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September 15, Pre-Conference September 16, Day 1
September 17, Day 2 September 18, Day 3
September 19, Technical Tours September 20/21, Regional Tours
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September 15, Pre-Conference

The atmosphere before the 2014 CTBUH Conference in Shanghai was filled with giddy energy. The sounds of hammering, drilling, ripping open packets of gypsum board, and shouted instructions testified to the massive transformation of the Jin Mao Conference Center that transpired in a mere 24 hours.

September 16, Day 1

The first day of the CTBUH 2014 Conference kicked off with a substantial amount of content, in the form of eight technical workshops. It finished in style, with a networking reception on the rooftop of the Shanghai Art Museum, overlooking People’s Square.

September 17, Day 2

The second day of the Shanghai 2014 Conference accelerated the event to a pace appropriate to the frantic rate of construction happening throughout its host city and nation.

September 18, Day 3

The overall theme of the conference, “Towards Sustainable Vertical Urbanism,” was driven home with particular emphasis during the opening plenary session. The possibility of a future of tall buildings that support urban life, rather than stand apart from it as interchangeable icons, seemed especially clear by the session’s close.

September 19, Technical Tours

The fourth day of the conference was dedicated to Technical Tours, a key aspect of Council conferences where, essentially, the conference venue transports itself to a number of key sites around the city.

September 20/21, Regional Tours

Following the conference delegates embarked on regional tours to see some of the major developments happening throughout the country though one or two days stays in a select city.