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CTBUH Canada Conducts Construction Tour of Eau du Soleil, Toronto
Wednesday, 29 August 2018

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The Eau Du Soleil complex rises on the shores of Lake Ontario.

TORONTO – Situated on the shores of Humber Bay Park on Lake Ontario in Toronto, Eau Du Soleil is a twin-tower condominium development with unobstructed views of the lake and the city of Toronto. According to the lead designer, architect Sal Vitiello of Richmond Architects, the emerging Humber Bay neighborhood is the densest residential condominium neighborhood in all of North America.

Vitiello, together with Amanda Kosloski, Director of Planning for Empire Communities, oriented the tour group of 50 participants with the planning history and design features of the development. As recently as 2005, the neighborhood used to be a waterfront line of low-rise vacation motels. The city sought to avoid a wall of buildings as the land was redeveloped. Subsequently, transparency and view corridors were emphasized with the various planning approvals. Kosloski explained about the extensive amenities, commercial and retail planning that enabled Eau Du Soleil to be the tallest building in the neighborhood at 66 stories, with the adjacent Watermark Tower at 49 stories. Public parking is accommodated on Level P1. The project features an eight-story podium supporting both towers, and a total of 1,285 residential condominium units. First occupancy is planned for January 2019.

Prior to Eau Du Soleil, Empire constructed three towers just to the west in a development labeled “Beyond the Sea”. The development, design and construction process thus far has consumed 10 years. Even with this lengthy timeline, the Empire team fast-tracked the building designs by proceeding with construction in advance of complete construction documentation.

The guests were split into two groups and treated to a walkabout tour of the central mechanical plant, the amenity features in the podium, elevator systems, window wall and balcony guard details, suite finishes and a beautiful view from Level 58. Josip Cindric, the Empire project manager, accompanied by Mary Jo David, an Empire project coordinator, led the first group. Empire superintendent John Zrebliec, accompanied by Rachel Sarmiento, the Empire safety officer, led the second group on a similar tour but in the opposite direction. 


Attendees got a spectacular view from the under-construction Sky Tower toward the Water Tower, with Lake Ontario beyond (left); Emilio Tesolin, President, Empire High-Rise Division (left); Sal Vitiello, Architect, Richmond Architects; and Amanda Kosloski, Director of Planning for Empire Communities, share their insights about bringing Eau Du Soleil to fruition (right).

Emilio Tesolin, President of the Empire High-Rise Division, explained that the balcony guards are a significant design feature of the project. A total of 15 kilometers of balcony railings will be installed on this project, with 2 kilometers of custom-fabricated rails, which include a 15-degree angle, accentuating the sloping effect of the podium.

In the 66-story tower, the mechanical system is split into two sections. Levels 8 to 33 are serviced by the podium mechanical plant.  Levels 34 to 66 are serviced by a rooftop mechanical plant. This will facilitate phased occupancy of the low-rise portion of the building, while the high-rise floors continue construction. 

The en-suite HVAC system consists of vertical heat pumps. The heat pumps are water sourced from 13 separate boilers and a condenser water loop fed from the central fluid cooler. The building structure covers 1.1 million square feet (102,193 square meters) and provides nominal 9-foot (2.75-meter)-high ceilings throughout. The structure is a traditional 200-millimeter flat-plate concrete floor slab supported on concrete shear walls. All of the suite demising walls are concrete. The tour groups inspected several condominium suites, which were fully finished. One suite had been upgraded with a complete KitchenAid brand appliance package. The standard suite floor throughout is engineered hardwood. 

Both groups reassembled at Level 58 to view the transparency between the two towers and to discuss the structural elements and view the completed roof structure that had recently been poured.  It was fortunate for all that the clouds parted and the sun shone through, which made for an illuminating conclusion to the tour. 

Mark Garland, the CTBUH Canada Secretary and President of LCL Builds, presented the hosts each with a copy of the recently published CTBUH Technical Guide The Space Between: Urban Places, Public Spaces and Tall Buildings. James Parakh, Urban Design Manager for the City of Toronto and one of the key authors of the book, was on hand to autograph each copy. Nearly all of the tour participants then departed for the local pub, Firkin on the Bay, for networking, food and drink.



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