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CTBUH in the Media

This section tracks interviews and articles conducted by the Council as well as significant use of, or reference to, CTBUH-generated tall building facts in the international media.

In 2015 we launched an enhanced version of the In the Media section and are in the process of moving historical articles over to this system. For now you may browse older articles by visiting the Pre-2015 Archive.

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CTBUH Data Informs Study on Chicago's Impact on China's Skyscraper Boom


23 Feb 2014, Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune feature, The Global City, cites CTBUH data in a three-part report that reveals China's urbanization and the role that Chicago architects are playing in the reshaping of China's cityscapes. Read more.

Falling Ice Cracks New York City's Cool Facade


21 Feb 2014, The Wall Street Jouranl

The Wall Street Journal quotes CTBUH Trustee Dennis Poon, who shares that glass-skinned buildings are less likely to collect snow and moisture that can freeze into ice than older buildings with many architectural details and window sills. Read more.

CTBUH Executive Director Discusses Falling Ice on CBS Chicago


18 Feb 2014, CBS 2 Chicago

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood speaks with CBS2 Chicago about the perennial issue of falling ice from tall buildings. According to the report, there have been four official complaints related to falling ice so far this year. Read more.

Future Cities Discussion Includes CTBUH Executive Director, Trustee


17 Feb 2014, The New York Times

CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood and Board of Trustee Member William Baker join a wide-ranging New York Times podcast to discuss the role of skyscrapers and sustainability in the world’s future cities. Read more.

World's Largest Concrete Pour: L.A. Awaits 'Ballet of Construction Trucks'


14 Feb 2014, The Guardian

The Guardian quotes CTBUH editor Dan Safarik in an article that questions the motivation to build tall in relation to other countries that have eclipsed the United States in both pace and scale. Read more.

Expert: Newer High-Rises Can be More Prone to Falling Ice


13 Feb 2014, CBS 2 Chicago

CBS News cites the expertise of CTBUH executive director Antony Wood and a CTBUH report, Increasing Problems of Falling Ice and Snow on Modern Skyscrapers, as evidence to support why newer buildings may be a danger. Read more.

CTBUH Falling Ice Report Informs CBS Radio Story


12 Feb 2014, CBS

WCBS New York Radio shares insights from a new CTBUH report that examines the perennial issue of falling ice from skyscrapers. According to the report, newer skyscrapers are more likely to exhibit falling ice issues. Read more.

On the Lookout for Falling Ice Amid Manhattan's Towers


11 Feb 2014, The New York Times

The New York Times cites CTBUH report, Increasing Problems of Falling Ice and Snow on Modern Tall Buildings, to explain the science behind ice falling from New York City skyscrapers, and quotes insight from CTBUH director, Antony Wood. Read more.

North America's Tallest Slender Hotel Building Opens


10 Feb 2014, Sourceable

Sourceable utilizes CTBUH's "Year in Review: Tall Trends in 2013" report to lend credibility to the claim that New York City's Marriott Hotel is the tallest structure built in 2013 at 221 meters. Read more.

Tallest Building in the Western U.S. to Start with Big Pour


06 Feb 2014, USA Today

USA TODAY credits CTBUH panel for height decision of One World Trade Center, and cites CTBUH data to illustrate an integrated diagram. The Wilshire Grand will be the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River upon completion. Read more.