH data, noting KPF has designed 4 of the 10 tallest buildings in the world under construction.

November 23, International Design Times
Giant WTC Spire Coming to NYC

As the pieces of the One World Trade Center “antenna” are shipped to New York, the CTBUH's official height guidelines are discussed.

November 22, Daily Mail
World Trade Center's $10 million Antenna Finally Sets Sail

The CTBUH’s height criteria are quoted in a report on a controversy over delivery of the structure for the top of the One World Trade Center.

November 21, New
World Trade Center Spire En Route from Canada

The three different categories of CTBUH tall building height criteria are explained in reference to the structure destined for the top of One World Trade Center.

November 20, CNN
Skyscraper Turns to Age-old Design to Block the Desert Sun

CNN praises Al Bahar Towers and Doha Towers for their sensitivity to local culture and their sustainable use of sun shading devices.

November 19,
Eleventh Annual CTBUH Awards Held in Chicago

The CTBUH 2012 Awards Symposium is featured by the Hong Kong website, mentioning each of the regional winners, the Innovation Award Winner and the Lifetime Achievement Award winners.

November 18, Duluth News Tribune
Tall Tales from AT&T Tower
(subscription only)

CTBUH height and occupancy criteria is mentioned in reference to AT&T Tower, Duluth’s tallest structure which is in danger of demolition.

October 26, The Toronto Star
Density Toronto: Why the Skyscrapers on Steroids?

Focusing on Toronto’s tall building boom, CTBUH Public Affairs Manager Kevin Brass explains that overall tall building functions have shifted from primarily office buildings to primarily residential, a change fueled by major urban population increases.

October 23, UBM's Future Cities
Building Cities in the Sky

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood discusses the unsustainable nature of horizontal expansion with the newly launched Future Cities site. He promotes exploration of moving ground floor functions to higher realms.

October 23,
Doha Named World's Best Tall Building

The article describes the outstanding characteristics of the Doha Tower, winner of the CTBUH 2012 Best Tall Building. CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood comments on the tower's efficiency and cultural integration.

October 23, Architecture Source
Doha Tower Named World's Best Tall Building

Architecture Source describes the process of choosing the CTBUH Best Tall Buildings as part of its coverage of the Doha Tower.

October 23, architects24
Best Tall Building Worldwide

The architecture24 international news blog describes Doha Tower and the outstanding features which it earned the project the overall 2012 CTBUH Best Tall Building.

October 22, World Property Channel
Qatar's Doha Tower Recipient of CTBUH's World's Best Tall Building Award

Doha Tower is highlighted as an environmentally-sensitive icon for Qatar's capital. CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood calls the tower "an efficient modern tower that is inspired by its local culture and setting."

October 20, Architect's Newspaper
Doha Tower Named World's Best by Council on Tall Buildings

Architect's Newspaper writes about the CTBUH Best Tall Buildings Awards, describing the regional award-winners and comments of Lifetime Achievement Award recipients Helmut Jahn, Charles Thornton and Richard Tomasetti.

October 19, World Architecture News
Flying High in Qatar

World Architecture News describes the exceptional attributes of the Worldwide winner Doha Tower and details of the CTBUH Best Tall Buildings Awards Symposium and Dinner.

October 19, CNBC
Jahn Receives CTBUH Lifetime Achievement Award

Murphy/Jahn announces that Helmut Jahn received the Lynn S. Beedle Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his contributions to the field and leadership beyond the professional community.

October, Architects
Meeting of the Deans

Wiel Arets, the new dean of the College of Architecture at IIT, and Stanley Tigerman discuss Mr. Aret's vision for the school that Mies van der Rohe built.

October 14, The National
Tall Stories in China's Glitzy Cities

The National explores China's megatall buildings, functionality, property costs and the story of the country's accomplishments with CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson.

October 11, Architecture Source
World's Tallest Skyscraper Confirmed--but Should We Celebrate Egotism?

CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson explains that pushing to build taller and taller buildings is a natural and admirable human inclination.

October 10, wordsearch
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat's 9th Global Congress

wordsearch's blogger William Murray writes about why humans love skyscrapers, the beginnings of CTBUH and the recently completed three day Shanghai Congress.

October 9, wordsearch
CTBUH Continued: The Shanghai Tower Tour

The architectural marketing firm wordsearch blogs about experiencing the once-in-a-lifetime tour of Shanghai Tower taken as part of the CTBUH Shanghai Congress.

