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CTBUH in the Media

This section tracks interviews and articles conducted by the Council as well as significant use of, or reference to, CTBUH-generated tall building facts in the international media.

In 2015 we launched an enhanced version of the In the Media section and are in the process of moving historical articles over to this system. For now you may browse older articles by visiting the Pre-2015 Archive.

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The Financial Times Uses CTBUH Data for Manhattan Property Report


15 Oct 2018, Financial Times

The Financial Times cites CTBUH data for a report regarding unsold luxury properties in Manhattan. This study focuses on recently built and under construction skyscrapers at or above 200m. Read more.

Commercial Café Cites CTBUH Skyscraper Center


09 Oct 2018, Commerical Café

Commercial Café cited the Skyscraper Center for a study that examines the peaks and lulls of skyscraper construction throughout the United States, from the birth of the typology in the late 19th century, to the present. The study also focuses on the heights and functions of buildings. Read more.

Study on Houston Tall Buildings Refers to CTBUH Skyscraper Center


13 Sep 2018, Houston Chronicle

An analysis of Houston's tall buildings found that office towers have gotten shorter since the 1980s, while residential buildings have gotten taller. The study referenced the CTBUH Skyscraper Center for data. Read more.

CTBUH Skyscraper Center Used to Investigate Trump Statement on 9/11


11 Sep 2018, The Washington Post

The Washington Post cited 2001 data from the CTBUH Skyscraper Center in order to investigate Trump's statement that 40 Wall Street became the tallest building in Lower Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks. Read more.

Shoptalk London Podcast Interviews CTBUH Executive Director


10 Sep 2018, World Architecture News

A discussion on street activation, public space, building tall and polycentric cities highlighted the CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference “Polycentric Cities: The Future of Vertical Urbanism” on the Shoptalk London podcast. Read more.

Bisnow Talks to CTBUH Editor on the Obsession with Skylines


05 Sep 2018, BisNow

Business news web site Bisnow curated a three-part series in which CTBUH Editor Daniel Safarik contributed perspectives and commentary, alongside executives from real estate and architecture firms around the US. Read more.

CTBUH Editor Provides Comment on Emerging Vertical Transportation Innovations


27 Aug 2018, Les Echos

CTBUH Editor Daniel Safarik offered insight on emerging vertical technology in a Les Echos feature. The article explored carbon-fiber, ropeless, and mobile-controlled elevator systems, as well as potential future advancements. Read more.

Compass Magazine Interviews CTBUH Executive Director


16 Aug 2018, Compass Magazine

Compass Magazine interviewed CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood about how sustainability and livability can be maximized when building tall, through the use of 3D modeling and smart technologies. Read more.

CTBUH Skyscraper Center Cited for List of Seven Supertall Buildings Under Construction


22 Jul 2018, Forbes

Forbes cites data from the CTBUH Skyscraper Center for a round-up of seven supertall buildings under construction in 2018, including Jeddah Tower, Central Park Tower and Merdeka PNB118. Read more.

ArchDaily Features CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference Initial Speakers Announcement


09 Jul 2018, ArchDaily

The initial speakers list for the CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference, “Polycentric Cities: The Future of Vertical Urbanism”, was highlighted by ArchDaily. The conference will take place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from 20-25 October. Read more.