Tall Buildings over 200 and 300 Meters: Global Study

As these statistics on the global number of 200m+ and 300m+ buildings built each year since 1960 shows (see graph below), we have heralded each year since 2007 as “the most successful year of skyscraper completion ever” in pure numeric terms. 2011 is certainly no different, with somewhere between 78–94 buildings in the 200m+ range scheduled for completion, making 2011 far and away the most successful year to date.

Figure 1. Tall buildings completed each year over 200m and 300m. view larger
1. Data accurate as of September, 2011.
2. We can predict 2011–2013 building completions with some accuracy due to projects now in advanced construction.
3. Totals after 2001 take into account the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2.

Also interesting to note, for the past few years we have been predicting a drop in the global number of tall building completion from approximately 2012 onwards due to the lag impact of the 2008–09 recession. However, given the large number of projects that have recently been announced and started in predominantly China and other parts of Asia, we now no longer expect this to be true.

As the graph illustrates, we expect the global number of 200m+ (and 300m+) completions to continue to rise each year for at least the next few years. Additionally, given that markets in North America and Europe are now slowly starting to build again, and given that other markets like South America and perhaps even Africa are increasing activity, it is possible that the global number of 200m+ buildings completed each year could rise year on year for at least the rest of this decade.


Total number of buildings over 200m globally. view larger


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