October 8, Engineering News Record
No Easy Path to Green Skyscrapers

Adrian Smith and CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson explain the realities of sustainable skyscraper construction. CTBUH graphics are used to illustrate the article.

October 8, Bloomberg TV
World's Tallest City? Shanghai Skyscrapers Soar

Reporter Margaret Conley visits the CTBUH Shanghai Congress to interview chairman Timothy Johnson and architect Adrian Smith about Shanghai’s fast-growing skyline.

October 4,
One World Trade Center Statement from CTBUH

The e-bulletin expounds on the Durst Organization's decision to remove the cladding from 1WTC's mast, and its possible effect on the building's ultimate height.

October 3, Engineering News Record
Tall-building Experts: No Easy Path to Truly Sustainable Supertowers

Reporting from the CTBUH Congress, Nadine Post explores the idea of "tall is better than sprawl,” and the many challenges involved in created sustainable skyscrapers.

September/October, Attualità
Best Tall Building Awards

The Italian magazine Attualità describes the CTBUH Best Tall Buildings Awards, including photographs and descriptions in Italian and English of each of the regional award-winners.

September/October, Composites Manufacturing
FRP Reaches Record Heights

CTBUH data of the world's tallest buildings illustrates this article on composite reinforcement used to strengthen buildings and towers.

October 1, The Irish Times
China Goes Up in 'Mega-tall' League

CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson discusses Chinese tall buildings, the issues of functionality, real estate costs and image which are omnipresent in the industry.

September, Built Expressions
Natural Ventilation in High-Rise Office Buildings

The CTBUH Natural Ventilation guide is featured in Built Expressions, which describes the book as "an essential guide for anyone working on the design and operation of tall buildings."

July-September, Intelligent Glass Solutions
China Raises the Game

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood writes about the growth of tall building construction and its direct relationship to huge technological leaps during the last two years.

September 28, WGN Radio
Antony Wood on Sustainable Skyscrapers

The Chicago-based radio news show interviewed CTBUH Executive Directo Antony Wood about the 'Hi-Rise, Lo-Carb' studio he led at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the innovative designs created by the students.

September 27, Daily Mail
The Bizarre Chicago Eco-skyscraper Covered in Algae that Could Clean the Air

The Daily Mail reports on the skyscraper designed by IIT students Danny Mui and Benjamin Sahagun for the 'High Rise--Low Carb' studio, led by Antony Wood and Nathaniel Hollister.

September 26, Architect's Newspaper
Change on the Horizon

CTBUH Member Nathan Wittasek advocates a series of fire safety innovations related to possible changes to the Los Angeles Fire Codes.

September 26, The Atlantic Cities
Skyscrapers that Could Clean the Air

The Atlantic Cities featured the sustainable skyscraper designed by Danny Mui and Benjamin Sahagun in the 'High Rise--Low Carb' studio, led by the CTBUH at IIT. The article describes the towers' ability to scrub and filter the city's air.

September 25, Engineering News Record
China Grapples with Supertall Building Boom
(subscription required)

In an extensive piece about the quality of Chinese tall buildings as a result of conservative building practices, Nadine Post references experts from the CTBUH Shanghai World Congress.

September, Architectural Review
MAD in China

Architectural Review spotlights MAD Architects and Absolute Towers, which will be presented with the CTBUH Best Tall Building Award for the Americas in October.

September, Arkkitehti
Kehityssuuntia (New Era for Tall Building)

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood details the global tall building industry's transitions, innovations and advancements for the Finnish architectural review.

September 25, Engineering Source
The Mile-high Skyscraper: How High Can We Go?

Engineering Source highlights the Shanghai Congress panel entitled How High Can We Go and Why Should We?, which covered the technological, social and cultural issues of supertall buildings.

September 24, World Architecture News
Asia Ascending--Age of the Sustainable Skyscraper City

Caroline Stephens summarizes her experiences at the CTBUH Shanghai World Congress, referencing speeches by Executive Director Antony Wood and Chairman Timothy Johnson on the challenge of creating sustainable skyscrapers.

September 24, The National
Window Cleaning Reaches for New Heights in the UAE

In an examination of how to maintain the exteriors of tall buildings, CTBUH Public Affairs Manager Kevin Brass discusses the latest design trends and challenges.

