Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

CTBUH Meeting: Indonesia

June 24, 2011
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Representatives from Indonesia - a new country member of the CTBUH - had the privilege to welcome experts from CTBUH Korea on June 24, 2011. As a start up member with limited staff, the CTBUH Indonesia partnered with the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBC Indonesia) for the event.
Seminar attendees
  Mr. Jong Soo Kim's presentation on tall building technology

Both CTBUH and GBC Indonesia have the same interests in promoting sustainable buildings and urban habitats. The event was part of GBC Indonesia’s monthly networking event, held at the Jakarta Design Center and supported by PT. Holcim Indonesia and PT. Jotun Indonesia. The presenters and discussion leaders included:
•    CTBUH Chairman Sang Dae Kim who presented on “Tall Building Structural Systems;”
•    Mr. Jong Soo Kim who discussed “The Progress of Technology of Tall Buildings and related Wind Engineering;” and
•    Dr. Kwang Rang Chung who talked about the “Design and Construction of the Outrigger Structure on Tall Buildings.”
The event was a success and held at an opportune time considering there will be several tall buildings developed in Jakarta. Currently, the tallest building in Indonesia is a 55-story apartment and office building with several building developments in the planning stages expected to be even taller.  The event attracted people of various disciplines which included members of GBC Indonesia but also many from the general public including: architects, urban planners, structural engineers, building contractors, construction managers and building product suppliers. There were approximately 100 attendees which filled the meeting room. The presentation from CTBUH Korea also sparked further discussion about the work of the CTBUH and generated considerable interest from the audience for the upcoming CTBUH 2011 World Conference in Korea. Closing remarks were provided by GBC Indonesia Chairperson, Ms. Naning Adiwoso who expressed her appreciation to the speakers from CTBUH Korea.

Ms. Naning Adiwoso and Professor Kim