September 21, World Architecture News
CTBUH 2013 to be in London, UK

The next CTBUH World Congress will be in London, UK. WAN posted the news moments after the announcement was made at the 2012 Shanghai Congress.

September 19, Bloomberg
Mile-high Towers Possible by 2025 as Ego Fuels Race to Top

Bloomberg discusses the possibility of mile-high towers with Timothy Johnson at the CTBUH World Congress in Shanghai.

September 13, Sky Gardens
CTBUH -IIT Team Researching Green Wall Facades

CTBUH Researcher Payam Bahrami describes the process of studying the impact of green walls on building energy consumption, part of a collaboration between CTBUH and IIT researchers.

September, The Wall Street Journal
Scraping the Sky in Miami Penthouse

The “House of the Day” feature spotlights the Four Seasons Hotel & Residences, which the CTBUH lists as the tallest building in Miami.

September 12, Huffington Post
Rise and Shine: Skyscrapers and Global Well Being

In an editorial on the implications of building tall around the world, the author notes that the "tallest" buildings quickly lose their titles to newer buildings, referencing CTBUH's Tallest 20 in 2020 data.

September 4, Atlanta Business Chronicle
Skyscrapers: Have We Lost Our Hunger for Height?

CTBUH data on American construction is quoted in this evaluation of tall building development, which notes that only four of the world's 25 tallest buildings are now located in the U.S.

August 27, Archiportale
Il Palazzo Lombardia è Best Tall Building Europe 2012

The Italian publication features the Palazzo Lombardia, winner of the CTBUH Best Tall Building in Europe, including an extensive series of photographs of the project.

August 30, bdonline
China Dominating Tall Buildings Market

The CTBUH research on China's fast-growing involvement in skyscraper development is spotlighted in this article.

August, New York Journal of Books
Best Tall Buildings 2011

Stephen Roulac reviews the CTBUH 2011 Awards book, underlining its "illuminating, informative, insightful commentary" on innovative tall buildings.

August 28, Construction Week Online
China's Towns

Construction Week describes China's recent construction activity, citing CTBUH's recent research on tall buildings in China and the upcoming Shanghai conference.

August 28, World Architecture News
The Tall Building Reconsidered

Sharon McHugh asks if mile-high buildings, though possible, are good for cities. She quotes CTBUH leaders including Adrian Smith, William Baker and Timothy Johnson.

August 24, dezeen
China Dominates Skyscraper Construction in 2012

Dezeen featured the CTBUH research regarding China’s growing role in tall building development.

August 24, World Property Channel
China to Dominate World's Tallest Building Development in Coming Decade

WPC runs CTBUH’s press release detailing the number of tall buildings in development in China and chairman Timothy Johnson's promotion of the Shanghai Congress.

August 20, Smithsonian Magazine
Better, Faster, Taller - How Big Can Buildings Really Get?

The Smithsonian Magazine examines current and historic trends in tall building construction, and includes CTBUH interviews on the subject.

August 17, Wall Street Journal
Living the High Life

The Wall Street Journal examines the trend toward building residential skyscrapers for the “very wealthy,” including the perspective of CTBUH chairman Timothy Johnson.

August 16, The Atlantic Cities
Is There a Limit to How Tall Buildings Can Get?

CTBUH chairman Timothy Johnson and SOM’s William Baker, a member of the CTBUH Board of Trustees, speculate on the future heights of tall buildings.

August 15, Architectural Record
One World Trade Center’s Skinny Spire Redesign Might Not Measure Up

New renderings of 1WTC prompt Arch Record to wade in on the question of the tower’s ultimate height, noting the CTBUH role as “as the official score-keeper for towers across the globe.”

August 8,
Can China Build Its Burj Beater in 90 Days?

Arabian Business writes about Broad Sustainable Building's plans to build an 838-meter skyscraper, including CTBUH Public Affairs Manager Kevin Brass’ comments on the potential of applying prefabrication to megatall construction.

August 6, World Architecture
CTBUH 9th World Congress in Shanghai

CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson details China's important role in the advancement of tall buildings, which will be the main theme of the Shanghai Congress.

July, Built Expressions
Diversity Unified

The Indian magazine published an extensive history of the CTBUH, including a detailed profile of Executive Director Antony Wood and the Council's various activities in the tall building industry.

July, Discovery Channel Magazine
Reach for the Sky

CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson is featured in this Discovery Channel magazine article, which focuses on the past, present and future of skyscrapers.

July 19, Jakarta Globe
Jakarta’s Skyscrapers ‘To Double by 2015': Consultant

Property consultant Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) predicts the number of skyscrapers in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta will double by the year 2015, citing CTBUH data.

July 12, World Architecture
A Greener Vertical Community
World Architecture News quotes CTBUH leaders about the explosive numbers of tall buildings which are sprouting up in Chinese cities, the remarkable Shanghai Tower and the upcoming Shanghai Congress.

July 11, eVolo
Idea to Reduce Air Pollution in Chicago
eVolo featured the sustainable skyscrapers designed by Danny Mui and Benjamin Sahagun in the recent High Rise, Low Carb studio, led by the CTBUH at IIT. The article describes the towers' ability to scrub and filter the city's air.

July 7, Construction Week
Face to Face: Top of the World
Construction Week speaks to structural engineer Ahmad K. Abdelrazaq, a member of the CTBUH advisory board, about his work in high-rise and complex buildings. Mr. Abdelrazaq was senior project structural engineer on Burj Khalifa.

July 4, The New Yorker
The Tower of 1776
The New Yorker explores the One World Trade Center debate evolution in honor of Independence Day, the New Yorker explores the symbolism of the One World Trade Center, including the CTBUH’s role as the certifier of the official height.

July 3, inhabitat
Clean Tower High-Rise Would Return Filtered Water to the Chicago River
Inhabitat features the Clean Tower project from the recent CTBUH High-Rise, Low-Carb studio, focusing on its potential application to Chicago’s Wolf Point project and its uses in water filtration.

June 28, Crain's
High-rise, Low-carb Buildings Offer New Ideas for Sustainable Skyscrapers
Judith Nemes from Crain's reviews the Unseen City exhibit featuring the work from the CTBUH-sponsored studio, including an interview with Gail Borthwick from the Chicago Architecture Foundation about the students' designs.

June 26, Architect's Newspaper
On View> Unseen City: Designs for a Future Chicago
The Architect’s Newspaper blog features CTBUH’s first participation in an exhibition, the “Unseen City” project hosted by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

June 22, NPR
Science Friday: Tall Buildings, A Cut Above the Rest
National Public Radio host Ira Flatow, of Science Friday, interviews CTBUH Director Antony Wood about the recent release of CTBUH's 2012 Best Tall Building Awards.

June 15, Chicago Tribune
Jahn Recognized with Tall Building Council's Lifetime Achievement Award
Blair Kamin writes about this year’s Lynn S. Beedle Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Helmut Jahn, who was recognized for his international legacy of tall building design.

June 15, MSNBC
US Conspicuous by Absence in Tall Buildings Awards
MSNBC makes takes a patriotic stance on the tall building awards, noting that the United States did not produce any of 2012’s Best Tall Buildings.

June 14, Toronto Star
‘Marilyn Monroe’ Towers in Mississauga Among World’s Best New Skyscrapers
The Toronto-based publication writes about Absolute Towers, built in the suburb of Mississauga, which took the Best Tall Building award in The Americas category. The article comments on the star-power behind the towers and their resemblance to Ms. Monroe.

June 13, Reuters
Canada's ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Among Award-Winning Skyscrapers

Absolute Towers, known as the “Marilyn Monroe” towers, provided the headline for the Reuters report on the CTBUH awards. The article, which provided an overview of the award winners, was picked up by more than 100 publications.

June 13, World Architecture News
Global Projects Aim High
The online magazine featured this year’s award winners, with an emphasis on 1 Bligh Street and Palazzo Lombardia, the first winners from Italy and Australia.

June 13, The National
Towering Triumph for Unusual Pair of Buildings in Abu Dhabi
The National focuses on CTBUH’s first Innovation Award, presented to Al Bahar Towers in Abu Dhabi. The article details the towers’ innovative computer controlled facades.

May 31, Monocle Daily
Midori House
The London-based radio news show interviewed CTBUH Public Affairs Manager Kevin Brass about plans to build a New York City tower, which would be the tallest residential building in the United States.

May, Architectural Record
Kingdom Come (subscription required)
The director of New York's Skyscraper Museum sat down to discuss the new era of supertall buildings built in far-flung places. American architects had an edge when the building boom started, she said.

May 17, Asahi Shimbun Globe
Building Big
The Japanese newspaper featured a multi-page report on high profile tall buildings, including CTBUH graphics and data.

May 16, Popular Mechanics
Taller: How Future Skyscrapers Will Beat the Burj Khalifa
Popular Mechanics quizzes CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood on the challenges facing the next generation of megatall towers that will surpass the Burj Khalifa

May 16, The New York Observer
Get to the Point: 1 WTC’s Symbolic Spire
In the wake of  One World Trade Center’s design changes, the New York Observer takes a more detailed look at the height measurement, focusing on the Council’s role as “international arbiter of skyscrapers all over the world.”

May-June, Southeast Asia Building
CTBUH Shanghai Congress Draws China’s Tall Building Leaders
The magazine promotes CTBUH’s 2012 World Congress, “Asia Ascending,” scheduled for Shanghai in September

May 13, The Wall Street Journal
Steps Unclear in Builders’ Race
Numbers Guy Carl Bialik writes about the CTBUH’s role in the One World Trade Center’s recent polemical progress and provides a detailed analysis of the CTBUH height measurement system.

May 11,
Design Change Could Jeopardize WTC Becoming Nation’s Tallest Building
CNN covers the One World Trade Center spire vs. antenna debate, citing CTBUH’s statement. The story also features interviews with the Durst Organization and the Port Authority.

May 10, Chicago Tribune
Troubles with 1 World Trade Center's Spire
Blair Kamin at the Chicago Tribune recounts the Council's statement regarding the One World Trade Center. Kamin is concerned with the fate of Willis Tower, and expresses his anxiety over the situation.

May 10, The Wall Street Journal
Pointed Spat Over World Trade Spire
Eliot Brown writes about the controversy and confusion regarding the One World Trade Center. Developer David Durst expresses his opinions on the matter, telling the Journal that he is unhappy with the situation and that the matter is still undecided.

May 10, Engineering News-Record
What's a Spire?
Nadine Post questions the controversy regarding One World Trade Center, citing CTBUH's policies on spires and antennae. Post says that the top of a structure is what really matters to her. She recollects her interactions with CTBUH founder Mr. Beedle, remembering his fondness for controversy and coolness in the limelight.

May 9, The New York Times
World Trade Center’s Symbolic 1,776-Foot Height Is at Stake in a Redesign
CTBUH's Kevin Brass comments on Durst Organization's
decision to remove the cladding from 1WTC's mast, which may cause it to lose both its symbolic dimension and claim to unseating Chicago's Willis Tower as America's tallest.

May 6, ABC Australia
Inside America on Tall Buildings
CTBUH's Nathaniel Hollister discusses trends in the global skyline confirming that despite the global financial crisis and questions of the typology's relevance after the 9/11 attacks, skyscrapers have seen a dramatic growth in tall building markets.

May 2, Curbed
How Tall is Your Tall? One World Trade's 'Tallest' Claim
One World Trade Center's recent construction milestone inspires an in depth look into how tall buildings are measured. The article cites CTBUH's height criteria as it analyzes the technicality of height calculations.

May 1, WCBS
How Do You Determine What The Tallest Building Is?
One World Trade Center topping the Empire State Building on the New York City skyline revives questions of what determines the height of tall buildings. Executive Director Antony Wood states that the height of tall buildings is a matter of perspective.

April 30, The New York Times
Scraping a Little More Sky Downtown
The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat's Kevin Brass confirms that although 1 World Trade Center's construction level represents an important and symbolic milestone it has a way to go before it officially claims the title of tallest in the U.S.

April 30, The Monocle Daily
One World Trade Center Rises Above Empire State Building
With the media focused on the latest One World Trade Center construction milestone, CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson discusses the complexities of the site, collaboration on the development and the emotions invoked by the tower.

April 30, US News
WTC is back on top in NYC -- with an asterisk
One World Trade Center attracts much attention as it now peaks over the observation deck on the Empire State Building. CTBUH's Nathaniel Hollister outlines technical quirks of tall building measurement.

April 30, USA Today
One World Trade Center will soon be West's tallest tower
CTBUH's Communications Manager Kevin Brass confirms at 1,776-feet and 104 floors, One World Trade Center will be 408 feet taller than the Twin Towers and will surpass Chicago's 1,451-foot Willis Tower.

April 30, WLS 890AM
Not so fast WTC
CTBUH's Antony Wood states that despite One World Trade Center's milestone, the tower will not officially claim the title as tallest building in the United States until it is complete and occupied, which he estimates will take another two years.

April 29, The Huffington Post
One World Trade Center Will Be America's Tallest Building, With An Asterisk
CTBUH's Nathaniel Hollister discusses One World Trade Center's milestone that made its unfinished skeleton a little over 1,250 feet high, just enough to peak over the roof of the observation deck on the Empire State Building. 

April, Elevator World
CTBUH Launches Resource Website
Elevator World features The Skyscraper Center as a “comprehensive resource for data and information on tall buildings.”

April 15, Construction Week Online
Doha reborn
William Maibusch, Qatar representative for the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, comments on the transformation of Qatar's skyline as a result of the oil and gas industry as well as the 2022 World Cup.

April 9, ArchDaily
CTBUH presents "Asia Ascending: Age of the Sustainable Skyscraper City"
CTBUH announces 2012 Shanghai World Congress, which will host several Chinese leading developers, architects and engineers to speak about the skyscraper as a sustainable building type.

March 28, The Atlantic Cities
City Life, Recreated in the Sky
CTBUH's executive director Antony Wood discusses sustainable growth in urbanizing cities, stressing the importance of rethinking the ground level at height through the use of sky bridges.

March 22, Toronto Star
Toronto Condos Towers now City's Tallest Buildings
CTBUH's Kevin Brass discussed "megatall" - the growing trend towards mixed-use buildings (usually combining apartments, offices and retail space) towering more than 600 meters.

March 6, Construction Enquirer
Laing O’Rourke Headhunts Arup Skyscraper Expert
Laing O’Rourke has signed up world-renowned tall buildings expert and former CTBUH Chairman David Scott to its Engineering Excellence Group, tasked with driving innovation at the firm.

March, The Indian Construction Journal
A Year in review: Trends of 2011 - Skyscraper Completion Reaches New High
With over 300 projects above the 200-meter mark currently under construction internationally, the tall building community is set to continue to develop at an incredible pace. CTBUH's Antony Wood and
Nathaniel Hollister report on the new markets that continue to discover and develop the tall building industry.

February 23, Chicago Tribune
A New Global Skyscraper Database from the Council on Tall Buildings
Skyscraper junkies now have a new place on the web to search for fun facts, read technical papers and settle arguments. The CTBUH unveiled "The Skyscraper Center," an interactive global database that it bills as offering "detailed profiles and images on every completed building in the world taller than 200 meters.

February 23, Engineering News Record
More than You Ever Wanted to Know About Skyscrapers

Have a thirst for data on skyscrapers? The CTBUH expects to quench it through a new web page, called The Skyscraper Center. The site is a repackaging of information, including tall building lists, previously available on the council's website.

February 23, designMENA
CTBUH Launches Skyscraper Resource Site

The CTBUH has launched The Skyscraper Center, an online resource for data and information on tall buildings. It contains detailed profiles and images on every completed building in the world taller than 200 m, as well as thousands of other buildings in various stages of development.

February, NBM Media
CTBUH Throwing Light on India’s High-rise Building Technology

Coverage on the one-day seminar
on India's high-rise building technology organized by CTBUH and Envac India. CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson and CTBUH Adviser Ahmed Abdelrazaq presented papers on the topic.

February 16, Manila Bulletin
BSA Twin Towers: Philippine's Tallest Twin Towers at St. Francis Square

CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson along with Country Representative Felino Palafox Jr inaugurate BSA Twin Towers as the official Tallest Twin Towers in the Philippines with a CTBUH signboard.

February 13, ENR
Tests Prove Mettle of Tower's Shear-Wall Core 'Sandwich'

Former CTBUH Chairman, Ron Klemencic discusses benefits of dual-plate composite shear walls on the tall building industry. Magnusson Klemencic Associates are now seeking a project to implement the new construction strategy.

February 12, The Urbanist on Monocle 24

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood looks at the trends in tall building construction with “The Urbanist.” A rare chance to hear a lengthy interview on the issues facing the industry and the role of the CTBUH.

February 11, Construction Week
The Middle East Stands Tall

In January of each year, the CTBUH publishes a review of tall building construction and statistics from the previous year. Once again, more 200m+ buildings were completed in 2011 than in any year previous.

February 8, The Jakarta Post
Awash with Green Buildings Here, There and Everywhere

For the last couple of decades, a new trend has emerged in the office and commercial building and construction industry.
Indonesia CTBUH Country Representative Tiyok Prasetyoadi tackles the fledgling green industry in Jakarta.

February 5, Arabian Business
UAE second only to China for 2011 skyscrapers

CTBUH's 2011 skyscraper construction review shows that second only to China's 23 buildings above 200 meters tall, the UAE saw an increase of three buildings from the previous year with 16 skyscrapers built.

February, Elevator World
10th Annual CTBUH Awards

The CTBUH held its 10th-Annual Awards Ceremony which included an awards symposium that consisted of six presentations followed by the Annual Awards Dinner. One of the many intriguing aspects of this event was the speakers reflected the professional diversity of the audience.

February 1, Construction Canada
Rise in tall building growth

CTBUH's Nathaniel Hollister discusses ongoing tall building trends in an annual increase in building completion, with 88 buildings greater than 200 m (656 ft) completed last year.

February, The Big Project
CTBUH Calls for Research Proposals

A call for proposals has been launched by the CTBUH, for the body's 2012 International Research Seed Funding initiative. The competition aims to assist researchers in teh development of projects and ideas related to tall buildings.

January, Intelligent Glass Solutions
Skyscraper completion reaches new high for fifth year running
Industry magazine spotlights the CTBUH’s “Trends of 2011” report, featuring a detailed and analytical look at the year in skyscraper construction.

January-February, Southeast Asia Building
CTBUH Names KfW Westarkade Overall “Best Tall Building Worldwide” for 2011

The magazine describes the CTBUH 10th Annual Awards Ceremony, highlighting KfW’s achievement and the Council’s other awardees.

January-February, Southeast Asia Building
Timothy Johnson Appointed Chairman of the CTBUH

SEAB chronicles the succession of CTBUH Chairman from Prof. Sang Dae Kim to NBBJ’s Timothy Johnson, who is the first architect to lead the Council.

January 30, ArchDaily
2011 Skyscraper Trends

Every January the CTBUH conducts a review of skyscraper construction and compiles all the data from the previous year. Of the towers completed in 2011, 17 have made their way into the top 100 tallest buildings.

January 30, ArchDaily
Call for Proposals: CTBUH Research Seed Funding

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is pleased to announce a “Call for Proposals” for its 2012 International Research Seed Funding initiative – culminating with an award of US$20,000.

January 24, Construction Week
Nine 200m+ towers built in Abu Dhabi in 2011

CTBUH's recent report "A Year in Review: Trends in 2011" comments on the significance of growth in Abu Dhabi calling Etihad Towers a "remarkable" achievement. The Council predicts that with 13 towers of 200 m+ under construction, the capital is sure to remain an influential factor on the tall buildings.

January 19, Emirates 24/7
Dubai - Home to World's Tallest Residential Skyscraper Cluster

"Dubai Marina is the tallest residential skyscraper cluster in the world,” said the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). Every January, the CTBUH does an international review of tall buildings construction and statistics for the previous year.

January 19, World Architecture News
CTBUH Releases Annual Report on Tall Building Construction

This is the fifth year running that the number of 200+m buildings completed increased, which has led the CTBUH to predict that ‘the recent trend of an annual increase in building completions will continue for the next several years, perhaps even through the end of the decade’.

January 14, Arch Daily
CTBUH International Student Tall Building Competition

The CTBUH is inviting students from around the world to take part in the CTBUH 2012 Student Design Competition: Reimagining Tall. The competition is seeking proposals that address the building’s relationship with the urban fabric, integrate existing street life and reflect their environment in a productive way.

January 10, World Architecture News
Exclusive three part podcast series: Gensler, ULI, and CTBUH

Executive Director of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Antony Wood is interviewed along with representatives from Gensler and ULI about the importance of integration of quality open space between buildings in new regeneration schemes for our cities.

January 7, Minimalisti
Soaring Modern Architecture Reaches the Pinnacle of Success in 2011

Chicago organization, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, recognizes the best tall buildings of the year: KfW Westarkade, Guangzhou International Financial Center, Eight Spruce Street, and The Index.

January, The Big Project
2020: The Year of the MegaTall

CTBUH Chairman, Tim Johnson discusses regional differences of the newly dubbed megatall, ranging from Asia's diversity in location to the Middle East's developments pushing the boundaries of technology.

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